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Friday, March 29, 2013 -

Shades of Pink: Book 3

by Angela Stone
Published: Mar 29, 2013
Words: 25,578
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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DOLLY THE DOUGHNUT: Dolly and doughnuts were best of friends until she got stuck in the cat flap!

FEELINGS...: This little story is an emotive examination of all the different feelings that can run through your head, before, during and after a spanking.

REVENGE STINGS: Shelly knows better than to enter Lee's office, and she certainly knows not to touch his precious collection. But there's no-one else who could have done it, is there? She accepts the spanking and even apologises, but something is not quite right...

SANTA SPANKED: A harassed mother is having a very busy Christmas Eve, receiving no help from her husband who is 'delayed' at the pub! Dressed in his Santa outfit, he eventually arrives home to be greeted by an irate wife who upends him and expresses her displeasure - while their twin daughters look on in awe at their mother's actions!

SECOND CHANCE: Sarah behaves atrociously to her elderly employer Joan and gets away with it - or so it would seem! Joan's compassion shines through in the form of some quite specific wishes set out in her Will.

SEVEN YEAR SWITCH: For her 7th wedding anniversary present to her husband, Laura arranges, with some trepidation, for him to visit a local Domme. Despite his nerves, it is what he has always wanted and the experience surpasses all his hopes, strengthening their relationship.

SKY STORY: Boredom leads to a rash walk on the rocks and a fall into the sea. The visiting engineer decides a spanking is the only answer to such daft behaviour.

THE SPANKING HOTEL: The Spanking hotel is the story of spanking couple Finn and Bella who live in a lovely old farmhouse located on the scenic Yorkshire moors. All is well until the heating system goes wrong, but Bella has a cunning plan of how to use their home to earn the money to fix the heating. The Spanking Hotel is soon open for business, and does a brisk and satisfying trade with the help of eager participants armed with wooden spoons, hairbrushes, paddles, rulers and canes! Friends are made, relationships formed, and bottoms are warmed in a most delightful way. Needless to say, sufficient funds are acquired to install a brand spanking new central heating system. This E-book also features a further 34 stories adding up to 76,000 words of spanking fun.

STABLE SPIES: Rick is finding Elaine's work in the stables less than satisfactory so when he finds her drinking coffee again he fires her. Elaine pleads not to be fired, so Rick offers her a spanking instead. Elaine agrees and is soon over Rick's knee.

THOMAS' HALLOWEEN TREAT: Resigning himself to a solitary Halloween at home, Thomas fulfils his promise to write a story for a fellow library member. The boundaries between reality and imagination become understandably blurred as the evening progresses. Next morning he is faced with a surprising development...

TO MATO: Max is carefully guiding his blindfolded girlfriend Malo towards the 'surprise' which he has purchased with their modest Lottery win. Expecting luxury, her disappointment is palpable on seeing a small boat with the letters 'TO MATO' painted roughly on the side. The brush had slipped! She makes her displeasure felt with a broken paddle which soon makes Max's bottom match the boat's name...

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Ray and Jeanette rented a lonely cabin deep in the woods. One evening Ray was in a grumpy mood and after several warnings from Jeanette he was led into the house. Naked on the bed, he finds himself on the receiving end of a belt on his bottom. A few days later, the roles are reversed with Ray doing the spanking. But it transpires that all their antics are being secretly recorded...

Friday, March 29, 2013 -

Shades of Pink: Book 2

by Angela Stone
Published: Mar 29, 2013
Words: 25,747
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Mark is not really convinced when Fiona encourages him into a bubble bath so that she can discover what he plans for her birthday. The evening does not unfold as she expected, and it is not until she is over his knee that the misunderstanding becomes clear!

EDDIE'S CHRISTMAS TALE: Eddies one wish was that his wife shared his love of spanking. This year, it seems his Christmas present is to come early!

HORSE THERAPY: In this initially angry exchange of letters with his mother, Ben can only complain about the demanding regime in the stables. After the inevitable trouble in which he finds himself, he seeks solace and totally falls for the lovely stallion, Sam. The tenor of his letters home changes...

JAMES JUNIOR: James aged 5 is playing in his mum and dad's bedroom under their bed, when they come in unexpectedly. What follows is a big surprise to little James, but at least he learns three new words!

JANE'S BOTTOM: A College Co-ed gets involved in an advanced experiment using cutting edge technology that results in her getting spanked ... without being spanked! Read on to find out how!

KAY'S DISCOVERY: Kay has been fascinated by spanking since her teens, but the almost obsessive interest fades as she gets older - until, years later she finds some spanking sites on her husband's computer. After the initial shock of discovering his spanking kink she decides to explore for herself. She sets up a scenario for him as a surprise and leaves a trail of clues, in note form, for him to follow. Filled with trepidation, she hears Shaun arrive home while she waits upstairs in the spare room, dressed as a school girl, her bottom bared.

THE MEET: Fiery Fiona driving home from riding, crashes her car into Mark's Volvo. A combination of tight fitting jodhpurs and Fiona's poor attitude earns her a sound spanking.

MISSING: Jimmy goes missing but is found a few days later. It seems he is suffering from amnesia and nothing Nicola does helps. Eventually frustration takes over but will it kill or cure their marriage?

MOVING ON: Sadly, she is having to leave the home which they had both loved. Recalling how happy she and Nate had been here, Hannah's feet follow the familiar path to 'her' corner, a crucial part of their punishment routine when she showed she deserved it. An insecure youngster, the strength of her relationship with her wonderful man had made her the confident woman she now was. Nat would be a part of her always.

NEIGHBOURLY RELATIONS: Increasingly disturbed at night by noises from next door, Bea is convinced that their neighbour is abusing his wife. Proved entirely wrong, she is astounded when Max arrives home bearing an invitation to dinner - in the interests of neighbourly relations! A number of things change...

PUNISH ME: Belinda has gravely displeased her husband, James, and sits bare-bottomed at the kitchen table while she writes a letter of apology which also specifies how best he should punish her. The gravity of her sin becomes clearer as the retribution is detailed, but she so trustingly looks forward to his forgiveness.

TRUST & TICKETS: Fiona's bad temper and lack of trust upsets her husband. This results in corner time and a spanking for Fiona. But does she learn her lesson?

Friday, March 29, 2013 -

Shades of Pink: Book 1

by Angela Stone
Published: Mar 29, 2013
Words: 26,669
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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ALICIA'S AWAKENING: Delighted at her good fortune at inheriting a property as well as a quarter of a million pounds, Alicia Rochester rudely parts with her employer and sets off for the south coast. In the village she upsets every one of the locals and is surprised to find her clearing out of the house interrupted. A strong young man, claiming to be her cousin's best friend, takes it upon himself to rectify her attitude.

AMBER'S ATTITUDE: Amber is not very good at controlling her temper. Her latest temper tantrum results in a riding crop being snapped into little pieces and thrown across the yard. Her boss Robert knows just how to deal with this type of bratty behaviour with the aid of a nice stingy crop followed by corner time. But Amber's punishment doesn't end there...

BILLY: Amy has undertaken to keep an eye on eighteen year old Billy, the son of her boyfriend of several years, only intermittently at home due to his job as a marine engineer. Billy accompanies Amy to a car boot sale where he is excited by the discovery of a camera and projector along with some old films. Later, Amy, Billy and his friend Harriet sit down to watch the cricketing films - but the sporting shots are quickly succeeded by what might only be termed home 'porn' movies with which each watcher is fascinated in his or her own way! This sets the scene for exploration and spanking fun for the three of them, with the help of an ancient tawse.

