Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013 -


by Jon Thorn
Published: Jan 26, 2013
Words: 19,395
Category: general
Orientation: F/F
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It is ten days since the end of Whipping Girl. Poor Felicia has found it harder than me. She was so angry, so betrayed. She thought we would be going home to District Twelve but Miss Goldthorpe had other ideas. She kept her promise that we would be back together but neither Flis nor I imagined that we would still be here in the Capitol. Miss Goldthorpe's house is large and impressive. It occupies a location on a hillside looking over the city and the rooms are split over a number of levels. It's a beautiful house in a lovely spot but that has been little comfort to Flis. For the first few nights she came to my bed and I held her in my arms and stroked her hair, lulling her to sleep. She is sleeping in her own room now but still looks pale and distressed. The thought of being next year's Whipping Girl is preying on her mind despite it being a year away. She knows that running away would be utterly futile - where would we run to? So, like me, she has to get used to living here, in the house of our enemy. It is not uncomfortable; in fact we have every luxury including a gym and a swimming pool, but of course it isn't home.

Miss Goldthorpe hasn't touched either of us since the end of the show. She doesn't want to break us entirely - we would be no use and no fun. I am glad for Flis' sake but there is a growing need in me, a hunger that I can't ignore, I crave the pain and the excitement it brings.

It is bedtime and I have changed into the man's shirt that I always wear for bed. I am naked underneath. I turn out the light and lie there, my eyes closed. I try to relax but I cannot. I try to sleep but sleep does not come. When I close my eyes I am back in the arena, back being punished. The memories arouse me but they are not enough, they only emphasise my hunger. At last I can stand it no more. I hate myself for doing this but I can't stop myself. I open my bedroom door and pad down the thickly carpeted corridor and up into the heart of the house.

Miss Goldthorpe's study is on the top floor. It has huge windows that open out onto a balcony and give a perfect view of the city below. I knock on the door.

"Enter," she calls.

I fill a little frisson of mingled fear and excitement as I push open the door.

I am suddenly taken aback. She is not, as I had assumed, alone. Sitting across from her is Katarine - Katarine Hollister, the joint winner of Whipping Girl. I stare at her, my eyes wide. What is she doing here?

"Anastasia," Miss Goldthorpe says smoothly, "What can I do for you?"

Saturday, January 26, 2013 -

Whipping Girl

by Jon Thorn
Published: Jan 26, 2013
Words: 29,650
Category: general
Orientation: F/F
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'My name is Felicia Quinliven. I have just had my eighteenth birthday. I live in District Twelve. Three months ago I was a tribute in the Pain Games. My sister Anastasia was a tribute too. I have not seen her since that day.'

I repeat those words to myself as I come through the door of my home. They help me to focus. They remind me to keep the anger burning.

I come through the door and there is something different about the house. I sense it immediately. It is not empty, there is someone there. Ana! Ana is home! My heart leaps for a moment before it sinks - it is not her. There is someone there but it is not my sister. There is a scent in the air, a perfume, and Anastasia cannot afford perfume, none of us can. My stomach lurches as my mind makes the connection. I have smelled that perfume before and the memory it invokes is not a good one.

It is the scent of Imogen Goldthorpe. She took my sister with her at the end of the Pain Games. There is not a day that goes past without me yearning for Ana or feeling sick at the thought of what that evil woman is putting her through. And now she is here, in my home, invading our private space as she invaded it so traumatically three months ago. The nightmares have ceased but the memories can catch me unawares. A click that reminds me of those plastic cuffs around my wrists, or a swish of a branch in the wind that sounds like a cane cutting the air. These can have me back in the arena in an instant.

I push open the kitchen door and there she is, sitting at our kitchen table, beautiful, elegant, ice cold.

"Felicia," she smiles. "How lovely to see you again."

"I wish I could say the same," I spit.

"Oh gosh," she says, "I can see that you have the same spirit that made your sister so attractive."

'Made'! Why is she speaking in the past tense? What has happened to Anastasia, what have they done to her? My mouth goes dry, I can hardly speak.

"Anastasia?" I managed to croak.

"Oh, she is well. She amuses me still, but she pines after you, which I find rather tiresome."

My heartbeat steadies. She is alive then.

"When is she coming home?" I demand.

Miss Goldthorpe fixes me with her cold grey eyes. I can sense amusement and calculation in the way she looks at me.

"I'm glad you raise the subject, Felicia," she says calmly. "I know that both of you are keen to get back together. It's what I've come to talk to you about. Sit down."

I sit. Strange to be invited to sit in your own home but I don't question it. If I can get Anastasia back I will do anything.

She gives me another cool, appraising look. "Still as pretty as ever, Felicia," she remarks.

Saturday, January 26, 2013 -

The Pain Games

by Jon Thorn
Published: Jan 26, 2013
Words: 21,718
Category: general
Orientation: F/F
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They call it the 'Pain Games' and it's aptly named. It's not about death, it's about pain. At the Pain Games, no-one gets killed, no-one dies, but plenty of people get hurt. Like its grown-up sibling, the Pain Games happens every year, six months after the Hunger Games has finished. By then the people in the Capitol must be getting bored and the districts need another little reminder of where the power lies in Panem. It will be the 74th Hunger Games this year which makes this the 73rd Pain Games.

It's not called 'Reaping' it's called 'Choosing' but the way it works is much the same, and there isn't any choice, not if you're one of the ones in the pool. It alternates year on year, boys one year, girls the next. It's girls this year. All girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one. It's the third time for me. I've been lucky so far, my name's never come out, not when I was eighteen and not when I was nineteen. Now at the ripe old age of twenty it's my last time.

We are standing in the square in front of the Justice building. All of us who are eligible are standing together. Felicia, my little sister, is standing next to me. I squeeze her hand, trying to give her some re-assurance. She's eighteen, it's her first time. If her name comes out then I know what I must do. I can't see her go through this ordeal, she's so young, so innocent. I can't see her hurt and humiliated. If she gets chosen then I will take her place. She gives me a little smile, her eyes so blue beneath her blonde fringe.

The moment has arrived. Flanked by two Peacekeepers, Mirrie Tolson, the mistress of ceremonies, dips her hand in the bowl. We all go silent as she unfolds the slip of paper.

"Anastasia Quinliven," she announces in a clear voice.

My mouth goes dry. My name! She has said my name. My stomach lurches and I feel suddenly sick.

"No!" Felicia gasps and tightens her grip on my hand. I wrench it free. There is no choice. If I do not step forward then the Peacekeepers will drag me out. There are humiliations enough to come without that. I straighten my back and walk up to the podium. I ascend the steps and look out over the crowded square. The rest of my family are over to the left. I cannot look at them.

Mirrie reaches into the bowl again. She takes a second slip. I see her eyebrows rise as she reads the name and feel a sudden, extra, chill sweep over me. I know it before she says it.

"Felicia Quinliven," she announces.

There is a collective gasp from the crowd, which stills instantly as the Peacekeepers cock their weapons. Felicia looks very pale, very frightened as she walks forward.

"Well ladies and gentlemen," Millie grins, "We have a real first for the Pain Games this year! What a turn up for the books. Two beautiful sisters! We are in for a treat!"

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Sunday, January 20, 2013 -

The Spanking Hotel

by Angela Stone
Published: Jan 20, 2013
Words: 76,058
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE SPANKING HOTEL: The Spanking hotel is the story of spanking couple Finn and Bella who live in a lovely old farmhouse located on the scenic Yorkshire moors. All is well until the heating system goes wrong, but Bella has a cunning plan of how to use their home to earn the money to fix the heating. The Spanking Hotel is soon open for business, and does a brisk and satisfying trade with the help of eager participants armed with wooden spoons, hairbrushes, paddles, rulers and canes! Friends are made, relationships formed, and bottoms are warmed in a most delightful way. Needless to say, sufficient funds are acquired to install a brand spanking new central heating system. This E-book also features a further 34 stories adding up to 76,000 words of spanking fun.

