Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 -

Spanking My Roommate's Sister

by David McKnight
Published: Apr 11, 2014
Words: 17,895
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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I met Brian during freshman orientation at the University of Texas when he became my assigned roommate for room 104 in Roy Hall. I don't know how they decided to match us but it worked out extremely well. While many students were switching every semester, Brian and I stayed together during our entire four years at UT.

We had several similarities but the most obvious was that we were both electrical engineering majors. This meant we had most of our classes together every semester and could help each other when one of us was having a hard time with something.

We also had similar values and outlooks on life although Brian's morals were stricter than mine were. He didn't smoke, drink, use drugs, or speak vulgar words. I smoked for a while but soon gave it up, would have an occasional beer but never got drunk, had smoked a couple of joints of weed but didn't like it, and said a few damns, hells, and shits from time to time.

I guess our biggest difference was that I grew up in Houston and Brian in a small West Texas town. The more I heard from him about growing up the stranger it seemed. His town had one movie theater while Houston had hundreds. He knew almost everyone in his city whereas I only knew some of my fellow students and a few neighbors. He had many aunts, uncles, and cousins nearby but none of my relatives lived near Houston. He graduated first in a class of nine while I was twenty-one in a class of over six hundred.

Our families were also very different. His mother never worked but mine went back to her career when I turned three. He had two sisters and a brother, all younger than him, whereas I was an only child. He kept telling me how strict his parents were and that they punished someone almost every week. I remember some timeouts when young and a few groundings as a teenager but my punishments were seldom and far between.

After graduation, we both went to work at the same firm in Austin so we shared an apartment for six months before deciding to buy a house. We found an older four-bedroom home near the campus that was in good shape and selling for a price that we could afford. We thought about renting out the extra bedrooms if we ever needed additional cash since there were always plenty of students in Austin looking for a place like ours.

One evening several months after we moved into the house Brian asked me to join him in the den for a talk.

"Jim, I have something important to discuss with you. My oldest sister Ruth will be graduating from high school soon and wants to attend UT in the fall. She has a full scholarship and can certainly afford to stay in a dorm but I don't think she's mature enough to live on her own. I would like for her to move in with us so I can keep an eye on her."