A BOAT TOO FAR: Trying too hard to be sophisticated but ignoring all advice, young Jade is proving to be the most obnoxious companion and no fun at all for poor Mike as he rows her out in his small boat to the island. Continuing to infuriate him, she finally falls into a muddy pool, needing his help and eventually his punishment. Suddenly the day improves!

COOKING WITH CANES: In desperation at her expanding waistline, Jodi vows to forego the unhealthy convenience foods she has been eating, and enrols in a cookery class. Lee, the instructor, is not impressed by her timekeeping or general attitude. Strangely, though, she finds herself increasingly wanting to impress him - and everything changes...

DEAR JOHN: Clearly relishing the idea of writing a 'Dear John' letter, Emma uses it to get her own back on her former lover who, in turn, was apparently cheating on his wife. She describes in detail her new man, his many attributes and particularly his skills in disciplining her. She does not hold back on any detail, even his identity!

DINING WITH DISASTER: With rather a bad grace Sally accompanies her boyfriend Andy to a business dinner with his clients. Arriving late, and finding both the proceedings and the female company tedious, Sally tries to distract Andy with the result that he spills red wine all over the women guests. After a very tense drive home, Andy delivers an ultimatum which seems as though it will determine the future of their relationship.

DOING THE RIGHT THING: Vik is really concerned about his beloved wife. Clearly she is in a lot of pain and, although he does as much as she will allow him to help, she can't seem to voice her greatest desire. Writing her needs down seems a solution and she obeys his instructions to precede him up to their bed. It is a peaceful night...

IT ALWAYS COMES IN THREES: Diane is faced with a series of misfortunes, all coming at once, and meaning she needs a new job followed soon by new accommodation. An openly acknowledged spanker, she finds a small ad and is totally amazed to discover the products to be 'tested' are spanking implements. The boss who wields them is not bad either - and he happens to have a vacant flat...

LIFE IS GOOD: Incapable of resisting her overwhelming urge, and while the house is empty, Wendy fulfills her needs with her hairbrush. Arriving unexpectedly, Jack declares that this will forever be his duty, a suggestion with which she is happy to agree!

MR JOLLY'S PIKE PADDLE: Mrs Jolly makes the serious mistake of thinking she can enjoy a day out on the lake while her husband fishes. For once he fails to get a bite, but a snoring wife has not been helping. Having landed a particularly nasty pike, he uses it to belabour his wife's bottom, intent on putting her off fishing for ever!

NIGHTSCHOOL NIGHTMARE: Roger is attending a night-school class in Spanish, but has forgotten his glasses. This leads to an unfortunate (or is that fortunate?) mix-up.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013 -

Love on a Ranch

by Cara Lynn
Published: Mar 21, 2013
Words: 22,487
Category: romance, western
Orientation: M/F
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Annabelle's Special Day

It was a beautiful summer morning. There was a soft gentle breeze blowing. The wedding was only two weeks away and Annabelle couldn't wait. She didn't think she could be any happier.

She rode down to the lake on King, her father's gorgeous black stallion. He was a magnificent animal. She giggled to herself when she thought about how angry Kent would be if he knew she'd taken King out for a ride. She had already been spanked twice when he caught her riding King.

Kent was such a stickler about her riding any of the stallions. She never understood that; she grew up on horses and could handle any of the stallions. She got off King, tied him up and spread her blanket down on the soft green grass under a huge oak tree. She loved the lake; this was her favorite place on the ranch. She laid down on the blanket and watched the clouds float by reminiscing. Her life was wonderful. She loved Kent so much, but it hadn't always been that way.

Several Months Earlier

Annabelle was so in love with Kent Evans; it wasn't just a school girl crush however. She had known Kent her entire life and had always had a crush on him, but since he was eight years older, he never paid much attention to her. She was more like a distraction, a little pest he had to deal with. But now she was twenty-one and no longer a child.

He was so handsome, well over six feet tall with black hair and dark ebony eyes. She was the exact opposite; she was barely five feet tall, had long flowing blonde hair and sparkling green eyes.


Kent Evans owned the ranch just to the north of her father. It was actually larger than her father's ranch. He inherited the ranch from his grandfather along with the fortune his grandfather had amassed.

Kent lost his parents when he was a young boy, so his grandfather stepped in and brought him out to his ranch and raised him. His grandfather was a hardworking man; a true gentleman. He raised Kent to be a gentleman too.

Annabelle was an only child, and she was very spoiled. She lost her mother when she was a young girl and her father doted on her. He could never bring himself to say 'no' to her. There was absolutely no discipline in her life. She always got whatever she wanted.

Even though she was spoiled, she was a very kind and thoughtful girl. Her smile was infectious and she was always laughing and smiling. Everyone who knew her loved her.

She was an experienced rider but drove her father crazy because she always insisted on riding the most high-spirited stallion on the ranch. She rode fast and hard, flying through the pastures jumping any fence she could find. That riding was what caused her to get her very first spanking from Kent.

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Monday, March 25, 2013 -

Absolute Pleasures

by Abigail Armani
Published: Mar 25, 2013
Words: 30,934
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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As the lash of the rain battered the windows and the trees beyond the house bent beneath the frenzied wind, the old man shifted in his chair by the fire, his gnarled fingers grasping the rug that covered his legs and feet. Age sat heavily on his frame and his old bones ached from the winter chill. From the west came an ominous rumble of thunder, and as the teeming rain continued, lightning struck blue in a black afternoon sky. Yet the flames from the pine logs blazed bright, illuminating the expectant faces of the children gathered round. The youngest was fast asleep, contentedly curled up in a ball near the hearth. The older ones waited patiently, for they had been promised a story, and a story was what he would give them.

"I shall tell you a story," he began, "of love, loss and lies, and of cowardice, courage and adventure." He raised his cup to his lips and sipped the hot liquid. And as the tongues of red flame flickered and danced within the heart of the crackling fire, his rheumy old eyes took on a faraway look as he harnessed his thoughts and began his tale.


Lord and Lady Thoresby had one daughter, Elizabeth. She was beautiful and clever and high spirited, and was quite unlike her aristocratic parents in that she had little regard for social mores. Wealth and high-ranking titles and position in society were of no interest to her. Her loves in life were books and horses. Unlike other well-bred young ladies of her age and station, she avoided embroidery and filigree work, and didn't give a stuff about drawing and painting, preferring to ride the hills and dales, tend to the horses, or curl up in her room with a book. She read avidly and absorbed information eagerly and with great enjoyment.

To the despair of her parents who wanted a good match for their only daughter, Elizabeth shrugged off countless suitors. They were either too fat, or too thin, or too stupid, boring or ugly. It wasn't until she was seventeen that Elizabeth began to show any interest in the opposite sex, and the object of her affections was not the son of a Duke or a Lord or a Baronet, but a common groom. His name was Edward Lovell, and along with two other grooms, he was employed by Lord Thoresby to tend the horses in his stable. It was ironic that Lady Thoresby inadvertently initiated the relationship between Lovell and her daughter.

"Elizabeth! Out riding again?! This is the third time today."

"Yes mother, it is. I love riding, you know that ... and we have so many horses that need to be ridden daily. I'm helping papa out by exercising them."

Lady Thoresby gave a derisive snort and shook her head. "It isn't seemly for a young woman to ride out alone. Take Molly or Sophie with you."

Monday, March 25, 2013 -

The Unusual Activities of Caroline Graham

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Mar 24, 2013
Words: 23,890
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Chapter 1

In which Caroline receives some pain and some pleasure.

