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Saturday, September 27, 2014 -

The Virtual Spanking

by Rose St. Andrews
an ageplay sci-fi adventure
Published: Aug 11 2014
Words: 21,067
Category: ageplay, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One - A Little Fine Tuning

The open ocean near an empty sandy beach on a bright summer's day. Kelly Delaney, attractive in a book-wormish sort of way, relaxed in a small dinghy. Barefoot, she was in her favorite cut-off jeans and a T-shirt, and a Gilligan hat cocked at an angle. She basked in the warm sun; head back, she watched the clouds drift lazily by. She opened a can of soda and took a drink. A tug at the line of her fishing pole made her sit up. Setting the hook with a jerk, she reeled in the line. The pole bent as she fought the fish, and the boat rocked.

Finally, she peered over the side and saw an exhausted minnow - the size of a tuna! "Hmm, this needs adjusting." She released the fish and resumed fishing. A seagull flew by - upside down. "Oh rats, another glitch."

She stood, tried to grab a nearby cloud as it drifted by and a shark rammed the boat, which rocked wildly. Kelly lost her balance and plunged into the water. She splashed about. The shark circled and the Jaws theme suddenly played all around her. She treaded water, wiped her face and opened her eyes. The shark broke the surface, opened its mouth and came at her.

"Would you go away?" The shark stopped dead, closed its mouth, turned and swam away. It actually had a hurt look on its face! "Jack and his stupid Jaws subroutine," she said with a sigh. "And stop that music!" The music abruptly stopped. "Kappa rewind," she called out.

Everything went in reverse, Kelly un-fell out of the water back into the boat, and she was completely dry. She reached up, grabbed a cloud and twisted it into the shape of a hook. Hanging her hat on it, she stuck her fishing pole in the water. It didn't sink; it stood upright as she stepped onto a wave, held onto the pole, and rode the wave toward the beach.

Upon reaching the beach, Kelly stepped off the wave and looked around. "Where is that shell? Ah, here it is." She picked up a shell and walked to a tree. Placing the shell against the trunk, she turned it. A door appeared out of thin air next to the tree. It opened, but inside was nothing but blackness. Kelly stepped through.

A moment later, she found herself back in the lab. It took her a moment to get oriented as to where she was and what was going on, which was normal. Leaving her wonderful VR world and returning to (ugh) the so-called real world was always a downer. There were the usual items in the room - several tables with equipment, the VR bed that was tied into the computer system, and piles of files and computer disks.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 - ,

Little Sophie and the Professor

by Chloe Carpenter
a BDSM ageplay romance
Published: Aug 09, 2014
Words: 25,688
Category: ageplay, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Sophie drew many admiring male glances as she settled down with a cup of coffee in the bustling university refectory. With her waist-length blonde hair worn in two long pig-tails, she looked cute as a button. She was pretty, with a dainty nose covered by a light smattering of freckles, and an expressive doe-eyed gaze complemented by a sensual mouth, rose-hued lips curving into a smile. At only 5 ft 1 she was of diminutive stature, but she had curves in all the right places, accentuated by her figure-hugging blue jeans and a clingy cap-sleeved top in sugar pink.

At this hour of the morning, the refectory was busy. Students came and went, chattering and laughing with friends. Chairs scraped on the polished wooden floor, and the clatter of cups and plates and cutlery added to the hubbub. Sophie ignored it all. She zoned out, her head filled with the image of Him. Her feelings for him were more than attraction, deeper than infatuation. He was devilishly good-looking in an understated way, and that was part of the allure - but what really appealed was his intelligence and his sheer physical presence. He was a man very much in control, confident without being arrogant. And when he looked at her with those smouldering green eyes and smiled that intoxicating smile of his, she felt her bones melt and there was not a darn thing she could do about it. At 24, she'd had several satisfying and fun relationships, but they all paled into insignificance when compared to her feelings for this man. And the worst thing was that he didn't know how she felt, and most likely never would. She sighed and sipped her coffee, deliberately pushing away the intrusive thoughts as her friends approached her table - four boys and three girls, working together for the past three weeks on a group project.