ALICIA'S AWAKENING: Delighted at her good fortune at inheriting a property as well as a quarter of a million pounds, Amelia Rochester rudely parts with her employer and sets off for the south coast. In the village she upsets every one of the locals and is surprised to find her clearing out of the house interrupted. A strong young man, claiming to be her cousin's best friend, takes it upon himself to rectify her attitude.

BILLY: Amy has undertaken to keep an eye on eighteen year old Billy, the son of her boyfriend of several years, only intermittently at home due to his job as a marine engineer. Billy accompanies Amy to a car boot sale where he is excited by the discovery of a camera and projector along with some old films. Later, Amy, Billy and his friend Harriet sit down to watch the cricketing films - but the sporting shots are quickly succeeded by what might only be termed home 'porn' movies with which each watcher is fascinated in his or her own way! This sets the scene for exploration and spanking fun for the three of them, with the help of an ancient tawse.

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Mark is not really convinced when Fiona encourages him into a bubble bath so that she can discover what he plans for her birthday. The evening does not unfold as she expected, and it is not until she is over his knee that the misunderstanding becomes clear!

A BOAT TOO FAR: Trying too hard to be sophisticated but ignoring all advice, young Jade is proving to be the most obnoxious companion and no fun at all for poor Mike as he rows her out in his small boat to the island. Continuing to infuriate him, she finally falls into a muddy pool, needing his help and eventually his punishment. Suddenly the day improves!

COOKING WITH CANES: In desperation at her expanding waistline, Jodi vows to forego the unhealthy convenience foods she has been eating, and enrols in a cookery class. Lee, the instructor, is not impressed by her timekeeping or general attitude. Strangely, though, she finds herself increasingly wanting to impress him - and everything changes...

DEAR JOHN: Clearly relishing the idea of writing a 'Dear John' letter, Emma uses it to get her own back on her former lover who, in turn, was apparently cheating on his wife. She describes in detail her new man, his many attributes and particularly his skills in disciplining her. She does not hold back on any detail, even his identity!

DINING WITH DISASTER: With rather a bad grace Sally accompanies her boyfriend Andy to a business dinner with his clients. Arriving late, and finding both the proceedings and the female company tedious, Sally tries to distract Andy with the result that he spills red wine all over the women guests. After a very tense drive home, Andy delivers an ultimatum which seems as though it will determine the future of their relationship.

DOING THE RIGHT THING: Vik is really concerned about his beloved wife. Clearly she is in a lot of pain and, although he does as much as she will allow him to help, she can't seem to voice her greatest desire. Writing her needs down seems a solution and she obeys his instructions to precede him up to their bed. It is a peaceful night...

DOLLY THE DOUGHNUT: Dolly and doughnuts were best of friends until she got stuck in the cat flap!

EDDIE'S CHRISTMAS TALE: Eddies one wish was that his wife shared his love of spanking. This year, it seems his Christmas present is to come early!

FEELINGS...: This little story is an emotive examination of all the different feelings that can run through your head, before, during and after a spanking.

HORSE THERAPY: In this initially angry exchange of letters with his mother, Ben can only complain about the demanding regime in the stables. After the inevitable trouble in which he finds himself, he seeks solace and totally falls for the lovely stallion, Sam. The tenor of his letters home changes...

IT ALWAYS COMES IN THREES: Diane is faced with a series of misfortunes, all coming at once, and meaning she needs a new job followed soon by new accommodation. An openly acknowledged spanker, she finds a small ad and is totally amazed to discover the products to be 'tested' are spanking implements. The boss who wields them is not bad either - and he happens to have a vacant flat...

JAMES JUNIOR: James aged 5 is playing in his mum and dad's bedroom under their bed, when they come in unexpectedly. What follows is a big surprise to little James, but at least he learns three new words!

JANE'S BOTTOM: A College Co-ed gets involved in an advanced experiment using cutting edge technology that results in her getting spanked ... without being spanked! Read on to find out how!

KAY'S DISCOVERY: Kay has been fascinated by spanking since her teens, but the almost obsessive interest fades as she gets older - until, years later she finds some spanking sites on her husband's computer. After the initial shock of discovering his spanking kink she decides to explore for herself. She sets up a scenario for him as a surprise and leaves a trail of clues, in note form, for him to follow. Filled with trepidation, she hears Shaun arrive home while she waits upstairs in the spare room, dressed as a school girl, her bottom bared.

LIFE IS GOOD: Incapable of resisting her overwhelming urge, and while the house is empty, Wendy fulfills her needs with her hairbrush. Arriving unexpectedly, Jack declares that this will forever be his duty, a suggestion with which she is happy to agree!

THE MEET: Fiery Fiona driving home from riding, crashes her car into Mark's Volvo. A combination of tight fitting jodhpurs and Fiona's poor attitude earns her a sound spanking.

MISSING: Jimmy goes missing but is found a few days later. It seems he is suffering from amnesia and nothing Nicola does helps. Eventually frustration takes over but will it kill or cure their marriage?

MOVING ON: Sadly, she is having to leave the home which they had both loved. Recalling how happy she and Nate had been here, Hannah's feet follow the familiar path to 'her' corner, a crucial part of their punishment routine when she showed she deserved it. An insecure youngster, the strength of her relationship with her wonderful man had made her the confident woman she now was. Nat would be a part of her always.

MR JOLLY'S PIKE PADDLE: Mrs Jolly makes the serious mistake of thinking she can enjoy a day out on the lake while her husband fishes. For once he fails to get a bite, but a snoring wife has not been helping. Having landed a particularly nasty pike, he uses it to belabour his wife's bottom, intent on putting her off fishing for ever!

NEIGHBOURLY RELATIONS: Increasingly disturbed at night by noises from next door, Bea is convinced that their neighbour is abusing his wife. Proved entirely wrong, she is astounded when Max arrives home bearing an invitation to dinner - in the interests of neighbourly relations! A number of things change...

NIGHTSCHOOL NIGHTMARE: Roger is attending a night-school class in Spanish, but has forgotten his glasses. This leads to an unfortunate (or is that fortunate?) mix-up.

PUNISH ME: Belinda has gravely displeased her husband, James, and sits bare-bottomed at the kitchen table while she writes a letter of apology which also specifies how best he should punish her. The gravity of her sin becomes clearer as the retribution is detailed, but she so trustingly looks forward to his forgiveness.

REVENGE STINGS: Jamie was reading his Grandmother's will, which stated that his mother, Avril, could not inherit until she had undergone four sessions of correction at the town's institute. Jamie was caught reading the will after having been told not to and was slippered by his Dad. Jamie decided that he just had to see his mother punished, so he managed to sneak into the Education room and watch.

SANTA SPANKED: Jamie was reading his Grandmother's will, which stated that his mother, Avril, could not inherit until she had undergone four sessions of correction at the town's institute. Jamie was caught reading the will after having been told not to and was slippered by his Dad. Jamie decided that he just had to see his mother punished, so he managed to sneak into the Education room and watch.

SECOND CHANCE: Sarah behaves atrociously to her elderly employer Joan and gets away with it - or so it would seem! Joan's compassion shines through in the form of some quite specific wishes set out in her Will.

SEVEN YEAR SWITCH: For her 7th wedding anniversary present to her husband, Laura arranges, with some trepidation, for him to visit a local Domme. Despite his nerves, it is what he has always wanted and the experience surpasses all his hopes, strengthening their relationship.

SKY STORY: Boredom leads to a rash walk on the rocks and a fall into the sea. The visiting engineer decides a spanking is the only answer to such daft behaviour.

STABLE SPIES: Rick is finding Elaine's work in the stables less than satisfactory so when he finds her drinking coffee again he fires her. Elaine pleads not to be fired, so Rick offers her a spanking instead. Elaine agrees and is soon over Rick's knee.

