Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013 -

Shades of Pink: Book 3

by Angela Stone
Published: Mar 29, 2013
Words: 25,578
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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DOLLY THE DOUGHNUT: Dolly and doughnuts were best of friends until she got stuck in the cat flap!

FEELINGS...: This little story is an emotive examination of all the different feelings that can run through your head, before, during and after a spanking.

REVENGE STINGS: Shelly knows better than to enter Lee's office, and she certainly knows not to touch his precious collection. But there's no-one else who could have done it, is there? She accepts the spanking and even apologises, but something is not quite right...

SANTA SPANKED: A harassed mother is having a very busy Christmas Eve, receiving no help from her husband who is 'delayed' at the pub! Dressed in his Santa outfit, he eventually arrives home to be greeted by an irate wife who upends him and expresses her displeasure - while their twin daughters look on in awe at their mother's actions!

SECOND CHANCE: Sarah behaves atrociously to her elderly employer Joan and gets away with it - or so it would seem! Joan's compassion shines through in the form of some quite specific wishes set out in her Will.

SEVEN YEAR SWITCH: For her 7th wedding anniversary present to her husband, Laura arranges, with some trepidation, for him to visit a local Domme. Despite his nerves, it is what he has always wanted and the experience surpasses all his hopes, strengthening their relationship.

SKY STORY: Boredom leads to a rash walk on the rocks and a fall into the sea. The visiting engineer decides a spanking is the only answer to such daft behaviour.

THE SPANKING HOTEL: The Spanking hotel is the story of spanking couple Finn and Bella who live in a lovely old farmhouse located on the scenic Yorkshire moors. All is well until the heating system goes wrong, but Bella has a cunning plan of how to use their home to earn the money to fix the heating. The Spanking Hotel is soon open for business, and does a brisk and satisfying trade with the help of eager participants armed with wooden spoons, hairbrushes, paddles, rulers and canes! Friends are made, relationships formed, and bottoms are warmed in a most delightful way. Needless to say, sufficient funds are acquired to install a brand spanking new central heating system. This E-book also features a further 34 stories adding up to 76,000 words of spanking fun.

STABLE SPIES: Rick is finding Elaine's work in the stables less than satisfactory so when he finds her drinking coffee again he fires her. Elaine pleads not to be fired, so Rick offers her a spanking instead. Elaine agrees and is soon over Rick's knee.

THOMAS' HALLOWEEN TREAT: Resigning himself to a solitary Halloween at home, Thomas fulfils his promise to write a story for a fellow library member. The boundaries between reality and imagination become understandably blurred as the evening progresses. Next morning he is faced with a surprising development...

TO MATO: Max is carefully guiding his blindfolded girlfriend Malo towards the 'surprise' which he has purchased with their modest Lottery win. Expecting luxury, her disappointment is palpable on seeing a small boat with the letters 'TO MATO' painted roughly on the side. The brush had slipped! She makes her displeasure felt with a broken paddle which soon makes Max's bottom match the boat's name...

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Ray and Jeanette rented a lonely cabin deep in the woods. One evening Ray was in a grumpy mood and after several warnings from Jeanette he was led into the house. Naked on the bed, he finds himself on the receiving end of a belt on his bottom. A few days later, the roles are reversed with Ray doing the spanking. But it transpires that all their antics are being secretly recorded...