After the initial greetings, conversation focused on coffee and jam-filled doughnuts, which were being consumed at a rapid rate, but it wasn't long before someone changed the subject and they began to talk about Him.

"I used to hate Monday morning's," said Hannah, chewing happily. "But not any more! Not now we have the professor to look at for two whole hours. Bring it on!"

"That man is sex on legs," agreed Charlotte. She grinned at the prospect of his lecture. She was often late for lectures, but was never late for a class taught by the handsome Professor Jack Drummond.

"I wonder if he knows we've all got the hots for him?" mused Hannah.

"Of course he knows - given that all you lot do is stare and simper and flutter your eyelashes at him," said Mike accusingly.

"Jealous are you, Mikey?" Charlotte poked him playfully in the ribs.

"Jealous? Of that old fart? No way!"

"He's not old. I bribed Glenda in Admin to look up his date of birth. He's forty-three."

Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014 -

Spanking the Secretary's Bottom

by Susan Thomas
Published: Aug 08, 2014
Words: 23,791
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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I was eighteen when my parents moved to the small market town, and one week after we moved in I started as secretarial assistant at the Lady Alice Booth School for Girls. I am the dunce of my family. My father is head of a top secret research establishment and a total boffin who rarely touches earth long enough to talk to his children, especially me. My mother is Caroline Dole, MP; I expect you will have heard of her - she is currently the PM's hatchet woman but is widely tipped to be Prime Minister one day. My sister is doing her doctorate at Cambridge and my brother is reading Maths at Oxford. I did well to get seven O-Levels.

I was expected to stay for the Sixth Form to take A-Levels and at least train to be a teacher or a nurse, but I decided otherwise. I checked out a secretarial course at the local technical college and being satisfied, announced that it was what I was going to do. The family horror dashed against my rocks until it exhausted itself and I did well for the very first time. I finally qualified at the very top of my class with, among other things, the best typing speed ever recorded. The Lady Alice School was pleased to get me.

It was a school for very bright (in other words not me) and rich girls who all had ponies and went skiing in fashionable places - not that my family were poor, but they were simply not in that league. I was astonished then when I found that these rich girls could get caned by Dr Miles Croft, the male headmaster. There had been no corporal punishment at my girls' school and I was surprised to find that even the sixth formers at Lady Alice weren't immune, although it was rare.

Dr Croft's secretary was Miss Wheelton who wrote up the punishment book every time a girl got caned. When she discovered that my handwriting was good (I won a prize for handwriting at junior school) she handed the job over to me. I had to write in the girl's name and form, the reason for punishment, how many strokes, and the date. Oh there is one more thing and it shocked me. I queried the words 'ordinary', 'superior' and 'best'.

"It's simple dear. If a girl gets the 'ordinary' she keeps her skirt down; if she gets a 'superior' she has to lift her skirt and gets it on her knickers; and if she gets the 'best' it is on the bare bottom."

"That's horrible!" I cried. "He can't go caning the girls on the bare, it's... well, it's rude."

"Nonsense." Miss Wheelton was not pleased with my response. "It is supported wholeheartedly by the parents because they want their daughters to grow up well-disciplined young ladies, and we see that they do."

Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014 -

Office Exposure

and other erotic spanking tales
by India Heath
Published: Aug 05, 2014
Words: 23,791
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Office Exposure

"I've lost your mother!"

Graham Stone looked up from the laptop in front of him and scowled at Mia. "You've what?"

Mia Thorpe shrugged and bit her lower lip. "Well, not 'lost' exactly... I've mislaid her."

Graham pinched the bridge of his nose in weary despair. "She is my mother, Miss Thorpe, not a FedEx parcel! How can you possibly have lost her?"

Mia took a small step nearer her boss's desk but didn't dare go too close. Graham Stone in a temper was a man to be wary of. "Well I managed to find her at the airport..."

"Wonders never cease!"