If there had been anybody looking out of a window of one of the houses at the time, they would have been unlikely to pay much attention to the anonymous looking woman who emerged from a large detached house in Murrayfield, an affluent area of Edinburgh, to make her way down towards the main road. Perhaps they might have wondered who she was as she was clearly younger than the resident of that house, but her appearance was such that it would have been only a passing thought. If the same onlooker had also been watching barely an hour earlier when the woman came up the street and entered the house they might have noted that she walked a little slower and more carefully on the second occasion. They would have needed to have been paying close attention to notice that, however, and so it was indeed unlikely that anyone noticed anything.

Caroline Graham, who was that anonymous looking woman, was glad to catch a bus back into the centre of Edinburgh without waiting too long, and even more pleased to get a prompt connection at the West End. With this good fortune, it was less than half an hour after leaving the house in Murrayfield when she slid the key into the door of her apartment in Marchmont. Dropping her bag in the hall, she went through to her bedroom, took off her long grey coat and woolly hat and looked at herself in the mirror. What these two garments successfully concealed was a smart looking blonde young lady in her late twenties or early thirties wearing a fashionably short black skirt and a dark blue cashmere jumper. Gazing at herself she wondered if she was a little pale before unzipping the skirt and letting it fall. Stepping out of it she quickly slid her loose black French knickers down over the black hold-ups and off. Then she turned and, looking back over her shoulder, gazed at her trim bottom, wincing as she saw patches of purple against the red that covered most of her buttocks. There was very little white skin to be seen apart from an incongruous looking stripe running down between the two cheeks.

"Shit, she really laid it on today!"

Caroline said these words to herself without rancour. Whatever she had suffered was eased in her mind by two things, one of which was the fact that she had been very well paid for today's session. She glanced at her watch and decided that she had time for a long hot bath before having to think about what she might do for an evening meal. In fact it was rare for her not to have a long hot bath after one of these sessions, both because it soothed her bottom and also because she always felt faintly grubby and used. This latter emotion she recognised and acknowledged despite also accepting that the choice in what she did had always been hers alone.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013 -

The Secret Life of Jane Anderson

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Mar 24, 2013
Words: 18,847
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

In which Jane writes a letter and meets an acquaintance of her Personal Assistant.

It was after eight o'clock at night but in the executive suite of offices at the major bank, one light still shone brightly. Inside, Jane Anderson, Director of Retail Operations, was sitting at her desk staring at a letter on her computer screen. She had drafted it and re-drafted it many times over the last two hours but she remained uncertain as to whether or not it conveyed the meaning that she intended.

Normally she was very decisive and would never have taken as long as this over a simple letter. However, this was different. It was nothing to do with her work. It was personal, intensely personal. So personal in fact that she was still unsure as to whether or not she should send it. In fact she had shredded several copies already that evening. She stood up and went to the window, gazing out into the darkness. Eventually she turned and went back to her desk and read through again what she had written.

Dear Mr French,

Forgive this formal approach but it seemed the easiest way to broach the subject with you. If you are reading this letter at all it means that our mutual acquaintance, Caroline, has persuaded you not to reject the whole matter out of hand. You will know, therefore, that Caroline has told me about your weekly arrangements. I hope you are not furious with her for that. I would hate to think of her poor bottom suffering because she had confided in me.

What I am about to write may be shocking to you. If it is and you wish to have nothing to do with me I will understand. All I ask is that you keep the matter totally confidential. Caroline has given me certain assurances in this regard but I am very much in your hands.

As Caroline will have explained, I hold a very senior position in one of our major companies. I wield a huge amount of power and every day many people do as I ask, mostly without question. Caroline of course comes into this category. I am comfortable with this power and have no difficulty in taking difficult decisions and backing up my own judgement.

So what, I hear you ask yourself. Many, many people do this every day. Yes, Mr French, they do. My problem, as will be the case with many others, is how to escape from these pressures sometimes. This is where my situation becomes unusual.

From time to time I feel a deep need to be treated as if I was the subordinate and not the boss.

Furthermore, I crave to be treated harshly and humiliated. If you agree to meet me then I can describe these needs in greater detail. Suffice to say at this stage that I would happily accept the sort of experiences that you inflict on Caroline - and more.

Saturday, March 23, 2013 -

Confessions of a Spanker

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Mar 23, 2013
Words: 21,242
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

In which Matthew goes to a party and meets a surprising young lady.

It all started with a simple remark at a party. A simple throwaway remark - no real thought put into it at all. Made more to generate a laugh than anything else. Without the inhibition-loosening effect of two or three glasses of wine it would probably never have been said. It led to some unbelievable experiences such are normally only the subject of fantasies. But then, I suppose I had always had the fantasies.

I was there on my own. My marriage had ended in divorce some six months previously. Nothing messy - we had been married for the best part of thirty years and had been growing apart for ten at least - and the divorce was simply a recognition and a culmination of that fact. Her career took her regularly to different parts of the world, mine rarely beyond the city boundaries. We had two children, both safely seen through school and university and now in settled relationships. They were sad and disappointed but were both busy enough and established in their own lives for it to be unlikely to lead to any psychological damage. We simply appeared to have nothing left in common and agreed to part. Nonetheless it was only now that I was starting to engage in any real form of socialising.

In view of all of this it was slightly ironic that the party was to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of two good friends of ours whom we had known since school. At the same time it was entirely typical that my ex-wife was unable to attend, being at a conference in New York at the time.

Anyway, I was one in a group of probably half a dozen. The conversation had turned to reminiscing about things that we had done when we were much younger and, as usually is the case we were all probably exaggerating, either deliberately or through the vagaries of memory which increasing age brings.

The youngest member of the group was a striking blonde girl, probably only in her twenties, who I didn't know. She was describing how as a young teenager she used to escape from her bedroom window onto the branches of a tree that grew in the back garden of her parent's house. This enabled her to come and go at times they believed she was in her room, and she regaled us with a dramatic account of how difficult it was sometimes to get back into her room late at night, especially after some underage drinking.

She was a good storyteller and it made for highly entertaining listening. That was when I said it.

"It sounds to me as if you needed a good spanking!"

As I have already mentioned, it was a cheap throwaway remark intended to gain a cheap laugh. It certainly achieved that - everybody laughed heartily and the girl looked at me and smiled broadly.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013 -

The Romance of Spanking

by Rick Marlowe
Published: Mar 19, 2013
Words: 27,309
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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UPSTAIRS/DOWNSTAIRS: Lenz is Marlow's annoying neighbour, who leaves her washing in the machine, steals his parking spot and many other things that enable the two to enjoy some friendly banter. He really likes her but there is a problem - she has a boyfriend. Then one day, as he is debating threatening to spank her, he finds her in tears having broken up with boyfriend Ross. They spend the evening together and not only does she get her spanking, but great sex as well!

AFTER DINNER TREAT: Mark decides to provide his girlfriend with an unforgettable evening which includes cooking her favourite meal and then spanking her before taking her to bed. It is really her choice, as she is free to go out and eat elsewhere. She takes the spanking, and reflects afterwards that she enjoyed the experience far more than she expected, acknowledging that although it hurt like hell, she would make exactly the same choice again!

THE HITCHHIKER: Hitchhiking seems like the only available option open to Erin when she loses her money and bus ticket. Little does she realise how a chance meeting with Jeff Stone will change her life or how he will deal with her crashing his precious jeep. Life continues with plenty of bare bottom spankings, both punishment and fun!

