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Wednesday, March 27, 2013 -

Love on a Ranch

by Cara Lynn
Published: Mar 21, 2013
Words: 22,487
Category: romance, western
Orientation: M/F
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Annabelle's Special Day

It was a beautiful summer morning. There was a soft gentle breeze blowing. The wedding was only two weeks away and Annabelle couldn't wait. She didn't think she could be any happier.

She rode down to the lake on King, her father's gorgeous black stallion. He was a magnificent animal. She giggled to herself when she thought about how angry Kent would be if he knew she'd taken King out for a ride. She had already been spanked twice when he caught her riding King.

Kent was such a stickler about her riding any of the stallions. She never understood that; she grew up on horses and could handle any of the stallions. She got off King, tied him up and spread her blanket down on the soft green grass under a huge oak tree. She loved the lake; this was her favorite place on the ranch. She laid down on the blanket and watched the clouds float by reminiscing. Her life was wonderful. She loved Kent so much, but it hadn't always been that way.

Several Months Earlier

Annabelle was so in love with Kent Evans; it wasn't just a school girl crush however. She had known Kent her entire life and had always had a crush on him, but since he was eight years older, he never paid much attention to her. She was more like a distraction, a little pest he had to deal with. But now she was twenty-one and no longer a child.

He was so handsome, well over six feet tall with black hair and dark ebony eyes. She was the exact opposite; she was barely five feet tall, had long flowing blonde hair and sparkling green eyes.


Kent Evans owned the ranch just to the north of her father. It was actually larger than her father's ranch. He inherited the ranch from his grandfather along with the fortune his grandfather had amassed.

Kent lost his parents when he was a young boy, so his grandfather stepped in and brought him out to his ranch and raised him. His grandfather was a hardworking man; a true gentleman. He raised Kent to be a gentleman too.

Annabelle was an only child, and she was very spoiled. She lost her mother when she was a young girl and her father doted on her. He could never bring himself to say 'no' to her. There was absolutely no discipline in her life. She always got whatever she wanted.

Even though she was spoiled, she was a very kind and thoughtful girl. Her smile was infectious and she was always laughing and smiling. Everyone who knew her loved her.

She was an experienced rider but drove her father crazy because she always insisted on riding the most high-spirited stallion on the ranch. She rode fast and hard, flying through the pastures jumping any fence she could find. That riding was what caused her to get her very first spanking from Kent.