"But the car was parked a few minutes' walk away so I settled her on a bench and told her I'd get the car and be right back. Only when I did get back, she was gone."

Graham took a deep breath and Mia guessed he was counting to ten. "So you just put it down to what? Alien abduction? Kidnap? How about natural wastage? Then gave up and came back to the office without her!"

Mia felt her own volatile temper flare as embarrassment reddened her cheeks. "Of course I didn't just give up! I looked for her... but she had gone."

"Well obviously you didn't look bloody well hard enough."

"Don't shout at me," Mia returned defensively. "What was I supposed to have done? Tie her to the bench? I was only gone ten minutes. I didn't expect her to go walk-about."

"She's an old lady," Graham pointed out hotly. "Anything could have happened to her."

"Well since she's your mother, perhaps you should have gone and collected her yourself."

"Well I would have done," Graham pointed out sarcastically, "If my incompetent little brat of a secretary hadn't scheduled our biggest client to a video-conference meeting at the same time."

Mia's guilty embarrassment intensified. Okay, she deserved that one. She had messed up with an important client and left Graham no choice but to make alternative arrangements for the arrival of his mother. Now, what should have been an easy trip to the airport had turned into another disaster for Mia. Why was she so destined to mess up?

Graham had banned her from drinking coffee at her desk (or anywhere near his) because of the number of times she had spilt it on important files or even the PC. She only had to look at the photocopier for it to start shooting out paper at a hundred miles an hour, covered in black ink splodges. She had broken two staplers, one calculator and four rulers in the year she had been working at Stone Enterprises. Oh... and lost the key to the filing cabinet... twice! In fact Mia was beginning to feel jinxed.

It wasn't that she was stupid or unqualified, she was just a bit scatty at times and exceptionally accident prone.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014 -

Bleakdale Grange: The Crushes

...the third book of the Bleakdale Grange Trilogy
by Karl Quentin
Published: Aug 03, 2014
Words: 22,461
Category: judicial, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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"I tell you what!" said Amy Shaw, "if I had any choice, I'd take a thrashing from Mr Waldorf over a spanking from Mr Prentice any old day!"

"You must be daft!" exclaimed Chloe Brick. "Mr Prentice has got something about him. I can't stand the man personally, but you must admit, when he's got you over those big firm thighs of his, and he's got your skirt up, and he's taking your pants down that way he has, you know, slipping them down as though he was taking off a pair of gloves, and his hand all warm on you as your pants slide off your bottom and you know you're all open now... mmm!"

"Oh Chloe! You're insatiable! I hate Prentice. But Mr Waldorf, he's kind and generous - sometimes - and he's always fair. If he's caning you he always gives you enough time to recover before he gives you the next one, and sometimes he'll praise you for taking a hard stroke well, and once he even helped me up afterwards! To tell you the truth..." (down went her voice)... "I think he rather fancies me."

"Oh pull the other one! You're nothing but a prisoner to him, a bad girl needing punishment. Anyway, he's a wimp. Thin and pasty, ugh, and always oiling around: 'How are you getting on, my dear? No complaints, I hope?' Yuck! Give me the real bastards any time, the ones who make no bones about giving you as hard a time as they can. The ones who obviously like it when we misbehave, because it gives them a chance to get our pants down and make us squeal."

Amy giggled. "God, I really wish they'd give us a very hard time! You know what I mean? Really hard!"

"Of course I know what you mean. How long have I been locked up in here? Six bloody months! Six months without a man. I used to be out on the pull, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and I was doing alright. Now I have to bring myself off and risk a beating if I get caught - unless there's a particularly friendly girl around - but it's not the same. So if I'm getting spanked over a man's knee, and I can feel how hard he is... Well, it's incredibly frustrating! That Martin, he's always got a hard-on, all day long. I bet he'd last a while. I'd love to have him in my mouth and make him come! Listen to him groaning for a change!" Chloe imitated a man approaching orgasm, and Amy laughed. So did several other young women who were listening.