THE PARKING TICKET: Jack is given a parking ticket by Parking Enforcement Officer Jodie. He convinces her to come out for a drink with him and they have dinner together, and later in the evening end up at his apartment. Things don't go quite as smoothly as Jack would like, as Jodie complains about his choice of music. A good old-fashioned spanking sorts her out, followed by an enthusiastic bout of lovemaking.

LAP DANCER: Craig and his friends out on a bachelor night of fun, venture into the Pink Pussycat gentleman's club where he is entranced by the charms of a lap dancer called Tawnee. To show his appreciation he slips paper money down the back of her G-string. Some time later, Craig goes home to his parents' house in Pennsylvania for Christmas. There are other guests there - including much to his surprise and delight - Tawnee. A relationship involving spanking shortly follows ...

WHAT MAKES HIM TICK: Annie discovers the shy guy at the office has a secret. He shares that secret with her and it excites her. When he invites her to his home for a nightcap, she discovers that the reality of being spanked far exceeds her fantasy. It is an amazing experience, followed by great sex!

SANTA'S LAP: Carol and boyfriend Mike are to spend Christmas with Carol's family. She decides to take him to visit Santa - just like she always did as a child - she has an important thing to ask Santa for this Christmas. Carol is shocked by Santa's reaction and ends up bare-bottomed over his lap getting a Christmas spanking. There is another surprise in store for her later. Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

THREE PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW: 'Uncle Rob' has his seclusion broken when Becca, the niece of his ex-wife Susan, rents out a building next to his bungalow. Becca and her two friends Kim and Alison seek refuge from the heavy snow. When Becca tells her friends about uncle Rob's spanking kink, it makes for a very entertaining conversation. The weather causes problems to the girls' plans of travelling to a New Year's Eve party, so they decide to stay with Uncle Bob and begin playing games. Bored with Scrabble they decide on a game of 'Truth and Dare' ... with very interesting consequences involving a paddle. On a later occasion, Becca asks 'Uncle Rob' for a favour, not for herself but for her friend Alison, who wants more spankings. Uncle Rob does the decent thing and helps her out. Alison just can't get enough ...

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Friday, March 15, 2013 -

Prefect's Caning

by Jon Thorn
Published: Mar 15, 2013
Words: 22,527
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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PREFECT'S CANING: Briarwood is proud of sticking to its traditions. After it makes a rare break to admit young women to the sixth form, the tradition of a caning administered by the head prefect is part of the package. Eighteen-year-old Amy is accused of stealing money. It is determined that she will be the first female student at Briarwood to face this humiliating and painful punishment.

THE PORTRAIT: Spoilt little rich girl, Lady Lucinda Westfield, commissions an artist to paint her portrait, no expense spared. But he has an agenda of his own, and his terms are not monetary. Consequently, Lady Lucinda finds herself agreeing to being spanked and slippered and caned for each of the three sittings.

GHOST STORY: Kathryn and Annabel are travelling home from university when their car breaks down. They seek refuge at a nearby school only to find themselves treated as two truanting schoolgirls and caned thoroughly.

TRAIN TO ST PETERSBURG: Due to a booking mix-up, Lara finds herself sharing a sleeping compartment on a train with a strange man. But is he a complete stranger? Lara finds she is on more than a train journey - she is also on a journey of self-discovery.

UNCLE HENRY'S BEQUEST: Rachel has always had a very close relationship with her Uncle Henry, former headmaster of a small select girls' school. Intrigued by finding his Punishment Book and canes, she spends several years in fantasising over what being a pupil might have entailed. Her Uncle leaves a most generous bequest, with a certain condition...

IN HIS SISTER'S PLACE: At a loose end after finishing school, Guy is spending a few days as the guest of his much older sister, Headmistress of Ketteridge Reform school for girls. He finds himself alone in her house when Laura Hancock from the Upper sixth form calls round, nervously expecting punishment as she has been caught fighting with another girl. Guy offers to help her avoid a punishment detention - providing she takes a caning from him. It begins to look as though this might be a solution satisfactory to both of them - very satisfactory!

Friday, March 15, 2013 -

The Texas Brat & The Runaway

by Cara Lynn
Published: Mar 15, 2013
Words: 24,911
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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It was a beautiful, hot summer Texas day, and I was riding Midnight as fast as I could, jumping fences. I loved the wind in my hair.

This ranch had been my home for almost twenty years. I came to live with Uncle Adam when I was a year old, right after my parents were killed in an accident. He had raised me, and loved me, and he spoiled me rotten. I can't remember him ever saying 'no' to me.

Uncle Adam had gone to Dallas for business, and would be gone for several weeks, so I had the ranch to myself. His foreman, Tom, would be running the ranch, and I could do whatever I wanted. Right now, I wanted to ride fast, and then go to the lake for a summer afternoon swim.

As I jumped over the last fence, I saw a rider coming fast. It was William Holt. He owned the adjacent ranch, which was the only ranch around that was bigger than Uncle Adam's.

"Are you trying to kill yourself, young lady?" he snapped at me.

"Get out of my way," I snapped back.

"You're going to go back to the ranch immediately," he calmly said.

"I most certainly am not!" I said as I turned Midnight around.

"I said go back to the ranch now," he said sternly.

"You aren't my father or husband, and have no say in what I do," I yelled at him.

"That's where you're wrong, little girl. Adam signed your guardianship over to me while he's gone, and I say get back to the ranch," he snapped.

"Fuck off, you bastard!" I screamed as I kicked Midnight hard.

I was riding hard and fast, and I was sure William wouldn't be able to catch up with me. I was so furious I didn't know what to do. How could Uncle Adam do this to me? He knew I couldn't stand William. He was ten years older than me and a stuffy arrogant man. He was deliciously handsome with black hair and dark eyes and stood at 6 feet 4 with broad shoulders.

He was really tall and, next to me, he was like a giant. If I stood on my tiptoes, I might reach 5 feet, and I still didn't weigh 100 pounds. I was tiny, but I could take care of myself.

I kicked Midnight again, and flew across the pasture and jumped the last fence on my way to the lake. I looked back and couldn't see William, which made me smile. I showed him.

Finally, I saw the lake ahead, and I really wanted a nice swim in the cool water. I got off Midnight, and walked him to the lake so he could drink, then I led him back to a grassy area, and dropped his reins. I trained him never to leave me, so it was okay for me to swim, and he would still be here under the tree.

Friday, March 15, 2013 -

Bring Back the Cane

by Jon Thorn
Published: Mar 15, 2013
Words: 21,956
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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BRING BACK THE CANE: The reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools causes a young teacher called Georgina some misgivings. She has no idea how to use a cane. Fortunately, her friend and colleague, Kate, has experience, and is happy to teach her. The experience brings back memories for Kate, and Georgina learns a valuable lesson!

CINDERELLA: A new take on the classic tale of poor Cinderella. Ugly sisters Esmerelda and Antonia make life difficult for Cinderella who inevitably ends up being punished despite all her best efforts. Cinderella does go to the ball and she does marry her prince - but she is not the only one to have a fairy godmother...

FROM FANTASY TO REALITY: Annabelle has had a particular fantasy for a long time and at last she takes the first step to making it come true with the help of the Viridarium Partnership. A few weeks later she dons her school uniform and is picked up to be taken to her appointment with a very strict headmaster, who will make her fantasy come true.

REALITY TV - A STORY: Juliet is on a game show entitled Hot Seat. She has to answer a number of questions and can only afford to get a certain amount wrong. If she exceeds that amount she has agreed to be punished by the Headmaster, Mark, on the bare bottom in front of a live audience. In the heat of the battle, Juliet does her best, but she loses in 'double or nothing' in the final questions. She takes some of her strokes of the cane, but can only take so many. Will she forfeit her prize money, or can a compromise be reached?