THOMAS' HALLOWEEN TREAT: Resigning himself to a solitary Halloween at home, Thomas fulfils his promise to write a story for a fellow library member. The boundaries between reality and imagination become understandably blurred as the evening progresses. Next morning he is faced with a surprising development...

TO MATO: Max is carefully guiding his blindfolded girlfriend Malo towards the 'surprise' which he has purchased with their modest Lottery win. Expecting luxury, her disappointment is palpable on seeing a small boat with the letters 'TO MATO' painted roughly on the side. The brush had slipped! She makes her displeasure felt with a broken paddle which soon makes Max's bottom match the boat's name...

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Ray and Jeanette rented a lonely cabin deep in the woods. One evening Ray was in a grumpy mood and after several warnings from Jeanette he was led into the house. Naked on the bed, he finds himself on the receiving end of a belt on his bottom. A few days later, the roles are reversed with Ray doing the spanking. But it transpires that all their antics are being secretly recorded...

TRUST & TICKETS: Fiona's bad temper and lack of trust upsets her husband. This results in corner time and a spanking for Fiona. But does she learn her lesson?

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Saturday, January 19, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 6

by Lucy appleby
Published: Jan 19, 2013
Words: 25,430
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE BISCUIT FACTORY: Someone has flooded the factory with photocopied pictures of a bare bottom. Factory boss Mr Biggs is not amused, and has a novel way of 'uncovering' the culprit by ordering a bottom inspection! The culprit Amy is identified and taken to Mr Biggs' office. What a surprise awaits her there! Amy discovers that making biscuits isn't the only thing that happens in the factory. Instead of losing her job, she is offered a massive pay rise and an interesting new position ...

CAROUSEL: When Jennifer's daughter Elizabeth mentions the name of the devilishly handsome man who's asked her out on Saturday at the local funfair, Jennifer remembers her own experience at exactly the same age with the same man. Her daydreams turn to reality as she visits him once again, to ride the carousel and be deliciously spanked and cropped and belted and caned and bedded. Much later, Jennifer's mother calls on her, and together they ponder the mystery of the carousel man.

THE CHOSEN ONE: Mary McReady, not the most efficient maid in the household is sent to the gardens to pick herbs. There she meets Tom of the Woods, a strange yellow-eyed young man sitting on a low branch of a gnarled apple tree. He seems to know so much about her though she does not believe all her tells her. He sends her to speak with the master of the house, who takes pleasure in caning and deflowering her, before giving his blessing for her to return to Tom of the Woods and her destiny ...

ENCOUNTER IN THE WOOD: The deeper she walks, dreaming, into the woods on this warm summer night, the more aware Bryony becomes of a presence, barely seen or heard. As her nightgown is ripped from her and he removes his cloak, she is aware that she has been expecting him, wanting and needing him. Awakening, recollecting, she walks down the path into the moonlight ...

HEADMASTER WINKLE'S NEW REGIME: The assembly hall of Mount Mayfield sixth form college for girls echoes with the cries and squeals of girls who have earned themselves a bare bottomed caning. Afterwards, Headmaster Winkle reads out the disastrous exam results and takes stringent measures to improve performance! These measures involve lots of sore bottoms.

MAGNOLIAS: In four simple stages, at different ages, the narrator relates the story of Magnolia House where she had her piano lessons with Mr Kowalskii, who spanked her with a hairbrush, something she developed a taste for. Inheriting the house from him at his death, she carries on the tradition ...

THE LODGER: Little does landlady Eunice Moon suspect where her lodger, city banker Charles Mason, whom she admires so much, goes on his evening strolls. 'Tis to the woods, where he transforms himself into a black leather-clad master and punisher of three naked lovelies who welcome lustily his wieldings of paddle, crop, tawse, flogger and cane all over their bodies, and the passionate couplings that follow. Back at the lodgings, she compliments him on his appetite...

THE MIRROR: April so wants the lovely mirror she has seen in the antique shop, but Tom says no. In a fit of pique, she charges into the shop, is rude to the assistant, and breaks a valuable vase. Time for a little 'discussion' about her behaviour - a discussion which involves a paddle. But perhaps both Tom and April have ulterior motives?

MUM AND THE PARK KEEPER: On discovering that her parents had met in the park, after mum was caught robbing flowers from the display, Jill is fascinated to learn all the juicy details and to realise how largely the potting shed features. It looks very likely that, despite her mother's strictures, history might be about to repeat itself.

NIKKI NO KNICKERS: Nikki has the night of her life when she goes out to meet boyfriend Jim, ready to lose her virginity. She defies her Dad by wearing the short skirt he's banned, and when she gets home, long after her curfew, not only no longer a virgin, but knickerless as well, she gets a severe thrashing which just stokes her lustful desires even more.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Sarah, hesitating over her English homework, is pleased to accept her mother's help in defining the phrase 'off the beaten track.' Later the two of them take a walk through the woods along what is an unknown path to the girl. She quickly picks up the association to the new phrase and her mother confesses to this being a special place where Sarah's father and she used to play 'games'. As she thought, her daughter was more than ready ...

THE RAGGEDY MAN: Struggling through a growing storm, afraid of falling victim to the legendary, evil raggedy man, Edwina is whisked away by a strong cloaked figure, owner of the inn she is taken to. Fed and put to bed, and thinking herself safe, she is awoken by none other than the raggedy man, come to take her to hell. But is Edwina who she appears to be?

THE SECRET SERVICE: In training with MI5, a young operative must learn to cope with a variety of interrogation techniques ... she is less successful dealing with a paddling than other techniques.

THE STAR PUPIL: Mr James canes the three girls who did badly in a test, and he enjoys doing so. He is saddened when he can find no excuse to came Melanie Munro, his star pupil, who has scored full marks. But never mind, he can always have some fun at the spanking club he visits secretly every month ...

SURPRISE: Natalie spends a lot of money on a sexy new outfit, with the intention of putting a bit of new spice into her marriage. It all seems to work until they go out to eat. Dan, her husband, suddenly sees his new boss with her husband sitting just behind them. Meanwhile, being in a playful mood, Natalie excuses herself and heads for the ladies room. When she returns, she hides under the table and waits for her husband to return. What follows is something that neither of them will ever forget.

THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF: Awaiting dinner on board their cruise ship sailing the Norwegian fjords, young Lucas pleads with attractive older sister Magda for a story. Hesitating about relating the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff', an ugly man sitting close by insists that she tells the story, so she does so, continuing until the rain forces her to stop and take shelter down below. In the wee small hours Magda goes up on deck for a breath of air and finds herself in the clutches of the ugly man. A spanking helps persuade her to continue the story from where she left off.

TWIN PUNISHMENTS: Being a twin has many advantages but feeling the other twin's pain can cause even more trouble for them both. A fun spanking sets off a painful chain reaction and results in two hot sore bottoms.

TWO MORE: Angus and Jane spy on the antics of their elderley next door neighbours and watch as Sidney chases Madge round the garden and into the shed, where he proceeds to whack her with a cane and his belt. Such outrageous behaviour - or is it? Angus and Jane soon discover the delights of spanking for themselves.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013 -


by Flora Sharp
Published: Jan 17, 2013
Words: 17,558
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Big Mary

The Anderson family were not popular in the tiny West Highland village. There was a large element of jealousy in the villagers' dislike, because the family were the owners of, or had the extended lease on, no less than five properties in the neighbourhood. As crofters on both sides of the family they had also inherited grazing rights on a major acreage of the best sandy shoreline 'machair' as well as expanses of the good hill pastures.

Strangely, though, despite this apparently ideal state of affairs, none of their three children had chosen to remain and work the crofts or benefit from the business and tourist potential of all the properties. As a family they rarely mixed with the locals, the father's job as a travelling salesman taking him away for much of the time and the household being effectively ruled by the fearsome mother, known with good reason as Big Mary, with a rod of iron.

