Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013 -

Bring Back the Cane

by Jon Thorn
Published: Mar 15, 2013
Words: 21,956
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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BRING BACK THE CANE: The reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools causes a young teacher called Georgina some misgivings. She has no idea how to use a cane. Fortunately, her friend and colleague, Kate, has experience, and is happy to teach her. The experience brings back memories for Kate, and Georgina learns a valuable lesson!

CINDERELLA: A new take on the classic tale of poor Cinderella. Ugly sisters Esmerelda and Antonia make life difficult for Cinderella who inevitably ends up being punished despite all her best efforts. Cinderella does go to the ball and she does marry her prince - but she is not the only one to have a fairy godmother...

FROM FANTASY TO REALITY: Annabelle has had a particular fantasy for a long time and at last she takes the first step to making it come true with the help of the Viridarium Partnership. A few weeks later she dons her school uniform and is picked up to be taken to her appointment with a very strict headmaster, who will make her fantasy come true.

REALITY TV - A STORY: Juliet is on a game show entitled Hot Seat. She has to answer a number of questions and can only afford to get a certain amount wrong. If she exceeds that amount she has agreed to be punished by the Headmaster, Mark, on the bare bottom in front of a live audience. In the heat of the battle, Juliet does her best, but she loses in 'double or nothing' in the final questions. She takes some of her strokes of the cane, but can only take so many. Will she forfeit her prize money, or can a compromise be reached?

INNER SANCTUM: Having caught her Master's eye at dinner, she goes to the room, the 'inner sanctum' to prepare for him and wait in an agony of anticipation for whatever he decides to do to her. She is willing and ready for her punishment.

NAUGHTIEST TWINS: Twins, Jessica and Rachel, sneak Jack into their dorm after lights out. When they get caught, Jack gets a wonderful view of both girls being spanked by the head girl. He can't believe his luck when he gets to make love to Rachel before being sent to see Jessica and then Miranda too.