INNER SANCTUM: Having caught her Master's eye at dinner, she goes to the room, the 'inner sanctum' to prepare for him and wait in an agony of anticipation for whatever he decides to do to her. She is willing and ready for her punishment.

NAUGHTIEST TWINS: Twins, Jessica and Rachel, sneak Jack into their dorm after lights out. When they get caught, Jack gets a wonderful view of both girls being spanked by the head girl. He can't believe his luck when he gets to make love to Rachel before being sent to see Jessica and then Miranda too.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 -

For the Love of a Priestess

by Rue Chapman
Published: Mar 12, 2013
Words: 70,212
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1 - The Contest

The first slaves were led out, stripped naked for the ordeal ahead, trembling and nervous. Aliera watched, tense, from her cushioned seat above the arena, shaded by coloured silks and screened by fine gauze curtains. Her future would be decided today.

Down in the arena the women were urged into a line by the guards, then a roar went up from the crowd as the candidates strode out into the bright sunshine. Aliera leaned forward to catch a glimpse of Kevan; there he was, so handsome, his hair golden in the sunlight. Kevan who whispered sweet words to her, who kissed her hand, who promised he'd be the one chosen for her ceremony. He just had to win today.

The men lined up, stripped to the waist, flexing muscles and limbering up for the trials. Aliera counted twenty, the best of the best, every man sure he'd be the one. The huge form of a town blacksmith; a wiry miner from the mountains, one of those ageless little old men who are stronger than they look; soldiers of fortune trying for their big chance; solid burghers from the town; a few priests, hard-eyed and dedicated; half a dozen young lords, patrician and superior; two wild-eyed tribesmen from the plains. And Goran, the Commander of the Palace Guard. Aliera shivered. Goran, so arrogant, so sure of himself, always there whenever she wanted to do anything with his, "The Princess is mistaken, she will not be doing this today... My lady, this is not how a Princess behaves... I am sure His Majesty would not approve." His dark eyes sweeping over her without the awe and respect she received from the rest of the palace staff. Arrogant pig! He looked so huge and uncouth beside her lovely Kevan.

It began. Each of the contestants reached for a slave, then dragged her towards a line of seats. The men sat down, depositing their reluctant assistants over their knees. Twenty pale rumps pointed to the sky.

Twenty hands raised, waited for the signal. Whimpers from the miserable slaves sounded loud in the sudden silence. The High Priestess, Tiarna, stepped forward and looked down into the arena. At her gesture a gong sounded and twenty hands descended. The spanking began.

Aliera watched, knowing that the winner of the contest would soon be spanking her the same way. She noticed several different techniques: some hit slow and hard, some fast and light, some concentrated several strokes on one spot before moving to another, some seemed to strike at random following no pattern at all. Yelps, squeals and wails rose louder as twenty bottoms reddened. Legs kicked, hands beat on the ground. The sounds of determined slapping went on. The sand ran through the timer. Aliera began to suspect that ten minutes could seem like quite a long time.

Aliera wriggled on her cushioned seat. She had never been spanked, never felt an angry touch.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - ,

Cowboy Hero

by Cara Lynn
Published: Mar 11, 2013
Words: 17,871
Category: western, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Travis was exhausted. He and his men had just finished a long cattle drive and while his men were probably half soused by now, he had just finished up the paperwork for the sale of the cattle and gone to the hotel to clean up.

The hotel arrangements had already been made so he went to his room, took a nice long bath, put on clean clothes and headed to the saloon. He couldn't wait for his first cold beer. He walked toward the saloon and suddenly stopped.

What was that sound? It sounded like whimpering. Where was it coming from? He stood still and listened carefully. It was coming from the alley between the saloon and the general store. Slowly and quietly he made his way toward the sound.

He took a deep breath at what he saw. There was a small child curled up in a ball, whimpering. Quickly he bent down and picked up the small bundle. Instead of a docile kitten, he suddenly found a scratching, fighting wildcat in his arms. Although it didn't take him long to get it under control, he certainly didn't expect this reaction.

"Settle down right now," he snapped. "I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help you," he tried to explain as he turned the fighting bundle in his arms around so he could see what he had.

"My god, you're a little girl," he said shocked.

"No, I'm not! I'm a grown woman. Put me down right now," she screamed at him.

"Not quite yet, young lady," he replied. "Settle down and I'll consider it."

Still squirming for all she was worth she yelled, "God damn it, put me down right now."

"Watch your language young lady or you'll be getting your mouth washed out with soap. Do you understand me?" he said. "Now, settle down right now or I'll turn you over my knee and paddle you until you do settle down."

She quit squirming and settled down. He guessed she knew he was serious about spanking her.

"That's better," he said as he put her back on the ground. Damn, she was a tiny thing. Probably not 5 feet tall and no more than a hundred pounds, soaking wet with dark hair down to her waist.

"Let go of me," she demanded as she looked up into the most gorgeous eyes she had ever seen.

He had no intention of completely letting go of her. He knew she'd take off running and he didn't feel like chasing her down. Instead, keeping a firm grip on her arm, he guided her toward the small café that looked to be still open.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Just over to the café," he replied. "I have a lot of questions that you're going to answer; and besides that, I'm hungry."

"I don't want to go with you. I have no intention of answering any questions. I have to get out of here," she said as she pulled away from his grip and took off running.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013 -

Muriel and the Pig!

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Mar 09, 2013
Words: 26,070
Category: humour
Orientation: M/F
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MURIEL AND THE PIG: Muriel wants a miniature pig, but unfortunately her husband Jim isn't interested, unless it's in a bacon sandwich. But Muriel entices him and eventually persuades him by offering to let him spank her weekly for a whole year. They seal the deal by starting the spanking at once, followed by riotous sex. The next day, Muriel decides to save on the £700 pig by getting a cheaper one for £30 - and buying clothes and treats with the rest. The pig arrives but it is huge and pot-bellied! And Harriet, as Muriel names her, sneakily opens the fridge and consumes the entire contents. When Jim arrives home unexpectedly early and sees the chaotic mess Harriet has wreaked, he takes Muriel by the ear, leads her to the bedroom and gets his long whippy cane from the cupboard. Muriel squeals in pain but is surprised to find that the caning is also turning her on. They make frenzied love again until an unexpected visitor joins them in the bedroom!

DIAL-A-SPANK: Having missed dinner and surveying the wet and miserable night from her hotel room window, Eliza decides to telephone for a pizza. Being unfamiliar with the area, she finds a slightly stained business card, but orders the best they have on offer, changes into her gown and awaits her meal. She receives rather more than she ordered but it leaves her wanting second helpings!

GRANDAD AND THE KEEP-FIT CLASS: Mayhem breaks out at the Fair Lawns Residential Home when Grandad volunteers to take the Keep-Fit class. He puts the residents through their paces, bending and stretching and marching round the room to bouncy music. But when they run out of steam, the ladies get their bottoms whacked! Everything turns out nicely, with an afternoon nap and the promise of a fish supper.

MADAM PETULENGRO: Using her skill at reading the tea leaves to her own advantage, Madam Petulengro is alerted to an urgent debt which must be paid that afternoon. The council electrician, arriving before the expected creditor, needs little persuasion when confronted by what can only be his heart's desire. He is empowered!

OH WHAT AN ARSE: Harold writes to Mrs Brown, from prison, to try and explain exactly why he had behaved in such an unacceptable way and ask for her forgiveness!