It was said that the children - who as they grew up were allowed no friends - had to work constantly on the croft, were very unhappy and all terrified of their mother, leaving the area just as soon as they were finished with their schooling. By the time Charlie Anderson retired, the miserable couple, now without their 'slave' labour, found their land deteriorating, their stock sickening and their many properties requiring maintenance from professional tradesmen - whom they were too mean to pay at the going rate.

To make ends meet and to pay for essentials such as animal feed and fencing materials, they began to require to rent out various bits of property. Unfortunately, as they had failed to maintain their other houses to a standard acceptable to the Tourist Board, they were forced to rely on local tenants, most of whom were employed, if they were employed at all, in very low paid labouring, farming or tourist-related jobs and could certainly not afford to pay much in the way of rent. From the late 1970s through the '80s the going rate for renting a cottage comprising two or three rooms and a kitchen was rarely more than £10 per week, depending on the other facilities, condition and accessibility of the property.


Morag was a student when she first came to the village to a summer job at the nearby country house hotel, doing a bit of everything - reception, bar work, waitressing, housekeeping. Initially she lived in one of the hotel's own bunk rooms, for which £3.50 or 50p per day was deducted from her wages each week. This also covered her meagre but adequate meals. An outgoing and attractive 20 year-old, she loved the variety of the job and entered into local life with a vengeance, including a turbulent but exciting relationship with Donald MacLeod, the tearaway son of a local farmer.

Inevitably when autumn and the start of term approached, like many a misguided student before her, she decided that the village was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 5

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 17, 2013
Words: 27,023
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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CROSSING THE LINE: Frank has waited 10 years for Sheila, the lovely barmaid. On discovering she has been in an accident, he is concerned and upset, and goes walking. What he finds, and what he discovers, shakes him to the core.

THE DESK: Arthur Turnbull, proprietor of Turnbull Antiques, has a day to remember when a wealthy couple come into his shop and take great interest in an Edwardian solid oak paneled school desk. The lady obligingly bends over it, her bottom bared and strapped by her husband.

EMERGENCY MEASURES: When the Finance Committee is called in for a discussion about their poor performance, the Chairman finds himself in big trouble. The formidable Miss Parker refreshes their memory of what happens to employees who do not meet their targets, and takes great delight in caning five bare bottoms . But when a subsequent error is found, Miss Parker finds herself on the receiving end of the punishment.

GRANDMA AND THE FLYING CARPET: Her beloved Grandma has always been a constant in Jeannie's life, and she takes little persuasion to retell the girl's favourite story of the magic carpet. Transported back to the far east, it all begins to make sense as the heroine is rescued and restored - with a warning - back to her familiar and inevitable fate.

GREEN SOCKS AND A RED BOTTOM: Last to leave the gym late one night, boss Peter finds a nubile young blonde girl, dressed only in a pair of socks, lurking in his office. Despite the alarming age difference, he finds it impossible to resist her challenge as she leans across his desk and demonstrates what she wants. This may come as a surprise, but it is not the only one ...

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: When informed by Headmaster Mr Pomfrey that the Green Room is strictly out of bounds, new teacher Gillian Moore cannot resist taking a peek. The ban turns out to be a tried and tested trick: the Head and his teenaged son catch her and take it in turns to cane her bare bottom.

LOST: A story of suspense and passion where a woman lost in a thunderstorm stumbles into the remote woodland dwelling of a man who provides her first hand spanking followed by a thrashing with his belt. The story has an unexpected twist at the end.

THE MAN ON THE BEACH: Eager to lose her virginity, 18-year-old Marietta finally meets the man of her dreams on a beach. Knowing her inner desires, he thrashes her with his belt and then gives her the pleasure she craves.

A NICE NEW CANE: After receiving a new cane, the headmaster is very anxious to find an errant pupil to try out his new cane on. After caning someone whom he assumed was a student, he is surprised to find he has caned a students mother.

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN: Edward loves his job and it has allowed him to play out his fantasy for some time. One night everything changes when he is caught by Miss Evershed. Instead of sacking him though, she makes all his fantasies, and hers, become reality.

QUEENS HONEY: An inept actress can't even get TWO lines right! The director sorts her out with the deft application of his belt!

SISTER SARAH GETS SPANKED - PART 1: Penny is upset by the constant bullying at the hands of her older sister, Sarah, but is pleased to find a friend she can confide in, who also happens to be the most popular boy in school and in Sarah's class. Together they formulate a plan.

SISTER SARAH GETS SPANKED - PART 2: The most popular boy in school, Gareth, takes spoilt Sarah on a date, but things don't quite go as she imagined. Armed with the knowledge that she had been unkind to her sister, and his father's strap, he gives the teen something to think about.

SPECIAL BABYSITTING AGENCY: Mike and Nancy are dressing for the evening, each passing compliments to the other. But they are not going out together, as Nancy departs for her babysitting date while Mike awaits his own babysitter. They have no children, but a very clever and lucrative business arrangement which provides pleasure as well!

THE SUNSET KING: Harold and Mildred first met Jim at the top of the cliff path. Jim was painting a beautiful sunset but the colours weren't quite right. Harold knew just how to fix that though and it involved Mildred's bottom! Jim painted his best ever sunset and became quite famous for his work. After Harold's untimely demise, Mildred becomes his sunset queen.

THIRTEEN: Thirteen is a number that's unlucky-and at the same time lucky-for Sheila. On the day she falters on the 13th stair, her bottom feels the hard bite of the cane ... thirteen times.

THE TRAVELLING HAIRBRUSH MEETS RUTH: Bill is hurt and shocked at the rude reception his approach to the attractive Ruth receives. The discovery of a somewhat threadbare hairbrush in the course of his temporary job gives Bill, now installed as a senior engineer, one of his best ideas!

WHAT THE BABYSITTER SAW: Tiffany enjoys her babysitting job and particularly likes her young charge, Dilbert. Things take an unusual turn when Tiffany realises that the naughty spanking film she is watching was made in that very house and then she gets caught watching it. Mr and Mrs Howard decide to punish her and even Dilbert watches proceedings happily.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 -

A Note from School

by Alef
Published: Jan 10, 2013
Words: 13,988
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Hearing the key in the front door as she came home from school, he shouted his usual "Hello!" but instead of going straight up to her room as she normally did, she turned into the living room. It struck him immediately that something had to be wrong; her face was pale and she was dragging her feet behind her.

"There's something I have to show you," she said in a thin, flat voice and handed him an inconspicuous little book. She had stuck her index finger between two pages to make it open in the right place. Only when he looked inside, he recognized the little message book used for notes between school and parents. At first he only saw the small notes in his own handwriting from the times she had been sick or was to be excused for gym, but then he noticed a message in another handwriting in the bottom corner. It continued on the next page, but he got the gist of it before he turned the page.

"Cheating!" he said, "You have been caught cheating on a geography test?" With a timid smile she replied: "I didn't mean to cheat, but I had forgotten to put my notes in my bag, and the teacher assumed I had them on my desk to cheat."

"That was quite careless at best," he said, "but this note indicates you were not the only one?" She swallowed:

"Yes, no, not quite ... "

"Someone I know?" he asked.

"Yes... Margrete also got caught," she said and blushed.

"Margrete? Didn't you go to study with her the night before?" A nod was all the answer he got. "According to the note this will be on your report card, and you will probably get a D in geography as you couldn't answer any of the questions after the test!" She blushed even more and replied:

"I really could, but I was so nervous because of what had happened that my mind just went blank!"

"And Margrete didn't remember a thing either?"

"I don't know. Not much, I think."

He looked closely at her: "So you had really studied, then? The only reason you were allowed to go to Margrete the night before was because you were going to study for the test!" She nodded and looked even more unhappy.

