Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013 -

Muriel and the Pig!

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Mar 09, 2013
Words: 26,070
Category: humour
Orientation: M/F
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MURIEL AND THE PIG: Muriel wants a miniature pig, but unfortunately her husband Jim isn't interested, unless it's in a bacon sandwich. But Muriel entices him and eventually persuades him by offering to let him spank her weekly for a whole year. They seal the deal by starting the spanking at once, followed by riotous sex. The next day, Muriel decides to save on the £700 pig by getting a cheaper one for £30 - and buying clothes and treats with the rest. The pig arrives but it is huge and pot-bellied! And Harriet, as Muriel names her, sneakily opens the fridge and consumes the entire contents. When Jim arrives home unexpectedly early and sees the chaotic mess Harriet has wreaked, he takes Muriel by the ear, leads her to the bedroom and gets his long whippy cane from the cupboard. Muriel squeals in pain but is surprised to find that the caning is also turning her on. They make frenzied love again until an unexpected visitor joins them in the bedroom!

DIAL-A-SPANK: Having missed dinner and surveying the wet and miserable night from her hotel room window, Eliza decides to telephone for a pizza. Being unfamiliar with the area, she finds a slightly stained business card, but orders the best they have on offer, changes into her gown and awaits her meal. She receives rather more than she ordered but it leaves her wanting second helpings!

GRANDAD AND THE KEEP-FIT CLASS: Mayhem breaks out at the Fair Lawns Residential Home when Grandad volunteers to take the Keep-Fit class. He puts the residents through their paces, bending and stretching and marching round the room to bouncy music. But when they run out of steam, the ladies get their bottoms whacked! Everything turns out nicely, with an afternoon nap and the promise of a fish supper.

MADAM PETULENGRO: Using her skill at reading the tea leaves to her own advantage, Madam Petulengro is alerted to an urgent debt which must be paid that afternoon. The council electrician, arriving before the expected creditor, needs little persuasion when confronted by what can only be his heart's desire. He is empowered!

OH WHAT AN ARSE: Harold writes to Mrs Brown, from prison, to try and explain exactly why he had behaved in such an unacceptable way and ask for her forgiveness!

RADIO DYNAMITE: Timothy Harvey, a DJ at Radio Dynamite, gets more than he bargained for when he invites Miss Ramsbottom into the studio for a live interview. Miss Ramsbottom is a disciplinarian who does not tolerate any nonsense, on air or off. The lucky listeners are treated to the sound of a bare bottom spanking.

SID'S SANDWICH SHOP: Sid's Sandwich Shop is losing money, and unless business picks up, he will lose the business. His wife Nellie, however, has a plan to bring in customers - a plan involving her own perfectly shaped big bottom! Sid and Nellie work out a new price-list for their 'Tea and sandwiches with extras.' Sid looks out all their spanking implements, and they decide to do a bit of practising. The back room is cleared, decorated and furnished, and made into the spanking room. Their first customer samples a bacon sandwich with extras. He seems well pleased with the service, and promises to be back same time next week. Business seems to going well, but the next customer is female, and has no interest in spanking Nelly. This is not quite how Sid thought things would go - particularly as two young women pay to watch him get spanked! In search of a kipper for breakfast, the Vicar enters the sandwich shop. He doesn't find a kipper - instead he finds something much more interesting as he gets his own bottom whacked! Business is booming, and Sid and Nelly can afford to expand, taking on new fat-bottomed staff and acquiring new premises. Life is good at Sid's Sandwich Shop.

THE THING IN THE GREENHOUSE: Bella encounters a strange creature in her greenhouse. She tries to get Tibbles the cat to attack it, but alas, a dreadful fate awaits poor Tibbles! Bella rushes next door to tell Uncle Herbert, who gives her a sound spanking for telling preposterous lies. Bella is sent to bed with a sore bottom - but what will happen to Uncle Herbert?

THE TURNIP GENIE: Lizzy is out in the garden digging up turnips, when she makes a discovery. From the object she unearthed pops a turnip genie who spanks her hard for disturbing his sleep. Lizzy formulates a plan which earns her another spanking.

TWO MORE: Angus and Jane spy at the antics of their next door neighbour. Peeking through the garden fence, they watch as Sidney chases Madge into the shed and whacks her with a cane and his belt. Angus and begin to get a few idea of their own ...

A VERY BRITISH TRADITION: A group of ladies from the middle class village of Upper Downham met on the second Wednesday of the month for afternoon tea at the home of Fenella Fortesque-Smythe. Dolly the maid accidentally drops a chocolate eclair into someone's cup of tea and pays the consequences - a bare bottom paddling. Mrs Prune the cook is called to account for the ceramic baking bean one of the guests found in a strawberry tart. She is punished by a tawse on her bare bottom. The ladies are interrupted again when the under gardener breaks the window. Frank is caned on the bottom and thighs for breaking the sitting room window. The ladies let their hair down with a few too many gin and tonics, and end up capering around the room minus their knickers. The local vicar chooses this moment to walk in to the room. He thrashes the ladies bare bottoms, and is ably assisted by Jarvis the gardener, Frank the assistant gardener, the cook, the maid and the butler. Afterwards the ladies limp off home with very sore bottoms - but all ends happily!

WILLIE TRUMP AND THE TELESCOPE: Willie Trump's investment in a new telescope for his astronomy bears quite different fruit once he focuses it on the windows of his new next door neighbours. It isn't the moon he sees, but Mrs Johnson's bare bottom! Mrs Trump discovers the telescope and it's secrets. Intrigued, she seizes an unexpected opportunity and suddenly lives change in the leafy suburb - and it isn't Willie Trump doing the spanking.

THE WRESTLER: Dynamite Dick is a pro wrestler who hasn't lost a match in six weeks. Now it comes as a shock to the crowd as he lays like a beached whale out cold, as the big Russian, Ivor Bolokoff, head-butted him in a big way. Losing a bet is not something that makes his mistress very happy, Dynamite thinks as she wallops him. If losing a match is what it takes to get a spanking, then bring on the next contest!