Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 6

by Lucy appleby
Published: Jan 19, 2013
Words: 25,430
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE BISCUIT FACTORY: Someone has flooded the factory with photocopied pictures of a bare bottom. Factory boss Mr Biggs is not amused, and has a novel way of 'uncovering' the culprit by ordering a bottom inspection! The culprit Amy is identified and taken to Mr Biggs' office. What a surprise awaits her there! Amy discovers that making biscuits isn't the only thing that happens in the factory. Instead of losing her job, she is offered a massive pay rise and an interesting new position ...

CAROUSEL: When Jennifer's daughter Elizabeth mentions the name of the devilishly handsome man who's asked her out on Saturday at the local funfair, Jennifer remembers her own experience at exactly the same age with the same man. Her daydreams turn to reality as she visits him once again, to ride the carousel and be deliciously spanked and cropped and belted and caned and bedded. Much later, Jennifer's mother calls on her, and together they ponder the mystery of the carousel man.

THE CHOSEN ONE: Mary McReady, not the most efficient maid in the household is sent to the gardens to pick herbs. There she meets Tom of the Woods, a strange yellow-eyed young man sitting on a low branch of a gnarled apple tree. He seems to know so much about her though she does not believe all her tells her. He sends her to speak with the master of the house, who takes pleasure in caning and deflowering her, before giving his blessing for her to return to Tom of the Woods and her destiny ...

ENCOUNTER IN THE WOOD: The deeper she walks, dreaming, into the woods on this warm summer night, the more aware Bryony becomes of a presence, barely seen or heard. As her nightgown is ripped from her and he removes his cloak, she is aware that she has been expecting him, wanting and needing him. Awakening, recollecting, she walks down the path into the moonlight ...

HEADMASTER WINKLE'S NEW REGIME: The assembly hall of Mount Mayfield sixth form college for girls echoes with the cries and squeals of girls who have earned themselves a bare bottomed caning. Afterwards, Headmaster Winkle reads out the disastrous exam results and takes stringent measures to improve performance! These measures involve lots of sore bottoms.

MAGNOLIAS: In four simple stages, at different ages, the narrator relates the story of Magnolia House where she had her piano lessons with Mr Kowalskii, who spanked her with a hairbrush, something she developed a taste for. Inheriting the house from him at his death, she carries on the tradition ...

THE LODGER: Little does landlady Eunice Moon suspect where her lodger, city banker Charles Mason, whom she admires so much, goes on his evening strolls. 'Tis to the woods, where he transforms himself into a black leather-clad master and punisher of three naked lovelies who welcome lustily his wieldings of paddle, crop, tawse, flogger and cane all over their bodies, and the passionate couplings that follow. Back at the lodgings, she compliments him on his appetite...

THE MIRROR: April so wants the lovely mirror she has seen in the antique shop, but Tom says no. In a fit of pique, she charges into the shop, is rude to the assistant, and breaks a valuable vase. Time for a little 'discussion' about her behaviour - a discussion which involves a paddle. But perhaps both Tom and April have ulterior motives?

MUM AND THE PARK KEEPER: On discovering that her parents had met in the park, after mum was caught robbing flowers from the display, Jill is fascinated to learn all the juicy details and to realise how largely the potting shed features. It looks very likely that, despite her mother's strictures, history might be about to repeat itself.

NIKKI NO KNICKERS: Nikki has the night of her life when she goes out to meet boyfriend Jim, ready to lose her virginity. She defies her Dad by wearing the short skirt he's banned, and when she gets home, long after her curfew, not only no longer a virgin, but knickerless as well, she gets a severe thrashing which just stokes her lustful desires even more.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Sarah, hesitating over her English homework, is pleased to accept her mother's help in defining the phrase 'off the beaten track.' Later the two of them take a walk through the woods along what is an unknown path to the girl. She quickly picks up the association to the new phrase and her mother confesses to this being a special place where Sarah's father and she used to play 'games'. As she thought, her daughter was more than ready ...

THE RAGGEDY MAN: Struggling through a growing storm, afraid of falling victim to the legendary, evil raggedy man, Edwina is whisked away by a strong cloaked figure, owner of the inn she is taken to. Fed and put to bed, and thinking herself safe, she is awoken by none other than the raggedy man, come to take her to hell. But is Edwina who she appears to be?

THE SECRET SERVICE: In training with MI5, a young operative must learn to cope with a variety of interrogation techniques ... she is less successful dealing with a paddling than other techniques.

THE STAR PUPIL: Mr James canes the three girls who did badly in a test, and he enjoys doing so. He is saddened when he can find no excuse to came Melanie Munro, his star pupil, who has scored full marks. But never mind, he can always have some fun at the spanking club he visits secretly every month ...

SURPRISE: Natalie spends a lot of money on a sexy new outfit, with the intention of putting a bit of new spice into her marriage. It all seems to work until they go out to eat. Dan, her husband, suddenly sees his new boss with her husband sitting just behind them. Meanwhile, being in a playful mood, Natalie excuses herself and heads for the ladies room. When she returns, she hides under the table and waits for her husband to return. What follows is something that neither of them will ever forget.

THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF: Awaiting dinner on board their cruise ship sailing the Norwegian fjords, young Lucas pleads with attractive older sister Magda for a story. Hesitating about relating the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff', an ugly man sitting close by insists that she tells the story, so she does so, continuing until the rain forces her to stop and take shelter down below. In the wee small hours Magda goes up on deck for a breath of air and finds herself in the clutches of the ugly man. A spanking helps persuade her to continue the story from where she left off.

TWIN PUNISHMENTS: Being a twin has many advantages but feeling the other twin's pain can cause even more trouble for them both. A fun spanking sets off a painful chain reaction and results in two hot sore bottoms.

TWO MORE: Angus and Jane spy on the antics of their elderley next door neighbours and watch as Sidney chases Madge round the garden and into the shed, where he proceeds to whack her with a cane and his belt. Such outrageous behaviour - or is it? Angus and Jane soon discover the delights of spanking for themselves.