Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013 -

The Secret Life of Jane Anderson

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Mar 24, 2013
Words: 18,847
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

In which Jane writes a letter and meets an acquaintance of her Personal Assistant.

It was after eight o'clock at night but in the executive suite of offices at the major bank, one light still shone brightly. Inside, Jane Anderson, Director of Retail Operations, was sitting at her desk staring at a letter on her computer screen. She had drafted it and re-drafted it many times over the last two hours but she remained uncertain as to whether or not it conveyed the meaning that she intended.

Normally she was very decisive and would never have taken as long as this over a simple letter. However, this was different. It was nothing to do with her work. It was personal, intensely personal. So personal in fact that she was still unsure as to whether or not she should send it. In fact she had shredded several copies already that evening. She stood up and went to the window, gazing out into the darkness. Eventually she turned and went back to her desk and read through again what she had written.

Dear Mr French,

Forgive this formal approach but it seemed the easiest way to broach the subject with you. If you are reading this letter at all it means that our mutual acquaintance, Caroline, has persuaded you not to reject the whole matter out of hand. You will know, therefore, that Caroline has told me about your weekly arrangements. I hope you are not furious with her for that. I would hate to think of her poor bottom suffering because she had confided in me.

What I am about to write may be shocking to you. If it is and you wish to have nothing to do with me I will understand. All I ask is that you keep the matter totally confidential. Caroline has given me certain assurances in this regard but I am very much in your hands.

As Caroline will have explained, I hold a very senior position in one of our major companies. I wield a huge amount of power and every day many people do as I ask, mostly without question. Caroline of course comes into this category. I am comfortable with this power and have no difficulty in taking difficult decisions and backing up my own judgement.

So what, I hear you ask yourself. Many, many people do this every day. Yes, Mr French, they do. My problem, as will be the case with many others, is how to escape from these pressures sometimes. This is where my situation becomes unusual.

From time to time I feel a deep need to be treated as if I was the subordinate and not the boss.

Furthermore, I crave to be treated harshly and humiliated. If you agree to meet me then I can describe these needs in greater detail. Suffice to say at this stage that I would happily accept the sort of experiences that you inflict on Caroline - and more.