He suddenly thought of something: "But that test wasn't today, it was yesterday!" He looked down to check the date on the note. "Shouldn't you have delivered this note yesterday?" She nodded. He said: "But then Margrete's mother must already know. I think I'll give her a call."

"No, no, don't do it!" she pleaded.

"Why not?"


"Because what?"

"Because..." she hesitated. "We weren't at Margrete's that evening. Margrete got a phone call and then we went out to meet..."

"To meet...?"

"Some boys."

"Well," he said, "you didn't study then? Perhaps you didn't really know that much geography, did you?" She did not answer.

Thursday, January 10, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 4

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 10, 2013
Words: 24,074
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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BEING NEIGHBOURLY: When two local kids throw sods of grass at him and call him 'Nobhead', Steve Jones is understandably annoyed - the more so because shapely new neighbour Gloria witnessed the humiliating assault. However, with some not so subtle hints and rude name calling of her own, she's soon over his knee getting the spanking she has been hankering for.

COFFEE AND SLIPPERS: Wendy wakes up naked in the bed of a complete stranger. She grabs his shirt and runs off in a panic, only to encounter the same man again later in the day. A hand spanking and a slippering follow!

THE DREAM SPANKERS: A young girl is told by her Grandmother that the Dream People will one day visit her. Much later in life the prophecy comes true and the now middle aged lady discovers the real pleasure of spanking.

GOVERNESS AGENCY: Daughters of the house, the ill-mannered Estelle and Carlotta, are taken aback when confronted by the formidable Miss Meredith, who claims to come from the 'Governess Agency.' Speedily she has them under control, face-down and unclothed across the table prepared for the cane which travels in her umbrella case. Mission accomplished, she departs leaving many questions.

GRANDAD AND THE GO-KART: Herbert, or Grandad, as he prefers to be called, is causing mayhem at the Old People's Home. He plays darts instead of going to breakfast, then has to sneak into the kitchens to find a decent meal. Miss Rake, the administrator, is a frosty faced old dragon who does not approve of him. But when she tries to move an old Go-Kart he has left by the front gate, there begins an adventure for both of them, and a surprising change in their relationship.

LATE FOR SCHOOL: Rawlings turns up for school late - again. What's more, her skirt is far too short and her full breasts strain against her blouse. Her presence distracts the headmaster and his patience eventually runs out when he learns she has daubed graffiti on the corridor walls, as well as other misdemeanours. Rawlings has earned herself six strokes of the cane on her bare bottom ... and it doesn't appear to faze her one little bit.

MAGIC NUMBERS: Ruth and professor Jarvis are both being compelled to behave in ways they would never normally do. Indeed, the professor fondles Ruth's bottom and then spanks her. Something is not quite right. Who is controlling their thoughts and actions in such a painful way and why?

THE NAGGING WIFE: It's a normal day for retired couple, Robert and Eunice, in their idyllic country cottage. Less idyllic, however, is the way Eunice treats her husband, demanding he complete job after job while she sits scoffing chocolates. When Robert uncovers a beautiful picture of their cottage beneath the wallpaper in the spare bedroom, however, the scales fall from his eyes and his assertiveness awakens. Eunice gets a very well-deserved thrashing with her baking spoon and his slipper, and life will never be the same again.

THE NEWSPAPER TRAIL: When Betty leaves her copy of the Evening Echo on the seat of the bus after she's read it, little does she know the journey it would go on before it ended up providing her husband Johnny with £200 for new spanking toys. The paper passes through many hands, and even helps young Barry who uses it as padding in his trousers when his Mum paddles him. But it's Betty who enjoys the end results the most when her rugby-playing husband Johnny tries out flogger, tawse, paddle, crop and cane on her before they tackle each other in a passionate love-making session.

PRIMAL SCREAM: In a beautiful, far-off valley at dusk, whilst couples dance and embrace, a girl stands apart, alone. From the timeless bowels of the earth a man appears, dark, elemental, naked. She senses his intent, fears him, yet yearns for what he brings. Disrobed, she presents herself and he spanks her, and then, to her intense delight, he thrashes her with a switch. Her cries of woe and bliss are overtaken though by a higher, more demanding sound, a primal scream to which she must submit anew ...

A SCHEMING LOLITA: 14-year-old Candice has a crush on her teacher Mr Andrews and uses every enticing wile to get his attention, without success. Five years later they meet, and he confesses why he had had to leave that job. He gives her the hand-spanking of a lifetime and finally gets to enjoy what he could not before.

THE SHRIEK OF SYLVIA: Light-fingered Sylvia pays a painful - and expected - price for her crimes but gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile her, previously disgusted, friends, make their own plans.

SPANKING ON THE BEACH: Tour guide Gwen's visit to the beach with her small party of tourists is interrupted by the sounds of spanking from the dunes. They all rush off to investigate, leaving Gwen alone with a grumpy old chap who's not said a word, till now ...

THE SUMMER HOUSE: Guy tells Chloe that she is not having a summer house but Chloe does not take no for an answer and orders one anyway. Her plan to placate Guy with new sexy underwear backfires when he drags her out to the new summer house and soundly slippers her, in full sight and hearing of the neighbours. He vows that things are going to change and from now on, whenever necessary, he will slipper his wife in the summer house.

TEN THOUSAND: Rosie is so excited when she wins some money on a lottery scratch card, that she simply has to go and spend some of it straight away. She gets rather carried away, even incurring a parking ticket but she isn't worried as the cheque will cover it all. She buys Mark a nice expensive pair of slippers too. When Mark gets home however, he is less than impressed and soon finds a good use for the present - Rosie really must wear her glasses more often.

THE TRAVELLING HAIRBRUSH MEETS RACHEL: When Sam finds an old hairbrush he realises that he has a good use for it. He is fed up of his nagging, ungrateful wife Rachel and decides to teach her a lesson. The hairbrush does a thorough job, and continues on its travels.

UNCLE FRANK: Chrissie arrives early at her friend's house and meets good-looking Uncle Frank, carrying a large box. Meaning to help, she clumsily drops it and smashes some precious crystal. When Frank spanks her bare bottom, it soon leads to hot sex. But it's after he's gone that things really start to go wrong for Chrissie ...

UNCLE WILLIE AND THE CARROT CAKE: Rita's Mum catches her eating a delicious slice of the carrot cake she's made specially for Uncle Willie's visit. But someone had been at the cake before Rita and, seeing crumbs on her Mum's face, Rita realises it was her. Her Mum, very unfairly, denies it. When Uncle Willie arrives he quickly resolves matters with his big blue slipper. Mum thinks she's escaped, but she hasn't.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 -

The Green Man

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 08, 2013
Words: 4,897
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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After thirty five years, she went back. Back to the secret place deep in the heart of the wood, her childhood sanctuary, her teenage retreat; a place where she would lay in the embrace of moss and fern, leaf and bough, to dream her dreams and listen to the drone of insects and the song of the birds.

The wood called to her now, as it had done back then. She had been restless and ill at ease without knowing why. The feeling intensified throughout the week, and images of her secret place kept popping unbidden into her head. So, on Saturday morning she threw a few things into an overnight bag, grabbed some food from the fridge, got in the car, and drove two hundred miles north to the village of her youth.

It seemed smaller, somehow. Or maybe it was her who had grown in stature and now viewed things from an altered perspective. And although she hadn't visited the place since her parents died, she still felt a connection. Much to her relief, there was little outward change. There were no smart shops or cinemas or bingo halls or new houses and fast food outlets. A row of old stone cottages with mullioned windows flanked one side of the road close to the pub, and beyond the grazing fields were the slate roofs of farms and barns and isolated dwellings.

