Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013 -

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 2

by Frank Limadere
Published: Jun 28, 2013
Words: 25,676
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Amy Mathieson lay face down on her bed and sobbed. She put one hand back behind her and gently rubbed the livid, dark purple weals that criss-crossed her cherry red bottom and upper thighs. Weals like that could only be left by one thing and that was vicious application of a whippy green switch.

Amy was a freshman member of the college's most exclusive sorority, Phi Gamma Beta. Her mother and her older sister had both been eminent members of the same sorority. A position in Phi Gamma Beta was hotly sought after and even given some of the organisation's eccentricities every girl on campus wanted to be a PGB girl. The sorority's current members included the girl most likely to be college valedictorian, Denise, the volleyball captain, Naomi, the cheer leading captain, Shauna and the dramatic society's leading actress, Nicole. Many of the graduates went on to become famous and successful. The sisterhood's current housemother, an elegant, softly spoken, black lady called Stevie, put it down to the application of strict discipline within the house, including the Friday night paddling sessions that every member was expected to endure.

Amy was the sorority's 'pet'. She was an intelligent, pretty, polite girl with a sunny disposition and all the sisters loved her. All but one. It was customary in the sorority to assign the freshmen a big sister, a senior who was prepared to care for her and guide her in the ways of the sisterhood and the college itself. Part of that care included administering physical discipline when necessary. This year as there were only three freshmen admitted to the sorority and four seniors or 'big sisters' as they were also known currently in residence one girl had had to forego the privilege of having a 'little sister' assigned to her. That senior had been the curly haired brunette Denise. She intended to be the school valedictorian and felt that the more time she had to devote to her studies the better. This year the three new girls had received the following assignments. The tall, chestnut haired rebel Jessica had been given into the care of the petite blonde cheerleader Shauna. The strawberry blonde, boarding school girl Emma had drawn the strict, busty redhead Nicole and flame haired, good girl Amy had been chosen by the tall, athletic, raven haired Naomi.

Amy loved Naomi and she could not imagine getting a better mentor. Whilst all the girls were subject to discipline over the knees or under the paddles of their 'big sisters' or Stevie the only paddlings Amy ever seemed to get were the weekly paddling sessions that everyone received. Jessica's rebellious nature seemed to get her regular trips over the knees of Shauna and Stevie. Emma, whilst she did not do a lot wrong, had found that Nicole was a hard task mistress and was spanked for far more than she actually deserved. Naomi would, and had, spanked Amy if it was needed, but it rarely was.