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Spankings in Belize

by David McKnight
Published: Apr 24, 2014
Words: 53,822
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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David McKnight was an internet programmer in Austin, Texas, when the internet was young in the early 1990s. He saw its potential and invested in some companies that he thought would profit as more commerce moved online. Those investments shot up dramatically during the technology bull market, and he got very nervous when his paper profits exceeded ten million dollars, so one day he sold everything.

He missed the exact top of the stock market bubble but was extremely happy to be in cash when the crash came. He reinvested in U.S. treasuries and safe, secure companies that paid nice dividends.

He decided to move to a country where the cost of living was low and he could live well off his investment income. Mexico came to mind but he didn't know Spanish and the culture was so different he wasn't sure he would enjoy it. More research turned up the country of Belize.

It was a former British colony, its official language was English, the currency was dollars, and it was a democracy. A large percentage of the early European settlers came from Scotland and most of their descendants stayed there. It had one of the lowest population densities in all of the Americas and enjoyed a booming tourist industry. After many visits to the country, he decided it was the place for him.

David was able to buy a large mansion in a beautiful location for about one-fourth, or less, of what it would have cost in the United States. The country was highly developed, so cable television, cell phones, and internet access were not a problem. He quickly started making new friends but, from time to time, would invite a few of his old friends, including former girlfriends, to fly down and join him for a couple of weeks. He worked as an internet consultant occasionally from his home just for the fun of it. He considered his life to be near perfect.

Because of its English heritage, he soon discovered that corporal punishment was still very common in Belize. Through reading the newspaper and talking with friends, it came to his attention that teachers spanked their students, many husbands spanked their wives, and even some employers would spank their employees on occasion.

He found all of this very surprising, but it also intrigued and excited him. He had fantasized about spanking someone for years and loved to visit web sites about this kink. He owned an extensive library of spanking novels and videos and occasionally would write a short story about a man spanking a young woman. Some of these were available at various spanking story sites.

The first corporal punishment he actually witnessed in person was at the home of his friend Edward Matthews when he and his wife, Susan, invited David over for dinner one evening. He had met Edward at a party and discovered that he had several things in common with him - they both were of Scottish descent, loved chess, were online gaming fanatics, and were programmers.