Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 4

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 10, 2013
Words: 24,074
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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BEING NEIGHBOURLY: When two local kids throw sods of grass at him and call him 'Nobhead', Steve Jones is understandably annoyed - the more so because shapely new neighbour Gloria witnessed the humiliating assault. However, with some not so subtle hints and rude name calling of her own, she's soon over his knee getting the spanking she has been hankering for.

COFFEE AND SLIPPERS: Wendy wakes up naked in the bed of a complete stranger. She grabs his shirt and runs off in a panic, only to encounter the same man again later in the day. A hand spanking and a slippering follow!

THE DREAM SPANKERS: A young girl is told by her Grandmother that the Dream People will one day visit her. Much later in life the prophecy comes true and the now middle aged lady discovers the real pleasure of spanking.

GOVERNESS AGENCY: Daughters of the house, the ill-mannered Estelle and Carlotta, are taken aback when confronted by the formidable Miss Meredith, who claims to come from the 'Governess Agency.' Speedily she has them under control, face-down and unclothed across the table prepared for the cane which travels in her umbrella case. Mission accomplished, she departs leaving many questions.

GRANDAD AND THE GO-KART: Herbert, or Grandad, as he prefers to be called, is causing mayhem at the Old People's Home. He plays darts instead of going to breakfast, then has to sneak into the kitchens to find a decent meal. Miss Rake, the administrator, is a frosty faced old dragon who does not approve of him. But when she tries to move an old Go-Kart he has left by the front gate, there begins an adventure for both of them, and a surprising change in their relationship.

LATE FOR SCHOOL: Rawlings turns up for school late - again. What's more, her skirt is far too short and her full breasts strain against her blouse. Her presence distracts the headmaster and his patience eventually runs out when he learns she has daubed graffiti on the corridor walls, as well as other misdemeanours. Rawlings has earned herself six strokes of the cane on her bare bottom ... and it doesn't appear to faze her one little bit.

MAGIC NUMBERS: Ruth and professor Jarvis are both being compelled to behave in ways they would never normally do. Indeed, the professor fondles Ruth's bottom and then spanks her. Something is not quite right. Who is controlling their thoughts and actions in such a painful way and why?

THE NAGGING WIFE: It's a normal day for retired couple, Robert and Eunice, in their idyllic country cottage. Less idyllic, however, is the way Eunice treats her husband, demanding he complete job after job while she sits scoffing chocolates. When Robert uncovers a beautiful picture of their cottage beneath the wallpaper in the spare bedroom, however, the scales fall from his eyes and his assertiveness awakens. Eunice gets a very well-deserved thrashing with her baking spoon and his slipper, and life will never be the same again.

THE NEWSPAPER TRAIL: When Betty leaves her copy of the Evening Echo on the seat of the bus after she's read it, little does she know the journey it would go on before it ended up providing her husband Johnny with £200 for new spanking toys. The paper passes through many hands, and even helps young Barry who uses it as padding in his trousers when his Mum paddles him. But it's Betty who enjoys the end results the most when her rugby-playing husband Johnny tries out flogger, tawse, paddle, crop and cane on her before they tackle each other in a passionate love-making session.

PRIMAL SCREAM: In a beautiful, far-off valley at dusk, whilst couples dance and embrace, a girl stands apart, alone. From the timeless bowels of the earth a man appears, dark, elemental, naked. She senses his intent, fears him, yet yearns for what he brings. Disrobed, she presents herself and he spanks her, and then, to her intense delight, he thrashes her with a switch. Her cries of woe and bliss are overtaken though by a higher, more demanding sound, a primal scream to which she must submit anew ...

A SCHEMING LOLITA: 14-year-old Candice has a crush on her teacher Mr Andrews and uses every enticing wile to get his attention, without success. Five years later they meet, and he confesses why he had had to leave that job. He gives her the hand-spanking of a lifetime and finally gets to enjoy what he could not before.

THE SHRIEK OF SYLVIA: Light-fingered Sylvia pays a painful - and expected - price for her crimes but gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile her, previously disgusted, friends, make their own plans.

SPANKING ON THE BEACH: Tour guide Gwen's visit to the beach with her small party of tourists is interrupted by the sounds of spanking from the dunes. They all rush off to investigate, leaving Gwen alone with a grumpy old chap who's not said a word, till now ...

THE SUMMER HOUSE: Guy tells Chloe that she is not having a summer house but Chloe does not take no for an answer and orders one anyway. Her plan to placate Guy with new sexy underwear backfires when he drags her out to the new summer house and soundly slippers her, in full sight and hearing of the neighbours. He vows that things are going to change and from now on, whenever necessary, he will slipper his wife in the summer house.

TEN THOUSAND: Rosie is so excited when she wins some money on a lottery scratch card, that she simply has to go and spend some of it straight away. She gets rather carried away, even incurring a parking ticket but she isn't worried as the cheque will cover it all. She buys Mark a nice expensive pair of slippers too. When Mark gets home however, he is less than impressed and soon finds a good use for the present - Rosie really must wear her glasses more often.

THE TRAVELLING HAIRBRUSH MEETS RACHEL: When Sam finds an old hairbrush he realises that he has a good use for it. He is fed up of his nagging, ungrateful wife Rachel and decides to teach her a lesson. The hairbrush does a thorough job, and continues on its travels.

UNCLE FRANK: Chrissie arrives early at her friend's house and meets good-looking Uncle Frank, carrying a large box. Meaning to help, she clumsily drops it and smashes some precious crystal. When Frank spanks her bare bottom, it soon leads to hot sex. But it's after he's gone that things really start to go wrong for Chrissie ...

UNCLE WILLIE AND THE CARROT CAKE: Rita's Mum catches her eating a delicious slice of the carrot cake she's made specially for Uncle Willie's visit. But someone had been at the cake before Rita and, seeing crumbs on her Mum's face, Rita realises it was her. Her Mum, very unfairly, denies it. When Uncle Willie arrives he quickly resolves matters with his big blue slipper. Mum thinks she's escaped, but she hasn't.