RADIO DYNAMITE: Timothy Harvey, a DJ at Radio Dynamite, gets more than he bargained for when he invites Miss Ramsbottom into the studio for a live interview. Miss Ramsbottom is a disciplinarian who does not tolerate any nonsense, on air or off. The lucky listeners are treated to the sound of a bare bottom spanking.

SID'S SANDWICH SHOP: Sid's Sandwich Shop is losing money, and unless business picks up, he will lose the business. His wife Nellie, however, has a plan to bring in customers - a plan involving her own perfectly shaped big bottom! Sid and Nellie work out a new price-list for their 'Tea and sandwiches with extras.' Sid looks out all their spanking implements, and they decide to do a bit of practising. The back room is cleared, decorated and furnished, and made into the spanking room. Their first customer samples a bacon sandwich with extras. He seems well pleased with the service, and promises to be back same time next week. Business seems to going well, but the next customer is female, and has no interest in spanking Nelly. This is not quite how Sid thought things would go - particularly as two young women pay to watch him get spanked! In search of a kipper for breakfast, the Vicar enters the sandwich shop. He doesn't find a kipper - instead he finds something much more interesting as he gets his own bottom whacked! Business is booming, and Sid and Nelly can afford to expand, taking on new fat-bottomed staff and acquiring new premises. Life is good at Sid's Sandwich Shop.

THE THING IN THE GREENHOUSE: Bella encounters a strange creature in her greenhouse. She tries to get Tibbles the cat to attack it, but alas, a dreadful fate awaits poor Tibbles! Bella rushes next door to tell Uncle Herbert, who gives her a sound spanking for telling preposterous lies. Bella is sent to bed with a sore bottom - but what will happen to Uncle Herbert?

THE TURNIP GENIE: Lizzy is out in the garden digging up turnips, when she makes a discovery. From the object she unearthed pops a turnip genie who spanks her hard for disturbing his sleep. Lizzy formulates a plan which earns her another spanking.

TWO MORE: Angus and Jane spy at the antics of their next door neighbour. Peeking through the garden fence, they watch as Sidney chases Madge into the shed and whacks her with a cane and his belt. Angus and begin to get a few idea of their own ...

A VERY BRITISH TRADITION: A group of ladies from the middle class village of Upper Downham met on the second Wednesday of the month for afternoon tea at the home of Fenella Fortesque-Smythe. Dolly the maid accidentally drops a chocolate eclair into someone's cup of tea and pays the consequences - a bare bottom paddling. Mrs Prune the cook is called to account for the ceramic baking bean one of the guests found in a strawberry tart. She is punished by a tawse on her bare bottom. The ladies are interrupted again when the under gardener breaks the window. Frank is caned on the bottom and thighs for breaking the sitting room window. The ladies let their hair down with a few too many gin and tonics, and end up capering around the room minus their knickers. The local vicar chooses this moment to walk in to the room. He thrashes the ladies bare bottoms, and is ably assisted by Jarvis the gardener, Frank the assistant gardener, the cook, the maid and the butler. Afterwards the ladies limp off home with very sore bottoms - but all ends happily!

WILLIE TRUMP AND THE TELESCOPE: Willie Trump's investment in a new telescope for his astronomy bears quite different fruit once he focuses it on the windows of his new next door neighbours. It isn't the moon he sees, but Mrs Johnson's bare bottom! Mrs Trump discovers the telescope and it's secrets. Intrigued, she seizes an unexpected opportunity and suddenly lives change in the leafy suburb - and it isn't Willie Trump doing the spanking.

THE WRESTLER: Dynamite Dick is a pro wrestler who hasn't lost a match in six weeks. Now it comes as a shock to the crowd as he lays like a beached whale out cold, as the big Russian, Ivor Bolokoff, head-butted him in a big way. Losing a bet is not something that makes his mistress very happy, Dynamite thinks as she wallops him. If losing a match is what it takes to get a spanking, then bring on the next contest!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday, March 08, 2013 -

Spanked with a Sausage!

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Mar 08, 2013
Words: 26,340
Category: humour
Orientation: M/F
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SPANKED WITH A SAUSAGE: Bored, and in an attempt to draw attention to herself at the deli counter in order to ensnare the handsome young man who works there, Natalie, provocatively dressed, blatantly leans over and steals a large pepperoni. Her suggestive remarks fail to get the reaction she had hoped for. Mayhem ensues and she is chased out of the shop. Some time later, thinking herself safe, she sits on a bench in the park where she is caught by the owner of the deli. He grabs the big stick of peperoni, upends Natalie, and spanks her bare bottom with the stick of peperoni in full view of passers-by. Things do not improve on her return home ...

ALI BONGO: Ali Bongo the self taught magician, travels to a seaside resort where he meets Mystic Mabel and has his palm read - only to find the big-bottomed woman who will come into his life is none other than Mabel herself! Using her intuition, Mabel decides to show Ali Bongo her bottom, and then asks him to spank it. He can't believe his luck! What a birthday present. The pair get along famously and Ali Bongo decides to take Mabel on as his assistant. At the evening performance, the audience enjoy the show - especially when it is discovered that Mabel has ripped the bottom out of her swimsuit. Being a professional entertainer, Ali Bongo seizes the moment - and the woman - by slippering her bare bottom on stage, and then inviting members of the audience to come and do the same.

THE BOTTOM INSPECTOR: George Gumby, Her Majesty's Inspector of Bottoms calls at Millie's house. Much to her puzzlement, Millie finds herself bending over the kitchen table - and then her knickers are taken down and her bottom is inspected and then spanked. Millie's brother watches the proceedings from his hiding place, and decides he too wants to become a bottom inspector - he tries it out, with unexpected results. Meanwhile, the Womens Institute ladies of Buttock Point are in a state of great excitement as they eagerly await the arrival of HM Bottom Inspector. But alas, Mr Gumby is stuck in a traffic jam, so the inspection is carried out by someone else! Mr Gumby has a very demanding job and his work is really quite exhausting. Read the story to learn of his other adventures.

BUNION BOTTOM: Miss Botti goes to see Dr Pike with a complaint about her bottom! She thinks there is something wrong with it as she has been experiencing a tingling sensation. Dr Pike gets to the bottom of things. He makes a diagnosis and then spanks her bottom.

A BUSINESS INVESTMENT: Much to his wife Doreen's annoyance, Joe announces his new business investment - involving twelve llamas. However, once it is explained to Doreen that the llamas are not for eating, and the investment will bring in a lot of money, she rapidly gets used to the idea and plans what she is going to buy with the profits. But little does she know that part of the deal will involve her in a bare bottom spanking with a variety of implements, followed by a sore bare-bottomed ride round the bumpy field on the back of a llama.

FISH AND CHIPS: Having conducted an unsatisfactory customer survey as to why sales are falling, Bruce, proprietor of a fish and chip shop called The Codfather, suddenly has an idea as he impulsively swats the plump behind of one of the assistants with his clipboard. In no time at all, a whole new menu with countless choices is available and business is booming as bottoms are spanked!

GRANDAD AND THE GO-KART: Herbert, or Grandad, as he prefers to be called, is causing mayhem at the Old People's Home. He plays darts instead of going to breakfast, then has to sneak into the kitchens to find a decent meal. Miss Rake, the administrator, is a frosty faced old dragon who does not approve of him. But when she tries to move an old Go-Kart he has left by the front gate, there begins and adventure for both of them, and a surprising change in their relationship.

THE HUNGRY DOG: Suzie makes a new friend - a funny looking stray dog in the park. She brings him lunch every day, and at the end of the week takes him home. The new arrival settles down wonderfully well, and Suzie has earned herself her first ever spanking - but it certainly won't be the last.