"I hate to admit it," said Abbie Russell, "but there's something about Martin that makes me breathless. When a teacher is handing out punishments left and right, and you're sitting there helpless waiting to find out whether you're for it today..."

Sunday, September 07, 2014 -

Bleakdale Grange: The Haunting

...the second book of the Bleakdale Grange Trilogy
by Karl Quentin
Published: Aug 02, 2014
Words: 28,383
Category: judicial, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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"I tell you, it's a ghost up there!" insisted Charlotte Davies. "I've been hearing it the last five nights. There's rustling behind the wall by my bed, and there's a voice whispering words that I can't quite catch, and I don't want to catch either!" She shivered. "And I've heard sounds like hooting, when I can't sleep in the middle of the night. It's up there, whatever it is, in the loft or something above our dorm. I tell you I'm frightened! I asked Mr Smith whether I could change beds, but he point-blank refused, and said he'd spank me if I started spreading silly rumours about ghosts to frighten the girls in their new dorm."

Barbara Watson sighed. "Well, the sadist is right about that anyway. There are no such things as ghosts, you daft girl. It's probably an owl up there that nests in the old wall."

"I don't agree with you there, Babs!" said Carole Gibbs. "There are ghosts all right. When I lived out at Druids Heath the house next door had poltergeists! Father O'Malley had to be called to do an exorcism. Right terrifying it were!"

"And did they have children as well?" asked Barbara. "Or were they on the housing waiting list?"

"How did you know? They were on the waiting list, yes. And they did have children! Two teenagers!"

"Mmm. It's funny how teenagers and poltergeists seem to go together," Barbara replied sarcastically.

"That's because teenagers' sexually charged auras evoke ectoplasmic matter from the 'Unseen Kingdoms' which takes form as poltergeists," interjected little Fiona Williams. Barbara rolled her eyes. "Charlotte, I'm sure you're right about this ghost. What we should do is try to contact it through a Ouija board."

"For God's sake! Where are you going to get a Ouija board from? And if you could get one, when are you going to do it? You know as well as I do that it's an automatic six for being out of bed at night. And whoever's duty dorm monitor will get it as well. Don't be so childish."

"Childish yourself, granny!" said Charlotte. "Fiona's right. But we don't need a Ouija board. All we need is a glass from the kitchen and twenty six letters. It's our duty to try to contact the ghost. The poor thing's probably stuck between the worlds, lost in the lower astral plane unable to find the spirit world. We must help it if we can."

"But...!" said Barbara in exasperation.

"I remember Derek Acorah talking about this!" said Sophie Garland excitedly. "I expect the ghost has got some unfinished business here on earth. If we can find out what it is, and make it happen, the poor ghost will be released!"

"Yeah!" added Lucy Marshall. "We can steal a glass tonight at supper. And if we each give a sheet from our exercise books we can make the letters."

Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday, September 05, 2014 -

Bleakdale Grange: Prep

...the first book of the Bleakdale Grange Trilogy
by Karl Quentin
Published: Aug 01, 2014
Words: 36,249
Category: judicial, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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In the very near future, in a universe closer than your heartbeat yet further away now than the Big Bang, the Brotherhood will storm into the present moment and take over the whole of the United Kingdom. They will use a small right wing party that already exists, the Back to Sanity party, as their cover while they proceed to institute a ruthless dictatorship of men over women.

The Brotherhood rule in the far future, three hundred years from now. They rule a planet in the last throes of heat death, as runaway global warming releases the methane deposits held by the oceans and human civilisation totters on the verge of extinction. To escape the inevitable the Brotherhood have staked all on a time travelling venture: they will return to the last point where global warming could be averted and enforce massive reduction of carbon emissions. At the same time, they will take the opportunity to punish the people they hold responsible for the calamity: women.

For the Brotherhood, alas, are as mad as a box of frogs. Over the centuries of collapsing civilisation a strange and terrible myth has taken hold. Global warming, it is said, was caused entirely by the greed of women for material goods and by their unrestrained emotions. The Brotherhood know what it takes to put a stop to this kind of nonsense: severe and sustained corporal punishment, and lots of it.

