Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 -

The Sorcerer

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 01, 2013
Words: 14,906
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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A Chance Encounter

She saw that dreadful man again. He was lounging by the wall outside the blacksmith's shop, staring at her as she approached from the opposite end of the village. His dark reptilian eyes glittered and his mouth curved into a mocking smile. She shuddered, determined not to acknowledge him as she passed. He made her feel uncomfortable. When he looked at her, it was as though he was seeing inside her head, scanning all her innermost thoughts and feelings, processing her weaknesses, storing them up for use against her. The villagers suspected him of having dark powers, but were too afraid to shun him outright in case he turned them into toads or dung beetles. There was certainly something oddly disturbing about Arkham Maksim, and as Kay hurried past him she kept her head down, eyes glued to the rough road beneath her feet.

"Mmmm, what a pretty little thing."

His voice was an appreciation of deep chocolate velvet. He barred her way, standing over her, a tall vital presence. Breaking her resolve, Kay looked up into an intensely expressive face framed by sleek dark hair. His eyes were mysterious and deep and brimming with surreptitious knowledge. At such close quarters he was an outstandingly handsome man.

She gaped at him, her surprise mirrored on her face. He took another step closer, and his wide sensual mouth curled into an appealing, welcoming smile. He reached out with his right hand and caressed the side of her face with his long tapering fingers, and with his other hand he stroked her dark waving hair, giving it a little tug so that she had to tilt her head back. Her blue eyed gaze was swamped within the darkness of his eyes, so deep brown as to be almost black. They penetrated her, searchingly teasing out all her secrets and fears.

"And if I am not mistaken, you are still a virgin," he added, dryly.

Kay blushed furiously. "How dare you make such a remark!"

"Oh I dare," he replied suavely. "I dare do anything." His eyes flared and then narrowed a little. "Anything," he whispered, surprising her by delivering a sudden hard spank on her bottom.

Kay squealed, outraged by his behaviour. She was so stunned she was at a loss for words. Her face beet red, she pushed passed him and practically ran along the road. His soft laughter followed her.

"We will meet again soon, you and I. Of that you can be certain, Miss Kay Archer."

Kay marched on without a backward glance, bristling at the effrontery of the man, and feeling a slight unease that he knew her name. Still, it was a small village; it would be relatively easy to find out who was who, especially if one happened to be a sorcerer. She would go home to her father and put all thoughts of Arkham Maksim out of her mind.