Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014 -

Bleakdale Grange: The Crushes

...the third book of the Bleakdale Grange Trilogy
by Karl Quentin
Published: Aug 03, 2014
Words: 22,461
Category: judicial, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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"I tell you what!" said Amy Shaw, "if I had any choice, I'd take a thrashing from Mr Waldorf over a spanking from Mr Prentice any old day!"

"You must be daft!" exclaimed Chloe Brick. "Mr Prentice has got something about him. I can't stand the man personally, but you must admit, when he's got you over those big firm thighs of his, and he's got your skirt up, and he's taking your pants down that way he has, you know, slipping them down as though he was taking off a pair of gloves, and his hand all warm on you as your pants slide off your bottom and you know you're all open now... mmm!"

"Oh Chloe! You're insatiable! I hate Prentice. But Mr Waldorf, he's kind and generous - sometimes - and he's always fair. If he's caning you he always gives you enough time to recover before he gives you the next one, and sometimes he'll praise you for taking a hard stroke well, and once he even helped me up afterwards! To tell you the truth..." (down went her voice)... "I think he rather fancies me."

"Oh pull the other one! You're nothing but a prisoner to him, a bad girl needing punishment. Anyway, he's a wimp. Thin and pasty, ugh, and always oiling around: 'How are you getting on, my dear? No complaints, I hope?' Yuck! Give me the real bastards any time, the ones who make no bones about giving you as hard a time as they can. The ones who obviously like it when we misbehave, because it gives them a chance to get our pants down and make us squeal."

Amy giggled. "God, I really wish they'd give us a very hard time! You know what I mean? Really hard!"

"Of course I know what you mean. How long have I been locked up in here? Six bloody months! Six months without a man. I used to be out on the pull, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and I was doing alright. Now I have to bring myself off and risk a beating if I get caught - unless there's a particularly friendly girl around - but it's not the same. So if I'm getting spanked over a man's knee, and I can feel how hard he is... Well, it's incredibly frustrating! That Martin, he's always got a hard-on, all day long. I bet he'd last a while. I'd love to have him in my mouth and make him come! Listen to him groaning for a change!" Chloe imitated a man approaching orgasm, and Amy laughed. So did several other young women who were listening.

"I hate to admit it," said Abbie Russell, "but there's something about Martin that makes me breathless. When a teacher is handing out punishments left and right, and you're sitting there helpless waiting to find out whether you're for it today..."