Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013 -

The Romance of Spanking

by Rick Marlowe
Published: Mar 19, 2013
Words: 27,309
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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UPSTAIRS/DOWNSTAIRS: Lenz is Marlow's annoying neighbour, who leaves her washing in the machine, steals his parking spot and many other things that enable the two to enjoy some friendly banter. He really likes her but there is a problem - she has a boyfriend. Then one day, as he is debating threatening to spank her, he finds her in tears having broken up with boyfriend Ross. They spend the evening together and not only does she get her spanking, but great sex as well!

AFTER DINNER TREAT: Mark decides to provide his girlfriend with an unforgettable evening which includes cooking her favourite meal and then spanking her before taking her to bed. It is really her choice, as she is free to go out and eat elsewhere. She takes the spanking, and reflects afterwards that she enjoyed the experience far more than she expected, acknowledging that although it hurt like hell, she would make exactly the same choice again!

THE HITCHHIKER: Hitchhiking seems like the only available option open to Erin when she loses her money and bus ticket. Little does she realise how a chance meeting with Jeff Stone will change her life or how he will deal with her crashing his precious jeep. Life continues with plenty of bare bottom spankings, both punishment and fun!

THE PARKING TICKET: Jack is given a parking ticket by Parking Enforcement Officer Jodie. He convinces her to come out for a drink with him and they have dinner together, and later in the evening end up at his apartment. Things don't go quite as smoothly as Jack would like, as Jodie complains about his choice of music. A good old-fashioned spanking sorts her out, followed by an enthusiastic bout of lovemaking.

LAP DANCER: Craig and his friends out on a bachelor night of fun, venture into the Pink Pussycat gentleman's club where he is entranced by the charms of a lap dancer called Tawnee. To show his appreciation he slips paper money down the back of her G-string. Some time later, Craig goes home to his parents' house in Pennsylvania for Christmas. There are other guests there - including much to his surprise and delight - Tawnee. A relationship involving spanking shortly follows ...

WHAT MAKES HIM TICK: Annie discovers the shy guy at the office has a secret. He shares that secret with her and it excites her. When he invites her to his home for a nightcap, she discovers that the reality of being spanked far exceeds her fantasy. It is an amazing experience, followed by great sex!

SANTA'S LAP: Carol and boyfriend Mike are to spend Christmas with Carol's family. She decides to take him to visit Santa - just like she always did as a child - she has an important thing to ask Santa for this Christmas. Carol is shocked by Santa's reaction and ends up bare-bottomed over his lap getting a Christmas spanking. There is another surprise in store for her later. Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

THREE PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW: 'Uncle Rob' has his seclusion broken when Becca, the niece of his ex-wife Susan, rents out a building next to his bungalow. Becca and her two friends Kim and Alison seek refuge from the heavy snow. When Becca tells her friends about uncle Rob's spanking kink, it makes for a very entertaining conversation. The weather causes problems to the girls' plans of travelling to a New Year's Eve party, so they decide to stay with Uncle Bob and begin playing games. Bored with Scrabble they decide on a game of 'Truth and Dare' ... with very interesting consequences involving a paddle. On a later occasion, Becca asks 'Uncle Rob' for a favour, not for herself but for her friend Alison, who wants more spankings. Uncle Rob does the decent thing and helps her out. Alison just can't get enough ...