Saturday, 27 September 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014 -

The Virtual Spanking

by Rose St. Andrews
an ageplay sci-fi adventure
Published: Aug 11 2014
Words: 21,067
Category: ageplay, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One - A Little Fine Tuning

The open ocean near an empty sandy beach on a bright summer's day. Kelly Delaney, attractive in a book-wormish sort of way, relaxed in a small dinghy. Barefoot, she was in her favorite cut-off jeans and a T-shirt, and a Gilligan hat cocked at an angle. She basked in the warm sun; head back, she watched the clouds drift lazily by. She opened a can of soda and took a drink. A tug at the line of her fishing pole made her sit up. Setting the hook with a jerk, she reeled in the line. The pole bent as she fought the fish, and the boat rocked.

Finally, she peered over the side and saw an exhausted minnow - the size of a tuna! "Hmm, this needs adjusting." She released the fish and resumed fishing. A seagull flew by - upside down. "Oh rats, another glitch."

She stood, tried to grab a nearby cloud as it drifted by and a shark rammed the boat, which rocked wildly. Kelly lost her balance and plunged into the water. She splashed about. The shark circled and the Jaws theme suddenly played all around her. She treaded water, wiped her face and opened her eyes. The shark broke the surface, opened its mouth and came at her.

"Would you go away?" The shark stopped dead, closed its mouth, turned and swam away. It actually had a hurt look on its face! "Jack and his stupid Jaws subroutine," she said with a sigh. "And stop that music!" The music abruptly stopped. "Kappa rewind," she called out.

Everything went in reverse, Kelly un-fell out of the water back into the boat, and she was completely dry. She reached up, grabbed a cloud and twisted it into the shape of a hook. Hanging her hat on it, she stuck her fishing pole in the water. It didn't sink; it stood upright as she stepped onto a wave, held onto the pole, and rode the wave toward the beach.

Upon reaching the beach, Kelly stepped off the wave and looked around. "Where is that shell? Ah, here it is." She picked up a shell and walked to a tree. Placing the shell against the trunk, she turned it. A door appeared out of thin air next to the tree. It opened, but inside was nothing but blackness. Kelly stepped through.

A moment later, she found herself back in the lab. It took her a moment to get oriented as to where she was and what was going on, which was normal. Leaving her wonderful VR world and returning to (ugh) the so-called real world was always a downer. There were the usual items in the room - several tables with equipment, the VR bed that was tied into the computer system, and piles of files and computer disks.