Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 -

The Spanking Machine

by Neil Dominik
Published: Mar 05, 2013
Words: 28,674
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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THE SPANKING MACHINE: A Yorkshire inventor called Seth invites his friend and some 'subbies' to the shed at the bottom of his garden. It is here he keeps his pride and joy - a steam-driven spanking machine he has built. But when Seth and his friends try out the machine, things don't go exactly to plan!

KIRSTY'S REAL PUNISHMENT: Kevin and Kirsty have played at spanking, but now he decides to do use real severe corporal punishment on her with cane and strap - but why? All is revealed ...

ME! ME! ME!: It is twenty years since Michelle was being questioned by her mother on the disparate school friends who would be attending her birthday party. Their annual reunion serves to justify that, all these years on, the correct judgements had been made...

MOUNTAIN GIRL: A British missionary's wife discovers her kink in a Himalayan village, when a misbehaving young goatherd is brought for a flogging. Horrified yet fascinated, she asks her husband to thrash her. This he does, and there is a surprising benefit as far as her relationship with the village women goes.

NOT SO FARAWAY TREE: The faraway tree is long gone but Jo, Fanny and Bessie are still together living on the edge of the woods. One day Jo makes a paddle from a piece of wood, near where the tree used to stand and it turns out to be magic, as they find themselves back in Dame Slap's school. When Dame Slap uses the paddle they are all transported back, including Miss Faye, who decides to stay!

PASTOR ANDREW'S ADVICE: Lynn from Boston MA decides to take advantage of her parents' new-found religion to engineer herself some spankings. They hurt more than she expected, but she nevertheless finds something satisfying about them.

PRETTY BOY: An older experienced spanker takes pity on a younger male submissive and gives him his first adult spanking. He takes his punishment well and is eager for more - and is soon off meeting new people now the ice is broken.

QUEEN ADELAIDE & PRINCE FERDINAND: Andrew was always slippered growing up. When he met Adele, she soon moved into the spare room and the two became lovers. When his mother found out she introduced them to Queen Adelaide and Prince Ferdinand - two large size slippers for their bottoms.

ROSIE IN SPACE: Earth ambassador Rosie experiences off-world discipline at the hands of ViKi. This story contains strong use of discipline with tentacles!

SANDRA AND THE SAUSAGES: We all know that dogs steal sausages from butchers. But these aren't just any sausages, and the butcher and his wife are out for revenge.

SANDRA, BINGO & THE VAN MAN: A love for sausages - and the help of her dog - brings Sandra the love of a man. Pain and pleasure are not far behind.

SECOND SIGHT: Jane has fled to the country from a relationship with a Dom. She also wants to get away from the whole spanko scene, but can she live as a vanilla? She meets a man who she likes the look of but of course he would never be into what she is, or so she thinks. A clairvoyant makes her think otherwise - but is the woman a real clairvoyant, or does she have another agenda completely?

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE: young woman takes a job on a remote wildlife reserve in North Scotland, and discovers a taste for the tawse which leads to an embarrassing incident one dreich day.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Mary is bored, her husband is working away and the children are at university. This leads her to visit an elderly man who offers a unique service to top up his pension.

WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED: Dr Hilary's concern over a patient with obvious marks from a spanking, leads to her seeking the same. It seems she has her own problems in life that she needs some help with.