The post office come general store was still there with the same shuttered windows and interminable coats of paint covering the bright red door. Further along was the schoolhouse, and next to that the small 12th century Norman chapel. Her Father had helped with its restoration in the early 1950's. She smiled and remembered her day dreams in that place on Sunday mornings, when instead of paying attention to the sermon, she would gaze at the stained glass windows on either side of the chapel and muse on the meaning of the poem they depicted. She remembered the words, even now:

'When as a child I laughed and wept, time crept. When as a youth I dreamed and talked, time walked. When I became a full grown man, time ran. And later as I older grew, time flew. Soon I shall find while traveling on, time gone. Will Christ have saved my soul by then? Amen.'
Ah yes. Time for her was in the running phase. Yet in this rural backwater, it was as though time moved very slowly, imperceptibly. There was something very reassuring about the enduring sameness of everything here. She glanced across the road. There was the tiny pub, The Green Man, its namesake staring out from the ancient hand-painted sign, its features blurring into leaves peering outward from behind a mottled screen of vines and leaves. She looked closer - dark eyes, a curving mouth peeping out from the leaf mask of its foliate head. She crossed the road and stared up at the image.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday, January 07, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 3

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 07, 2013
Words: 25,107
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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BEGGING FOR A SPANKING: It certainly looks as though Gina is about to get more than she bargained for, if not at least as much as she deserves. She has been taunting and interrupting the marking duties of her Professor and, when she throws herself towards him, things go further than she intended!

THE CUPBOARD OF NASTY SURPRISES: As he grew up, Freddie was used to being looked after by Granny Button next door and, as he became older, accustomed to the locked 'Cupboard of Nasty Surprises.' Finally, aged eighteen, his moment comes and he is given the key. All is revealed and he understands why he has always felt so close to this special lady.

DOES THIS DRESS MAKE ME LOOK FAT?: Threatening to spank his wife in the changing room of a clothes store leads to Godfrey having a very agreeable time indeed!

GIRLS ON HOLIDAY: Barbara Benson tells her daughter Anna and her friend Karen about how she and her husband got into spanking. She'd gone on a secret holiday with a friend and got caught leaving hotels without paying. They were spanked, paddled and belted by the irate managers, one of whom turned out to be rather special!

THE HUNGRY DOG: Suzie makes a new friend - a funny looking stray dog in the park. She brings him lunch every day, and at the end of the week takes him home. The new arrival settles down wonderfully well, and Suzie has earned herself her first ever spanking - but it certainly won't be the last.

THE INSTITUTION: Mayfield is a very special village, due largely to the Institute. George, sick of his nagging wife and spoiled daughters, arranges for them all to spend a week there. The three girls are looking forward to a week of luxury and bossing George around but when they arrive, they soon realise that this is not going to be a good holiday at all. It turns out that George has booked them in for a weeks worth of discipline!

JOHNNY WALLOP: Johnny's long-held dreams come true when new neighbour, Frances, asks him to act as disciplinarian to her badly-behaved daughter, Lucy. He gives Lucy a thorough paddling on her bare bottom and makes her stand in the corner. Frances then manufactures a reason to get a dose of her own. Johnny is an exceedingly happy man.

MAGDA'S NEW JOB: Magda loves her new job as a waitress, but in the first week she learns why it is so important to read your employment contract before signing it. It seems that, in this cafe, breakages are paid for in an unusual way and Magda has a lot of broken crockery to atone for too!

A NEIGHBOURLY SPANKING: After an argument over their dogs leads to Mrs Withers behaving insufferably to her neighbour Mr Bishop, he gives her a thoroughly good spanking with hand and fish-slice, with surprising, and happy, results for both couples!

PORTRAIT OF A CANED BOTTOM: Rosie is an insurance assessor, who has gone to Mr MacKenzie's house to assess the damage from a fire in his artist's studio. She used to deliver newspapers to him when she was younger. To her surprise she finds a painting of herself and asks if he has any more. He shows her two more paintings, the final one depicting her naked with a caned bottom. He then asks Rosie if she would like him to spank her ...

ROUGH JUSTICE: Mike Brown watches the young woman standing outside the house next door, looking lost and confused. He breaks the news that her old friend passed away since her last monthly visit, well aware thanks to his spying the reason for her regular visits. After offering himself as a substitute, a slip of the hand ensures it will be for the last time!

THE SÉANCE: At one of her regular seances, Miss Beatrice is able to tell Lavinia that she is being contacted about a promised inheritance. Three days later Lavinia's elderly piano teacher dies with her across his knees. His heir offers to share the fortune, but with strings attached.

THE SPANKING CHAIR: Rosie is happy to be a part of the O'Connor family now she is to marry Patrick, their eldest son. There is one thing he had not told her about though, the spanking chair. In fact it is not until Rosie breaks the chair that she learns about it and gets her first experience of it. The family tradition carries on though and many years later the same chair is passed on to their eldest son and they simply have to get a new one!

THE SUCCUBUS: Awakened by strange noises, and feeling something invisible on his bed and then upon his chest, Brian imagines he's being attacked by a sexy succubus. Actually it's the neighbour, Irene's, cat, and it's the third time this week! Brian takes matters, and Irene's bottom, into (and under) his own hands and spanks her hard, adding plenty with his slipper too. To his surprise, however, Irene's yelps turn to something else. As for the cat ...

TELLING THE BEES: Kathy and John's new house comes with the bees. They are warned that to keep the bees happy they must tell them everything, or else they will get angry. The couple get used to talking to the bees and they in turn seem happy, until all of a sudden their mood changes. It takes the couple a while to realise that they had been keeping a secret from the bees, but once they explain all about the spanking the bees return to their previous happy state.

THE TRAVELLING HAIRBRUSH MEETS OLIVIA: The disruptive Olivia is once again being excluded from school. At the end of her tether, her inconvenienced mother collects her in a taxi - which miraculously appears to contain the solution to her problem!

UNCLE GEORGE: Accused by her mother of not wearing any knickers, Chloe is rude and blames Uncle George - who died two years ago. Not impressed, her mother takes her slipper to her, requiring an apology. But, upstairs once more, she is over Uncle George's knee. Mother also suffers before this strange day is over.

WELCOME TO PARADISE: In the sordid and decidedly dingy surroundings of the few rooms known as 'Paradise', Joe hands over grubby notes in payment for a secret 'session' in which he acts as the strict university lecturer to a succession of nubile students. His time having run out too soon, he emerges to confront someone very close to him - and a whole new, and cheaper, future for both of them!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday, January 06, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 2

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 06, 2013
Words: 23,581
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE BED: Steven is under pressure to sell more of the beds in the shop where he works. His wife Gwen comes in handy when she annoys him enough to spank her with his hand and a paddle right there in the shop in front of the customers. The beds go like hot cakes and Steven gets a pay rise, while Gwen...

THE CHINA TEAPOT: Dan and Laura pick up an old china teapot from a country craft fair. They later find that every time Laura gets spanked, something strange happens.

DIRECTOR'S CUT: Driving through the teeming rain, Charles hurries to the home of his father, hoping he will be in time as the old man is dying. His father imparts some surprising truths on his deathbed, and hands Charles his last will and testament. But wait - Something is not quite right here! It takes a rather special encounter between Charles and the housekeeper to put things to rights and it marks the beginning of an intense spanking relationship.

THE GARDEN OF DELIGHTS: The ultimate pleasure for Mr Taylor is being able to conduct Mrs Bishop through the winding paths of his wonderful garden. Planted with a multitude of red flowered specimens, he takes the greatest of pleasure in making her bottom reflect a similar hue - once a week!

HOW TO SELL A MERCEDES: Heidi is ambitious and, as she starts her first week as a sales person in the car showroom, a customer intimates that if she will allow him to spank her, in return, he will buy the Mercedes E-class coupe. Heidi cannot refuse such an offer, but gets much more than she bargained for.

