Thursday, 25 September 2014

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Little Sophie and the Professor

by Chloe Carpenter
a BDSM ageplay romance
Published: Aug 09, 2014
Words: 25,688
Category: ageplay, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Sophie drew many admiring male glances as she settled down with a cup of coffee in the bustling university refectory. With her waist-length blonde hair worn in two long pig-tails, she looked cute as a button. She was pretty, with a dainty nose covered by a light smattering of freckles, and an expressive doe-eyed gaze complemented by a sensual mouth, rose-hued lips curving into a smile. At only 5 ft 1 she was of diminutive stature, but she had curves in all the right places, accentuated by her figure-hugging blue jeans and a clingy cap-sleeved top in sugar pink.

At this hour of the morning, the refectory was busy. Students came and went, chattering and laughing with friends. Chairs scraped on the polished wooden floor, and the clatter of cups and plates and cutlery added to the hubbub. Sophie ignored it all. She zoned out, her head filled with the image of Him. Her feelings for him were more than attraction, deeper than infatuation. He was devilishly good-looking in an understated way, and that was part of the allure - but what really appealed was his intelligence and his sheer physical presence. He was a man very much in control, confident without being arrogant. And when he looked at her with those smouldering green eyes and smiled that intoxicating smile of his, she felt her bones melt and there was not a darn thing she could do about it. At 24, she'd had several satisfying and fun relationships, but they all paled into insignificance when compared to her feelings for this man. And the worst thing was that he didn't know how she felt, and most likely never would. She sighed and sipped her coffee, deliberately pushing away the intrusive thoughts as her friends approached her table - four boys and three girls, working together for the past three weeks on a group project.

After the initial greetings, conversation focused on coffee and jam-filled doughnuts, which were being consumed at a rapid rate, but it wasn't long before someone changed the subject and they began to talk about Him.

"I used to hate Monday morning's," said Hannah, chewing happily. "But not any more! Not now we have the professor to look at for two whole hours. Bring it on!"

"That man is sex on legs," agreed Charlotte. She grinned at the prospect of his lecture. She was often late for lectures, but was never late for a class taught by the handsome Professor Jack Drummond.

"I wonder if he knows we've all got the hots for him?" mused Hannah.

"Of course he knows - given that all you lot do is stare and simper and flutter your eyelashes at him," said Mike accusingly.

"Jealous are you, Mikey?" Charlotte poked him playfully in the ribs.

"Jealous? Of that old fart? No way!"

"He's not old. I bribed Glenda in Admin to look up his date of birth. He's forty-three."