Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday, January 04, 2013 -

The Dreamer

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 04, 2013
Words: 5,788
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Part 1 - The Key

Alice wandered round the house, disconsolately clearing up the debris from the riotous gathering of the previous night. Her head throbbed and there was a nasty taste in her mouth derived from an overindulgence of alcohol and nicotine. Outside, the midday sun was obscured by a bank of leaden cloud, and the wind gusted in fierce spasms as heavy rain teemed down relentlessly.

"Typical British summer," she muttered, and made her way to the kitchen where she swallowed a couple of soluble aspirin in a large glass of water.

Eventually, all the dirty plates and glasses were stacked in the dishwasher, dozens of empty cans and bottles were deposited in the recycling bins in the garage, and the vacuum cleaner had done its job on the Chinese rugs in the living room. Alice plumped up the sofa cushions and looked around the large elegant room. Normality had been restored.

Sipping a steaming mug of coffee, she sat in her favourite chair by the window looking out into the garden, its sculptured lawns and manicured borders sodden with the downpour. The rain lashed down onto the multitude of bobbing flower heads, strewing the paths with a plethora of discarded petals. The small graceful willows in the centre of the lawn bent and swayed as the wind whipped their delicate fronds to a frenzy.

Here she was at 30 years of age with a luxurious house, fast car, and thanks to her inherited wealth, a very comfortable lifestyle. Having a bubbly personality, charm, intelligence and good looks, she had friends and lovers in abundance and a hectic social calendar, and yet, in spite of all these things there was something missing from her life. But what the something was, she had no idea. All she knew was that she had been searching for whatever it was for almost a decade, and if she were ever lucky enough to find it, she would know instinctively.

Setting the coffee mug aside, Alice leaned back in her chair and mused through half closed eyes. Perhaps she would have the dream again, the strange and somewhat disturbing dream that hinted of tantalising secrets just beyond her grasp. It had come to her so many times that she was familiar with every little detail, and of late, had found that with practice, she could harness her thoughts to plunge her into her dream at will. Indeed, she now felt that she could dream better and more vividly whilst being awake. It required considerable focus and mental stamina. She had to train her mind to remain alert yet relaxed, and not allow herself to slip over the boundary into a dreamless slumber.

She attuned her spiralling thoughts and reclined in that unique state poised between sleep and wakefulness, and almost imperceptibly, the fragments of her dream coiled into a magical and recognisable reality. With a surge of euphoria she trod the old remembered way on narrow paths, skirting the base of undulating hills rolling by stone-walled meadows.