Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday, March 08, 2013 -

A Thousand Strokes of the Cane

by Neil Dominik
Published: Mar 07, 2013
Words: 25,550
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F, F/M
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A THOUSAND STROKES OF THE CANE: When her Grandad Woodham dies, Lucy is shocked to discover that in order to inherit from him she must submit to 1,000 strokes of the cane within one year. She also has to show photographs of her punished bottom to the solicitor as proof that the conditions of the will have been met. As her Grandad expected, she soon makes the most of the situation and builds herself a future at the same time.

A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDU: Young Eva appears to be a naive schoolgirl at the time of the violent and historic 1968 student riots on the streets of Paris. In trouble with her headmistress, she fails to complete a written history paper, suffering a severe beating with the martinet.

CRUISING FOR A BRUISING: In a topsy turvy world, four women go out cruising the streets whilst high on drugs. Their choice of 'hunk' brings them to the attention of the wrong people and it all goes public. They are punished publicly but far from ruining their lives, things actually improve for them all.

EMULATING PASTOR JAMES: Neil is a psychiatric nurse and his wife Angie runs a successful delivery service. One evening he has to visit Pastor James to get a cheque signed and as there is no reply at the front door, he goes around the side and hears the Pastor being spanked by his wife, Fiona for telling her that Angie has the best breasts in the church. Going home, he grabs Angies's breasts, gives her his belt and tells her to chastise him.

GIFT OF GRACE: Mother-in-law Grace hands over a family paddle as a gift, hoping to inspire some heat in her daughter and son-in-law. She gets her wish, though not as she imagines it.

HELEN'S HUSBAND: There is rather a preponderance of women - worthy though they are - running the thriving city church of St Margaret's. The dowdy Helen has returned home after spending some time in Africa, but she is clearly unhappy, admitting to feeling herself very self-indulgent. The solution of her Nigerian colleague is that what she needs is a husband - and the next best thing is a regular dose of the strap!

HONOUR: Palesa invites her friend to her wedding in Africa, where her friend and other girls are whipped with a sjambok, and Palesa is restrained and whipped as punishment for her misdeeds in Britain. Palesa's friend volunteers to take the rest of Palesa's punishment.

NAUGHTY NURSES: In a nurses' home of the 1970s, Miss Smith has her own way of dealing with errant young nurses, as Rosalynn discovers to her cost when she sneaks a boyfriend into her room.

SATURDAY CLINIC: When the esteemed Dr Golding retires, his replacement is a young Polish woman called Dr Kaczmarek. She opens up a new clinic which offers caning as an effective treatment for depression. It seems to work very well indeed!

SIXTH FORM COUNCIL AT SEVENACRES: Best friends and fellow sixth formers, Liz and Andrea, are discussing the latter's most recent literary effort. After an initial confusion, she admits to feeling lacking in experience, a matter which her friend hopes to help solve with the aid of the Headmistress and with the agreement of fellow schoolmates. Andrea learns what the cane feels like on her bare bottom!

SLIMLOOKERS: Nicky runs a slimming class and has an unusual way of dealing with women who put on weight. This works with all but one girl, Simone, who has her own reasons for not responding to the treatment. Nicky finds a way of giving her what she wants whilst ensuring she sheds the pounds!

SUMMER VACATION: Too poor to take a proper holiday, Jan is forced to cat-sit for her aunt in a less than romantic location. A small advertisement leads to a part playing the secretary in a soft-porn spanko film, which helps Jan's budget. On release of the film, viewers decide they would like to see the secretary punished. Could this be the start of a new and lucrative career?