Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday, March 07, 2013 -

Spanks on a Train

by Neil Dominik
Published: Mar 07, 2013
Words: 29,168
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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SPANKS ON A TRAIN: When Rhi starts her first job at a garden centre she finds the daily commute very expensive and, comes up with a plan to save money. Unfortunately for her she gets caught on the train with an invalid ticket. Not wanting to face a criminal prosecution for fare evasion, she agrees the official can give her a hard spanking on her bare bottom instead. When she arrives at work and confides in her supervisor, not only does she find out an awful truth, but she also gets punished again.

BRIEFS ENCOUNTER: An elderly gentleman called Ken arrives on the station platform and has a chance encounter with a familiar figure. It turns out that Mistress Sadista, for once very conservatively dressed, is an avid train-spotter. Indeed, she knows all there is to know about trains, and when the expected train fails to show up at the station, she is angry that she has wasted her morning. But it isn't really wasted, as, clipping a leash to the collar around Ken's neck, she takes him off for an unexpected discipline session.

THE CURATE: The latest curate is most upset as he confesses the problems encountered the previous night with the vicar's daughter, Megan. He felt she was being disrespectful of parishioners and, in desperation, put her over his knee. But a measure of his success was a glimpse of her entering the house with a riding crop...

DON'T LEAVE ANY MARKS: Kate is a new social worker responsible for supervising foster parents. It comes to her attention that some of the older foster parents have been spanking the children in their care. Full of righteous indignation, Kate sets out to investigate only to be confronted by three long term foster carers who take Kate to task, with belt, cane and riding crop.

THE GRADUATE: Hayley is accident-prone so giving her a prominent role in the graduation ceremony may not have been all that wise. Determined though she is to make it all go smoothly, she does make a couple of errors of judgement - such as taking her pet mouse along! She ends up getting publicly spanked in the auditorium by all the academics.

HAIR: A new broom sweeps clean or so they say, but the old hands at North Threppleton Players know a thing or two about their audiences. So the planned performance of 'Hair', the 1960's musical, somehow morphs into 'Kiss Me Kate' via 'The Pirates of Penzance', to the great delight of an appreciative audience who applaud the good hidings!

JEAN'S DATE: Jean hasn't had a date in years, and is nervous about this one - especially as she is going to have her bottom spanked for the first time, a long held fantasy of hers. But exactly who is her date?

RUPERT & THE FAIRY SPANKMOTHER: Rupert and Eleanor both find they have a fairy spankmother, in fact she gets them together. It isn't long before they are ready to get married but they soon find out there is a rather painful and uncomfortable price to pay for the fairy spankmother's services!

SHEIKH OF ARABY: Elaine's Middle Eastern holiday takes an interesting turn when she is captured by a prince and inducted into his harem. The prince has his own ideas of discipline but is everything all that it seems?

STARLET: Amanda is literally as low as she can go when cabbie Phil picks her up out of the gutter and takes her home. He doesn't recognise the actress and simply gives her the time she needs to sort her life out. When she discovers his secret kink, she is keen to give it a go, leading to new opportunities for both of them.

A TRADITIONAL WEDDING: It is a wedding with a difference in this tale of Owl and Pussycat! As the wedding guests merrily whip each other, Bernie is approached and accepts a spanking before giving one too. At the end of the evening the guests depart leaving the Owl and the Pussycat alone, as they dance by the light of the moon.

WASP TREATMENT: Ernest is stung by a wasp so rings and arranges a visit from a 'Wasp Treatment' firm that afternoon and goes out leaving Mildred to deal with it. The 'treatment' turns out to be something quite special for Mildred but the wasps still remain much to Ernest's surprise.

WHIPPING POST: A female archivist in a small town is fascinated by the town’s whipping post and pillory. She gets to experience the downside of both but turns the tables on her tormentor.

YOU'RE GOING TO BE SPANKED: Beth has walked out on her date with Mark when he threatened to spank her, but is having regrets. Their situation changes and Mark puts Beth on a regime of self-spanking for the following week. She has to buy some red stockings, spank herself until the colour of her bottom matches that of the stockings, and send Mark a picture. Beth finds it hard going, but when the final day of Beth's week of punishment arrives, and she has to face Mark again, she holds all the wining cards!