Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014 -

Spanked by Her Best Friend's Husband

by David McKnight
Published: Apr 23, 2014
Words: 26,922
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Spanked by Her Best Friend's Husband

This is the story of the night I gave my wife's best friend a spanking, and I'm not talking about a few swats on a jean-covered bottom. Mary got a full punishment spanking on her bare behind with my hand, a wooden paddle, and a strap. In fact, she was completely nude when I spanked her, and the punishment session lasted over two hours. My wife, Jane, watched and assisted the whole time, and even encouraged me to spank harder at one point. Mary's backside was just as red and she cried just as much as when I spank my wife - I'm an equal opportunity spanker.

I bet you're wondering how this came to happen. Well, my name is Bob, and as I've said, I'm married to Jane. We're both twenty-six years old and have been married for three years. For the last two of those years, I've spanked my wife on a regular basis for various offenses, usually immature behavior involving money.

I come from a spanking family. My dad spanked my three sisters, my mom, and me. I was a good kid but my youngest sister wasn't - she last got her butt blistered at the age of nineteen when she came home drunk from a frat party one night while in college.

Dad always spanked us on the bare and in front of the rest of the family. He reasoned that the embarrassment of this reinforced the pain of the spanking. I never saw him spanking my mom, but I heard a lot of her punishments, and my parents had no problem with talking about her spankings in front of us teens.

My wife, Jane, was an only child, and her parents never used corporal punishment. However, my family's spanking practices fascinated her. I heard her talking several times with my mom and sisters about their spankings during our visits. At least twice, she was present when my dad gave one of my sisters a spanking, once with a belt, and once with a paddle.

So during our second year of marriage, when Jane bounced checks for three months in a row, I told her I was going to spank her. She didn't look surprised and just nodded her head while making no objections at all. She told me later that she knew this needed to happen because of her immature behavior, and that she had been ready for it. She's been getting about a spanking a month ever since.

Mary and her husband, David, are our best friends. We met them during college, and they got married just a few months after we did. We live close to them and the four of us get together at least once a week. David and I are close, but Jane and Mary are even closer and tell each other everything. I'm sure that Mary found out about Jane's first spanking the very next day. Just like Jane, both Mary and David grew up in families that didn't spank.