MR BEAN: Mr Bean is a keen gardener who is extremely proud of his topiary, and determined to find out who is vandalising it. He catches two young women in the act of vandalising his topiary rabbit, and deals with them by means of a tawse. But some time later - who on earth can be vandalising his lovely new topiary crocodile?

NEVER TOO OLD: Uncle Bertie is slightly bonkers, and is always getting himself into trouble with his eccentric ideas. His neighbours however have a great idea, which they know will keep him out of trouble and enable them to get the treatment they need and deserve!

THE PET SHOP: A teenager's Saturday job in a pet shop doesn't get off to the best of starts and before her day is through, the mayhem she causes finds her bare bottomed and receiving a good spanking over the knee of the local police officer!

PIG: Benjamin Grundy's tranquillity is rudely disturbed by the yells of his cleaning lady, Mrs Gusset, who claims that the pig had got out of its sty and is rampaging around in the house. Benjamin eventually captures the wayward pig, with the aid of a mop and a piece of rope. When Mrs Gusset confesses she let the pig out, Benjamin takes the strap to her bottom in the barn.

A SLICE OF PIE: Cook is delighted with her triumph of a steak and mushroom pie, having to keep tasting it 'just in case.' Unable to resist cutting, and eating, a slice of the cooked pie, she has a most ingenious idea. Consequently, there are many spanked bottoms!

THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE: Gemma insists she has seen aliens at the bottom of the garden. She is quite sure they are aliens because they are a blue-grey colour and have funny shaped heads like garlic bulbs. Her husband Dave doesn't believe a word of it and gives her some corrective treatment with the paddle and the cane.

Friday, March 08, 2013 -

A Thousand Strokes of the Cane

by Neil Dominik
Published: Mar 07, 2013
Words: 25,550
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F, F/M
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A THOUSAND STROKES OF THE CANE: When her Grandad Woodham dies, Lucy is shocked to discover that in order to inherit from him she must submit to 1,000 strokes of the cane within one year. She also has to show photographs of her punished bottom to the solicitor as proof that the conditions of the will have been met. As her Grandad expected, she soon makes the most of the situation and builds herself a future at the same time.

A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDU: Young Eva appears to be a naive schoolgirl at the time of the violent and historic 1968 student riots on the streets of Paris. In trouble with her headmistress, she fails to complete a written history paper, suffering a severe beating with the martinet.

CRUISING FOR A BRUISING: In a topsy turvy world, four women go out cruising the streets whilst high on drugs. Their choice of 'hunk' brings them to the attention of the wrong people and it all goes public. They are punished publicly but far from ruining their lives, things actually improve for them all.

EMULATING PASTOR JAMES: Neil is a psychiatric nurse and his wife Angie runs a successful delivery service. One evening he has to visit Pastor James to get a cheque signed and as there is no reply at the front door, he goes around the side and hears the Pastor being spanked by his wife, Fiona for telling her that Angie has the best breasts in the church. Going home, he grabs Angies's breasts, gives her his belt and tells her to chastise him.

GIFT OF GRACE: Mother-in-law Grace hands over a family paddle as a gift, hoping to inspire some heat in her daughter and son-in-law. She gets her wish, though not as she imagines it.

HELEN'S HUSBAND: There is rather a preponderance of women - worthy though they are - running the thriving city church of St Margaret's. The dowdy Helen has returned home after spending some time in Africa, but she is clearly unhappy, admitting to feeling herself very self-indulgent. The solution of her Nigerian colleague is that what she needs is a husband - and the next best thing is a regular dose of the strap!

HONOUR: Palesa invites her friend to her wedding in Africa, where her friend and other girls are whipped with a sjambok, and Palesa is restrained and whipped as punishment for her misdeeds in Britain. Palesa's friend volunteers to take the rest of Palesa's punishment.

NAUGHTY NURSES: In a nurses' home of the 1970s, Miss Smith has her own way of dealing with errant young nurses, as Rosalynn discovers to her cost when she sneaks a boyfriend into her room.

SATURDAY CLINIC: When the esteemed Dr Golding retires, his replacement is a young Polish woman called Dr Kaczmarek. She opens up a new clinic which offers caning as an effective treatment for depression. It seems to work very well indeed!

SIXTH FORM COUNCIL AT SEVENACRES: Best friends and fellow sixth formers, Liz and Andrea, are discussing the latter's most recent literary effort. After an initial confusion, she admits to feeling lacking in experience, a matter which her friend hopes to help solve with the aid of the Headmistress and with the agreement of fellow schoolmates. Andrea learns what the cane feels like on her bare bottom!

SLIMLOOKERS: Nicky runs a slimming class and has an unusual way of dealing with women who put on weight. This works with all but one girl, Simone, who has her own reasons for not responding to the treatment. Nicky finds a way of giving her what she wants whilst ensuring she sheds the pounds!

SUMMER VACATION: Too poor to take a proper holiday, Jan is forced to cat-sit for her aunt in a less than romantic location. A small advertisement leads to a part playing the secretary in a soft-porn spanko film, which helps Jan's budget. On release of the film, viewers decide they would like to see the secretary punished. Could this be the start of a new and lucrative career?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013 -

Spanks on a Train

by Neil Dominik
Published: Mar 07, 2013
Words: 29,168
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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SPANKS ON A TRAIN: When Rhi starts her first job at a garden centre she finds the daily commute very expensive and, comes up with a plan to save money. Unfortunately for her she gets caught on the train with an invalid ticket. Not wanting to face a criminal prosecution for fare evasion, she agrees the official can give her a hard spanking on her bare bottom instead. When she arrives at work and confides in her supervisor, not only does she find out an awful truth, but she also gets punished again.

BRIEFS ENCOUNTER: An elderly gentleman called Ken arrives on the station platform and has a chance encounter with a familiar figure. It turns out that Mistress Sadista, for once very conservatively dressed, is an avid train-spotter. Indeed, she knows all there is to know about trains, and when the expected train fails to show up at the station, she is angry that she has wasted her morning. But it isn't really wasted, as, clipping a leash to the collar around Ken's neck, she takes him off for an unexpected discipline session.

THE CURATE: The latest curate is most upset as he confesses the problems encountered the previous night with the vicar's daughter, Megan. He felt she was being disrespectful of parishioners and, in desperation, put her over his knee. But a measure of his success was a glimpse of her entering the house with a riding crop...

DON'T LEAVE ANY MARKS: Kate is a new social worker responsible for supervising foster parents. It comes to her attention that some of the older foster parents have been spanking the children in their care. Full of righteous indignation, Kate sets out to investigate only to be confronted by three long term foster carers who take Kate to task, with belt, cane and riding crop.

THE GRADUATE: Hayley is accident-prone so giving her a prominent role in the graduation ceremony may not have been all that wise. Determined though she is to make it all go smoothly, she does make a couple of errors of judgement - such as taking her pet mouse along! She ends up getting publicly spanked in the auditorium by all the academics.

HAIR: A new broom sweeps clean or so they say, but the old hands at North Threppleton Players know a thing or two about their audiences. So the planned performance of 'Hair', the 1960's musical, somehow morphs into 'Kiss Me Kate' via 'The Pirates of Penzance', to the great delight of an appreciative audience who applaud the good hidings!

JEAN'S DATE: Jean hasn't had a date in years, and is nervous about this one - especially as she is going to have her bottom spanked for the first time, a long held fantasy of hers. But exactly who is her date?