A MOTIVATIONAL SPANKING: Lydia is encountering the very common pangs of writer's block, uncertain as to where her scene setting is leading. A coffee break is called for and, as she confesses her lack of inspiration to her helpful husband, he is the one to become inspired - with mutually rewarding results!

A JOB TO BE DONE: Only two weeks into the first term of the new school and Amanda is in trouble again. She is sent to the Head's study for punishment, and receives a dose of the strap, paddle and the cane. However, the Head is not quite who he pretends to be.

MAGDA MEETS HER MATCH: Until leaving school, the fearless teenager Magda has led a charmed life, but a new job in the city means she must lodge with Aunt Imogen. From the start, they are at odds and Magda sees no reason to obey foolish rules. However, when she decides to ignore a curfew on her first night, she begins to see what this move entails.

MRS BIGGINS' BOARDING HOUSE: Christina's parents insist that they choose her accommodation for her first year at college. Mrs Biggins is said to run a very orderly house and it doesn't take long for her new resident to deserve the consequences of disobedience and to understand why. She is not the only one, as she learns afterwards.

A PAIR OF SPECTACLES: Totally uninspired in the essay writing department, Olivia is forced to succumb to a severe tawsing during which her spectacles fall off. Threatened with the headmaster's cane, it is surprising how she becomes more motivated - and effective - although perhaps not for the same reason!

ROMANCE IN A FLAT: As night falls, the swirling sea mist eddies around the watching and waiting figure. In its own good time, it detaches itself from the surrounding landscape and, entering the cottage, finds her ready and compliant. She begs, he obliges and the morning finds them reconciled.

A PERFECT DATE: Greg is loving his first date with Amanda and pushes his luck on the way home, driving deep into the countryside. Just settled in the back seat, they are interrupted by an aggressive policeman who makes it clear that Amanda should accept his solution. All is not, however, as it seems.

THE SNAKE CHARMER: Steve has everything a man could want - nice house, car, well-paid job - but something is missing. When he encounters a mysterious snake-charmer, he is shown his heart's desire. But will he have the courage to accept it?

SPANK PUDDLE: Rosie jumps in a puddle and gets more than she bargained for - she jumps into the world of Spank Puddle. When she tries to get back for a repeat spanking, she is disappointed.

THE STONE MAIDEN: Fleeing a cruel and unjust belting from her step-father, Bryony goes to the ring of 19 granite stones nearby (the 'stone maidens') where she had spent happy days with her late mother listening to stories of local legends. At twilight, the stones shimmer and shift, becoming the 19 maidens of the legend. They dance and sing with Bryony in joy. Before the maidens leave, they each contribute a precious gift, the answer to Bryony's troubles ...

SYLVIA GETS THE SLIPPER: Sylvia's first day in a new job gets off to a painful start after she needs to borrow some clothes from lost-property. Mistaken as a pupil, she gets thoroughly slippered!

TRANSFORMATION OF A DISOBEDIENT DAUGHTER - PART 1: Robert and Gwen are due to go on holiday but are distracted by their unruly daughter Cindy who has just been expelled from school. Robert employs Miss Madigan to sort her out, which she does with the help of an ingenious spanking horse and a very heavy leather strap!

TRANSFORMATION OF A DISOBEDIENT DAUGHTER - PART 2: Cindy's woes continue. She washes up very reluctantly, spurred on by Miss Madigan's judicious use of a wooden spoon. She is then sent to bed without any supper. She later creeps out apparently unobserved for a pizza, but her attempt to purchase alcohol at a bar is frustrated by an uncooperative barman and the sudden arrival of Miss Madigan. A mouth soaping and slippering complete her unhappy evening.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday, January 05, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 1

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 05, 2013
Words: 23,715
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE ALCHEMIST: What dark and mysterious secrets did Magnus the alchemist possess? Had he found the elixir of youth? Apparently so - his youthful good looks were attributed to giving regular spankings to the village girls.

A CANE FOR A GOVERNESS: Miss Brown seems well qualified and does not quail under Sir Charles' questioning, giving him hope that she might make a satisfactory governess for his daughter. He dismisses her preference for the tawse as a punishment implement, giving her a practical demonstration of his choice - with which she seems quite happy!

CARSTAIRS MANOR: Strange things happen in the twilight hours at Carstairs Manor. Elizabeth is frightened when the ghost first appears. She cannot help but notice how devilishly handsome he is, and he has such a nice smile considering he's been dead for 400 years. Elizabeth's new friend introduces her to the delights of spanking.

THE FULL MONTY: All the while blossoming but previously unfulfilled, seventeen year old Prudence dares act out of character to attend a performance of the 'Full Monty' at a local club. Carried along by the surrounding enthusiam, she finds herself being approached by a young, off-duty policeman. In his car she admits to an overwhelming need which he is happy to fulfil!

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE: About to post her £50 to a Mr John Humphrey whose ad claims he can change her life, Rosie is saved by postman Charlie who offers to change her life for free. After a nice dinner he spanks her with hand and gymshoe. She loves it, they have great sex and Charlie enjoys a quiet moment of self-satisfaction ...

INTERROGATION: A young girl, taking a perfectly innocent walk in the countryside, is caught and restrained before being stripped and beaten. Facing up to, and being interrogated by, the fearsome, scarred 'Commander Steel', she receives a note from an adjacent cell with advice as to how her captors might be appeased. The solution presents itself ...

MACDONALD FAMILY THRASHINGS: The Macdonald clanswomen gather on the eve of Kirsty's 16th birthday. Traditionally, all the girls have to endure a rite of passage at such a time, which involves a thrashing from Angus MacDonald. As custom demands, she goes the last mile alone to meet him. He spanks her, then uses a tawse, before going out for a moment to fetch logs. And in that moment, Kirsty makes a shocking discovery about Mr. Angus MacDonald.

MIND GAMES: A very rude woman arrives at Jeremy's house and makes a scene. When she later returns, Jeremy is ready to teach her a lesson with hand, paddle and tawse ... but things aren't quite what they seem!

THE MONOLITH: Since the depths of time the enormous black stone had dominated the village, draining its existence. Regular sacrifices had to be made, not least by the female side of Maya's family, over the years and generations helping it continue to thrive.

OH WHAT AN ARSE: Harold writes to Mrs Brown, from prison, to try and explain exactly why he had behaved in such an unacceptable way and ask for her forgiveness!

OUT OF THE MIST: As night falls, the swirling sea mist eddies around the watching and waiting figure. In its own good time, it detaches itself from the surrounding landscape and, entering the cottage, finds her ready and compliant. She begs, he obliges and the morning finds them reconciled.

THE ROCKING HORSE: Taking pride in his ability to assess people's wealth at a glance, Arthur Turnbull is delighted when he sees a well-dressed middle-aged couple approach his antique shop. They browse, and come upon a rocking-horse. Arthur is then astonished to see the elegant lady strip, straddle the horse and present herself to her partner and his crop. After the whipping, the couple leave as unassumingly as they came. Arthur has other pressing business to attend to...

THE SEER: The beautiful Marietta comes shyly before the wise man with a request. Due to enter into a dull marriage with the local blacksmith, she wonders if life might perhaps have more to offer her. Koreshi, seeing her need, transforms into what she wants to see and, following fulfilment of her desire, makes his offer.

SNOOTY BITCH AND THE TAXI DRIVER: Accustomed to getting her own way and being as rude as she pleases, Miss Golightly meets her match when she tangles with a taxi driver outside Harrods. The following week, Prudence is astounded to find her apartment filled with avenging people bearing weapons - and learns that the driver is her titled landlord!

THE STATUE: A couple begins renovation of a newly acquired home and discover there is much more to the back garden than they first thought. What they find changes their perception of each other in an interesting manner!

SUZIE GETS A SPANKING: Suzie finds herself at the mercy of chef Umberto's hand and wooden spoon when she over-salts the soup.