The United Kingdom was provided with a number of curious new institutions. For instance, Neighbourhood Correction Committees were formal groups set up by local bigwigs and other worthies to maintain the strictest standards of discipline amongst the womenfolk of their area. For more serious offences women could be sent to reformatories modelled on a fantasy of English public schools. No matter their age and standing, they would find themselves back in school uniform and subject to corporal punishment of the most personal and demeaning kind.

This is the story of one brave and defiant woman trying to live a free and useful life in the repressive world created by the Brotherhood's invasion; and of her humiliating spankings and canings at the hands of the strict new masters. This is the story of Barbra Watson, the Martyr of the Revolution.


FORM FOUR (extract)

AGE: 20
OFFENCE: Attending an illegal gathering, possession of illegal material on her computer
SENTENCE: Three years

COUGHLAN, Jennifer
AGE: 18
OFFENCE: Criminal damage, persistent unruliness
SENTENCE: Three years

AGE: 25
OFFENCE: Membership of a proscribed organization, breach of the peace
SENTENCE: Four and a half years

DAVIES, Charlotte
AGE: 28
OFFENCE: Driving without tax or MOT, possession of illegal material on her computer
SENTENCE: Thirty months

GIBBS, Carole
AGE: 57
OFFENCE: Treason
SENTENCE: Seven years

AGE: 33
OFFENCE: Subversive writings
SENTENCE: Four years

AGE: 19
OFFENCE: Aiding and abetting the commission of a criminal offence, resisting arrest
SENTENCE: Two years

AGE: 23
OFFENCE: Conspiracy to defraud
SENTENCE: Thirty months

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014 - ,

At the End of the Rainbow

by Leigh Smith
Published: Jul 31, 2014
Words: 32,254
Category: western, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Melody had just finished a most grueling work schedule, and she never wanted to repeat the process. An exciting adventure for sure, but she didn't think she would have the stamina to do it ever again. What she wanted most was to sit back, relax, and try to enjoy life. The last eighteen months were non-stop - working, traveling, and waking up in a new place practically every day. She imagined it as being like a lab rat in a maze, and it was finally over. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as they had all expected, it was a tremendous let down, but it was over. Her candidate hadn't won.

She decided she was going to take her sister's invitation to spend some time with them. Penny, her husband Cole, and their two kids lived on a ranch in Montana. They raised horses and bison. Cole Nelson's family had settled in Montana somewhere during the last century, and the ranch passed from generation to generation. Right now, Cole and his brothers and their families lived on 10000+ acres. In the summer and during the Christmas holidays they operated a dude ranch, so at this time of the year there were cabins available and plenty of time to visit without interfering with anyone's life.

Penny had been trying to get Melody to visit for years, but she had always been too busy or wanting to go somewhere sunny where she could laze around on a beach. Now she finally had the time. Penny was thrilled; she would have her sister for a long-term visit. Silently, Penny was making all kinds of plans and a list of all the eligible bachelors she could think of to keep her sister Melody entertained. Cole told her to keep a lid on the matchmaking, but this was her sister - she was thirty-three years old and needed a life other than work.

Melody had been to the ranch many times before but only for a few days at a time. Her last visit had been over the Christmas period when the dude ranch was open to guests. Penny coerced her into helping out with a teenage activity, and she vowed to never do that again. Things should be quieter from now until Christmas, and she planned on either being gone by then or absolutely refusing to get involved, no matter how much Penny begged. She looked forward to having an empty calendar and asked Penny to give her a few days of downtime before she planned any activities that included her.

Penny honored Melody's request and even insisted that she stay in the main house for the first few days so that she and the kids could spoil her. During the first couple of days Melody caught up on a year's worth of missed sleep. She allowed Penny and the kids to wait on her, so that all she did was eat and sleep. Then, on the fourth morning, rested and starting to feel antsy, she was ready to start living life again.