Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 5

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 17, 2013
Words: 27,023
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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CROSSING THE LINE: Frank has waited 10 years for Sheila, the lovely barmaid. On discovering she has been in an accident, he is concerned and upset, and goes walking. What he finds, and what he discovers, shakes him to the core.

THE DESK: Arthur Turnbull, proprietor of Turnbull Antiques, has a day to remember when a wealthy couple come into his shop and take great interest in an Edwardian solid oak paneled school desk. The lady obligingly bends over it, her bottom bared and strapped by her husband.

EMERGENCY MEASURES: When the Finance Committee is called in for a discussion about their poor performance, the Chairman finds himself in big trouble. The formidable Miss Parker refreshes their memory of what happens to employees who do not meet their targets, and takes great delight in caning five bare bottoms . But when a subsequent error is found, Miss Parker finds herself on the receiving end of the punishment.

GRANDMA AND THE FLYING CARPET: Her beloved Grandma has always been a constant in Jeannie's life, and she takes little persuasion to retell the girl's favourite story of the magic carpet. Transported back to the far east, it all begins to make sense as the heroine is rescued and restored - with a warning - back to her familiar and inevitable fate.

GREEN SOCKS AND A RED BOTTOM: Last to leave the gym late one night, boss Peter finds a nubile young blonde girl, dressed only in a pair of socks, lurking in his office. Despite the alarming age difference, he finds it impossible to resist her challenge as she leans across his desk and demonstrates what she wants. This may come as a surprise, but it is not the only one ...

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: When informed by Headmaster Mr Pomfrey that the Green Room is strictly out of bounds, new teacher Gillian Moore cannot resist taking a peek. The ban turns out to be a tried and tested trick: the Head and his teenaged son catch her and take it in turns to cane her bare bottom.

LOST: A story of suspense and passion where a woman lost in a thunderstorm stumbles into the remote woodland dwelling of a man who provides her first hand spanking followed by a thrashing with his belt. The story has an unexpected twist at the end.

THE MAN ON THE BEACH: Eager to lose her virginity, 18-year-old Marietta finally meets the man of her dreams on a beach. Knowing her inner desires, he thrashes her with his belt and then gives her the pleasure she craves.

A NICE NEW CANE: After receiving a new cane, the headmaster is very anxious to find an errant pupil to try out his new cane on. After caning someone whom he assumed was a student, he is surprised to find he has caned a students mother.

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN: Edward loves his job and it has allowed him to play out his fantasy for some time. One night everything changes when he is caught by Miss Evershed. Instead of sacking him though, she makes all his fantasies, and hers, become reality.

QUEENS HONEY: An inept actress can't even get TWO lines right! The director sorts her out with the deft application of his belt!

SISTER SARAH GETS SPANKED - PART 1: Penny is upset by the constant bullying at the hands of her older sister, Sarah, but is pleased to find a friend she can confide in, who also happens to be the most popular boy in school and in Sarah's class. Together they formulate a plan.

SISTER SARAH GETS SPANKED - PART 2: The most popular boy in school, Gareth, takes spoilt Sarah on a date, but things don't quite go as she imagined. Armed with the knowledge that she had been unkind to her sister, and his father's strap, he gives the teen something to think about.

SPECIAL BABYSITTING AGENCY: Mike and Nancy are dressing for the evening, each passing compliments to the other. But they are not going out together, as Nancy departs for her babysitting date while Mike awaits his own babysitter. They have no children, but a very clever and lucrative business arrangement which provides pleasure as well!

THE SUNSET KING: Harold and Mildred first met Jim at the top of the cliff path. Jim was painting a beautiful sunset but the colours weren't quite right. Harold knew just how to fix that though and it involved Mildred's bottom! Jim painted his best ever sunset and became quite famous for his work. After Harold's untimely demise, Mildred becomes his sunset queen.

THIRTEEN: Thirteen is a number that's unlucky-and at the same time lucky-for Sheila. On the day she falters on the 13th stair, her bottom feels the hard bite of the cane ... thirteen times.

THE TRAVELLING HAIRBRUSH MEETS RUTH: Bill is hurt and shocked at the rude reception his approach to the attractive Ruth receives. The discovery of a somewhat threadbare hairbrush in the course of his temporary job gives Bill, now installed as a senior engineer, one of his best ideas!

WHAT THE BABYSITTER SAW: Tiffany enjoys her babysitting job and particularly likes her young charge, Dilbert. Things take an unusual turn when Tiffany realises that the naughty spanking film she is watching was made in that very house and then she gets caught watching it. Mr and Mrs Howard decide to punish her and even Dilbert watches proceedings happily.