TODAY'S SPECIAL: A woman pushes herself forward for the day's special offered at the popular Tea Cosy Café. She is determined that she is the most deserving - but of what exactly?!

TWO LARGE EGGS: The local women are alternately excited and terrified by talk of the mage who preys on virgins. Travelling home from market, Belinda sells two fine eggs to a stranger who, learning she is a virgin, offers to accompany her. Losing her virginity unveils something fearful with unexpected consequences.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday, January 04, 2013 -

The Dreamer

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 04, 2013
Words: 5,788
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
Click HERE for further details and purchase options.
Part 1 - The Key

Alice wandered round the house, disconsolately clearing up the debris from the riotous gathering of the previous night. Her head throbbed and there was a nasty taste in her mouth derived from an overindulgence of alcohol and nicotine. Outside, the midday sun was obscured by a bank of leaden cloud, and the wind gusted in fierce spasms as heavy rain teemed down relentlessly.

"Typical British summer," she muttered, and made her way to the kitchen where she swallowed a couple of soluble aspirin in a large glass of water.

Eventually, all the dirty plates and glasses were stacked in the dishwasher, dozens of empty cans and bottles were deposited in the recycling bins in the garage, and the vacuum cleaner had done its job on the Chinese rugs in the living room. Alice plumped up the sofa cushions and looked around the large elegant room. Normality had been restored.

Sipping a steaming mug of coffee, she sat in her favourite chair by the window looking out into the garden, its sculptured lawns and manicured borders sodden with the downpour. The rain lashed down onto the multitude of bobbing flower heads, strewing the paths with a plethora of discarded petals. The small graceful willows in the centre of the lawn bent and swayed as the wind whipped their delicate fronds to a frenzy.

Here she was at 30 years of age with a luxurious house, fast car, and thanks to her inherited wealth, a very comfortable lifestyle. Having a bubbly personality, charm, intelligence and good looks, she had friends and lovers in abundance and a hectic social calendar, and yet, in spite of all these things there was something missing from her life. But what the something was, she had no idea. All she knew was that she had been searching for whatever it was for almost a decade, and if she were ever lucky enough to find it, she would know instinctively.

Setting the coffee mug aside, Alice leaned back in her chair and mused through half closed eyes. Perhaps she would have the dream again, the strange and somewhat disturbing dream that hinted of tantalising secrets just beyond her grasp. It had come to her so many times that she was familiar with every little detail, and of late, had found that with practice, she could harness her thoughts to plunge her into her dream at will. Indeed, she now felt that she could dream better and more vividly whilst being awake. It required considerable focus and mental stamina. She had to train her mind to remain alert yet relaxed, and not allow herself to slip over the boundary into a dreamless slumber.

She attuned her spiralling thoughts and reclined in that unique state poised between sleep and wakefulness, and almost imperceptibly, the fragments of her dream coiled into a magical and recognisable reality. With a surge of euphoria she trod the old remembered way on narrow paths, skirting the base of undulating hills rolling by stone-walled meadows.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wednesday, January 02, 2013 -

The Secret Spanking Society

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 02, 2013
Words: 6,805
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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There had been rumours, years ago, but they were promptly dismissed by the police. Nevertheless, the gossip had not been entirely eradicated, for such things would always continue to titillate and excite, and generate a delicious frisson of fear during whispered conversations. And now there was evidence to suggest that the secret spanking society was active again.

When a new report appeared on the desk of Detective Constable Geena MacGuire suggesting that the activities had recommenced, she was determined to get to the bottom of things. If she could pull it off, she could maybe achieve that long awaited promotion. Detective Sergeant Geena MacGuire. It certainly had a ring of authority to it. Geena smiled to herself, imagining the kudos, not forgetting the big hike in salary a promotion would generate. But there were others in the Division with seniority. Geena frowned at the thought. Fiercely competitive, she decided she would do whatever it took to acquire the title of DS.

Picking up the file, she put it in her briefcase. It wouldn't hurt to do a bit of extra work at home, given she had a weeks leave to use up. The office door opened and Inspector Morgan strode in - all 6ft 5 of him.

"Ready for off, Geena?"

"Yes sir. I'm leaving in a couple of minutes."

"Going anywhere nice?"

"Not really. Maybe I'll take a couple of days out, but the rest of the time I need to crack on with decorating my house." Geena blinked. Inspector Morgan was not normally so chatty. Still, it was Friday, and she surmised he must be looking forward to the weekend. "I might even get round to doing something with the garden. It's a real mess."

"Oh well. Don't overdo it. We don't want you taking time off with a bad back, now do we?" smiled Inspector Morgan.

"No sir."

"Right. Enjoy your week off. Cheerio."

"Thank you Sir, I plan to do exactly that."


After two full days stripping wallpaper and applying another coat of paint to doors and windows, Geena had had enough. Even the prospect of bulldozing her way through the tangle of brambles and overgrown shrubs that was her garden, seemed a more pleasant prospect than decorating. However, once she got herself outside and assessed the amount of work needed to get things ship-shape, her heart sank.

Picking her way disconsolately back over the cracked stone path, she was distracted by the emergence of a group of tall flowers at the back of the border. Recognising them as Hollyhocks, she smiled in anticipation of the spectacular blooms that would appear in a few weeks time. The previous owner had staked the tall plants in the ground, using rigid garden canes and green twine. At the sight of the canes, Geena was reminded of the file in her briefcase. Sod the gardening, she thought, as she returned to the house. Pulling the file from her briefcase, she began to read.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 -

The Sorcerer

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 01, 2013
Words: 14,906
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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A Chance Encounter

She saw that dreadful man again. He was lounging by the wall outside the blacksmith's shop, staring at her as she approached from the opposite end of the village. His dark reptilian eyes glittered and his mouth curved into a mocking smile. She shuddered, determined not to acknowledge him as she passed. He made her feel uncomfortable. When he looked at her, it was as though he was seeing inside her head, scanning all her innermost thoughts and feelings, processing her weaknesses, storing them up for use against her. The villagers suspected him of having dark powers, but were too afraid to shun him outright in case he turned them into toads or dung beetles. There was certainly something oddly disturbing about Arkham Maksim, and as Kay hurried past him she kept her head down, eyes glued to the rough road beneath her feet.

"Mmmm, what a pretty little thing."

His voice was an appreciation of deep chocolate velvet. He barred her way, standing over her, a tall vital presence. Breaking her resolve, Kay looked up into an intensely expressive face framed by sleek dark hair. His eyes were mysterious and deep and brimming with surreptitious knowledge. At such close quarters he was an outstandingly handsome man.

She gaped at him, her surprise mirrored on her face. He took another step closer, and his wide sensual mouth curled into an appealing, welcoming smile. He reached out with his right hand and caressed the side of her face with his long tapering fingers, and with his other hand he stroked her dark waving hair, giving it a little tug so that she had to tilt her head back. Her blue eyed gaze was swamped within the darkness of his eyes, so deep brown as to be almost black. They penetrated her, searchingly teasing out all her secrets and fears.

"And if I am not mistaken, you are still a virgin," he added, dryly.

Kay blushed furiously. "How dare you make such a remark!"

"Oh I dare," he replied suavely. "I dare do anything." His eyes flared and then narrowed a little. "Anything," he whispered, surprising her by delivering a sudden hard spank on her bottom.

Kay squealed, outraged by his behaviour. She was so stunned she was at a loss for words. Her face beet red, she pushed passed him and practically ran along the road. His soft laughter followed her.

"We will meet again soon, you and I. Of that you can be certain, Miss Kay Archer."

Kay marched on without a backward glance, bristling at the effrontery of the man, and feeling a slight unease that he knew her name. Still, it was a small village; it would be relatively easy to find out who was who, especially if one happened to be a sorcerer. She would go home to her father and put all thoughts of Arkham Maksim out of her mind.