RUPERT & THE FAIRY SPANKMOTHER: Rupert and Eleanor both find they have a fairy spankmother, in fact she gets them together. It isn't long before they are ready to get married but they soon find out there is a rather painful and uncomfortable price to pay for the fairy spankmother's services!

SHEIKH OF ARABY: Elaine's Middle Eastern holiday takes an interesting turn when she is captured by a prince and inducted into his harem. The prince has his own ideas of discipline but is everything all that it seems?

STARLET: Amanda is literally as low as she can go when cabbie Phil picks her up out of the gutter and takes her home. He doesn't recognise the actress and simply gives her the time she needs to sort her life out. When she discovers his secret kink, she is keen to give it a go, leading to new opportunities for both of them.

A TRADITIONAL WEDDING: It is a wedding with a difference in this tale of Owl and Pussycat! As the wedding guests merrily whip each other, Bernie is approached and accepts a spanking before giving one too. At the end of the evening the guests depart leaving the Owl and the Pussycat alone, as they dance by the light of the moon.

WASP TREATMENT: Ernest is stung by a wasp so rings and arranges a visit from a 'Wasp Treatment' firm that afternoon and goes out leaving Mildred to deal with it. The 'treatment' turns out to be something quite special for Mildred but the wasps still remain much to Ernest's surprise.

WHIPPING POST: A female archivist in a small town is fascinated by the town’s whipping post and pillory. She gets to experience the downside of both but turns the tables on her tormentor.

YOU'RE GOING TO BE SPANKED: Beth has walked out on her date with Mark when he threatened to spank her, but is having regrets. Their situation changes and Mark puts Beth on a regime of self-spanking for the following week. She has to buy some red stockings, spank herself until the colour of her bottom matches that of the stockings, and send Mark a picture. Beth finds it hard going, but when the final day of Beth's week of punishment arrives, and she has to face Mark again, she holds all the wining cards!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 -

The Spanking Machine

by Neil Dominik
Published: Mar 05, 2013
Words: 28,674
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
Click HERE for further details and purchase options.
THE SPANKING MACHINE: A Yorkshire inventor called Seth invites his friend and some 'subbies' to the shed at the bottom of his garden. It is here he keeps his pride and joy - a steam-driven spanking machine he has built. But when Seth and his friends try out the machine, things don't go exactly to plan!

KIRSTY'S REAL PUNISHMENT: Kevin and Kirsty have played at spanking, but now he decides to do use real severe corporal punishment on her with cane and strap - but why? All is revealed ...

ME! ME! ME!: It is twenty years since Michelle was being questioned by her mother on the disparate school friends who would be attending her birthday party. Their annual reunion serves to justify that, all these years on, the correct judgements had been made...

MOUNTAIN GIRL: A British missionary's wife discovers her kink in a Himalayan village, when a misbehaving young goatherd is brought for a flogging. Horrified yet fascinated, she asks her husband to thrash her. This he does, and there is a surprising benefit as far as her relationship with the village women goes.

NOT SO FARAWAY TREE: The faraway tree is long gone but Jo, Fanny and Bessie are still together living on the edge of the woods. One day Jo makes a paddle from a piece of wood, near where the tree used to stand and it turns out to be magic, as they find themselves back in Dame Slap's school. When Dame Slap uses the paddle they are all transported back, including Miss Faye, who decides to stay!

PASTOR ANDREW'S ADVICE: Lynn from Boston MA decides to take advantage of her parents' new-found religion to engineer herself some spankings. They hurt more than she expected, but she nevertheless finds something satisfying about them.

PRETTY BOY: An older experienced spanker takes pity on a younger male submissive and gives him his first adult spanking. He takes his punishment well and is eager for more - and is soon off meeting new people now the ice is broken.

QUEEN ADELAIDE & PRINCE FERDINAND: Andrew was always slippered growing up. When he met Adele, she soon moved into the spare room and the two became lovers. When his mother found out she introduced them to Queen Adelaide and Prince Ferdinand - two large size slippers for their bottoms.

ROSIE IN SPACE: Earth ambassador Rosie experiences off-world discipline at the hands of ViKi. This story contains strong use of discipline with tentacles!

SANDRA AND THE SAUSAGES: We all know that dogs steal sausages from butchers. But these aren't just any sausages, and the butcher and his wife are out for revenge.

SANDRA, BINGO & THE VAN MAN: A love for sausages - and the help of her dog - brings Sandra the love of a man. Pain and pleasure are not far behind.

SECOND SIGHT: Jane has fled to the country from a relationship with a Dom. She also wants to get away from the whole spanko scene, but can she live as a vanilla? She meets a man who she likes the look of but of course he would never be into what she is, or so she thinks. A clairvoyant makes her think otherwise - but is the woman a real clairvoyant, or does she have another agenda completely?

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE: young woman takes a job on a remote wildlife reserve in North Scotland, and discovers a taste for the tawse which leads to an embarrassing incident one dreich day.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Mary is bored, her husband is working away and the children are at university. This leads her to visit an elderly man who offers a unique service to top up his pension.

WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED: Dr Hilary's concern over a patient with obvious marks from a spanking, leads to her seeking the same. It seems she has her own problems in life that she needs some help with.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday, March 04, 2013 -

The Story of Lady Alice

by Geraldine Hillis
Published: Mar 03, 2013
Words: 14,846
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1 - Surprising News

"Excuse me, Milady, but the master wishes to see you in his study."

The Lady Alice frowned. It was seldom her father summoned her to the study, except for disciplinary purposes, and though she searched her mind, she could think of nothing she had done recently which would warrant punishment. "Did he say what he wanted of me, Jarvis?" she asked the impassive butler.

"No, madam, merely that he wished to see you," he replied evenly.

She scowled, making her pretty features quite unattractive. "Oh, well," she sighed. "I suppose I'd better see what he wants." And she made her way ungraciously to the study. As she neared the door, however, her bravado began to wear thin. Interviews with Papa could be painful affairs, and it was with a quickly beating heart that she tapped gently and entered at her father's command.

With a feeling of some relief she saw that Sir David did not look angry. She curtseyed respectfully. "You sent for me, Papa?"

"Yes, my dear." He rose and came towards her, taking both her hands in his. "I have good news for you, Alice. Lord Richard Carmichael has recently returned from his travels in Europe, and has expressed his wish to meet with you at the earliest opportunity."

She gazed at him in astonishment. "Lord Richard? You mean ...?"

"Yes, Alice. The man to whom you have been promised since you were a little girl. Now, isn't that exciting?"

Though he clearly expected her to greet the news with rapture, she could not bring herself to do so. "But, Papa ... surely after all these years ... he cannot still expect to honour that agreement! It was so long ago, and really, I have no wish to marry at this time."

Sir David frowned. "Alice, you are nineteen years old. It is high time you were wed, and Richard is a fine man. Of course, if he should prove distasteful to you, you mother and I would not force you to accept any proposal he may make, and ..."

"Distasteful! Of course I shall find him distasteful! He is old!"

"Nonsense, Alice. He is thirty-six ... hardly in his dotage yet." He swept aside her objections. "Lord Richard will dine with us tonight. You will go now to your room and begin to prepare. I shall send your maid to assist you. And Alice," he added warningly, "you will be on you best behaviour. I will not tolerate the slightest impertinence or rudeness from you this evening. Do you understand?"

Defeated for the moment, she muttered a quick, "Yes, sir," and with the slightest of curtseys, hastened from the room. Sir David leaned back in his chair and sighed. She had never been a docile girl. She was given to temper, obstinacy and fits of sullenness, and he wondered if perhaps it would be Richard who might decide that the long promised marriage would not, after all, take place.