Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013 -

The Spanking Hotel

by Angela Stone
Published: Jan 20, 2013
Words: 76,058
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE SPANKING HOTEL: The Spanking hotel is the story of spanking couple Finn and Bella who live in a lovely old farmhouse located on the scenic Yorkshire moors. All is well until the heating system goes wrong, but Bella has a cunning plan of how to use their home to earn the money to fix the heating. The Spanking Hotel is soon open for business, and does a brisk and satisfying trade with the help of eager participants armed with wooden spoons, hairbrushes, paddles, rulers and canes! Friends are made, relationships formed, and bottoms are warmed in a most delightful way. Needless to say, sufficient funds are acquired to install a brand spanking new central heating system. This E-book also features a further 34 stories adding up to 76,000 words of spanking fun.

ALICIA'S AWAKENING: Delighted at her good fortune at inheriting a property as well as a quarter of a million pounds, Amelia Rochester rudely parts with her employer and sets off for the south coast. In the village she upsets every one of the locals and is surprised to find her clearing out of the house interrupted. A strong young man, claiming to be her cousin's best friend, takes it upon himself to rectify her attitude.

BILLY: Amy has undertaken to keep an eye on eighteen year old Billy, the son of her boyfriend of several years, only intermittently at home due to his job as a marine engineer. Billy accompanies Amy to a car boot sale where he is excited by the discovery of a camera and projector along with some old films. Later, Amy, Billy and his friend Harriet sit down to watch the cricketing films - but the sporting shots are quickly succeeded by what might only be termed home 'porn' movies with which each watcher is fascinated in his or her own way! This sets the scene for exploration and spanking fun for the three of them, with the help of an ancient tawse.

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: Mark is not really convinced when Fiona encourages him into a bubble bath so that she can discover what he plans for her birthday. The evening does not unfold as she expected, and it is not until she is over his knee that the misunderstanding becomes clear!

A BOAT TOO FAR: Trying too hard to be sophisticated but ignoring all advice, young Jade is proving to be the most obnoxious companion and no fun at all for poor Mike as he rows her out in his small boat to the island. Continuing to infuriate him, she finally falls into a muddy pool, needing his help and eventually his punishment. Suddenly the day improves!

COOKING WITH CANES: In desperation at her expanding waistline, Jodi vows to forego the unhealthy convenience foods she has been eating, and enrols in a cookery class. Lee, the instructor, is not impressed by her timekeeping or general attitude. Strangely, though, she finds herself increasingly wanting to impress him - and everything changes...

DEAR JOHN: Clearly relishing the idea of writing a 'Dear John' letter, Emma uses it to get her own back on her former lover who, in turn, was apparently cheating on his wife. She describes in detail her new man, his many attributes and particularly his skills in disciplining her. She does not hold back on any detail, even his identity!

DINING WITH DISASTER: With rather a bad grace Sally accompanies her boyfriend Andy to a business dinner with his clients. Arriving late, and finding both the proceedings and the female company tedious, Sally tries to distract Andy with the result that he spills red wine all over the women guests. After a very tense drive home, Andy delivers an ultimatum which seems as though it will determine the future of their relationship.

DOING THE RIGHT THING: Vik is really concerned about his beloved wife. Clearly she is in a lot of pain and, although he does as much as she will allow him to help, she can't seem to voice her greatest desire. Writing her needs down seems a solution and she obeys his instructions to precede him up to their bed. It is a peaceful night...

DOLLY THE DOUGHNUT: Dolly and doughnuts were best of friends until she got stuck in the cat flap!

EDDIE'S CHRISTMAS TALE: Eddies one wish was that his wife shared his love of spanking. This year, it seems his Christmas present is to come early!

FEELINGS...: This little story is an emotive examination of all the different feelings that can run through your head, before, during and after a spanking.

HORSE THERAPY: In this initially angry exchange of letters with his mother, Ben can only complain about the demanding regime in the stables. After the inevitable trouble in which he finds himself, he seeks solace and totally falls for the lovely stallion, Sam. The tenor of his letters home changes...

IT ALWAYS COMES IN THREES: Diane is faced with a series of misfortunes, all coming at once, and meaning she needs a new job followed soon by new accommodation. An openly acknowledged spanker, she finds a small ad and is totally amazed to discover the products to be 'tested' are spanking implements. The boss who wields them is not bad either - and he happens to have a vacant flat...

JAMES JUNIOR: James aged 5 is playing in his mum and dad's bedroom under their bed, when they come in unexpectedly. What follows is a big surprise to little James, but at least he learns three new words!

JANE'S BOTTOM: A College Co-ed gets involved in an advanced experiment using cutting edge technology that results in her getting spanked ... without being spanked! Read on to find out how!

KAY'S DISCOVERY: Kay has been fascinated by spanking since her teens, but the almost obsessive interest fades as she gets older - until, years later she finds some spanking sites on her husband's computer. After the initial shock of discovering his spanking kink she decides to explore for herself. She sets up a scenario for him as a surprise and leaves a trail of clues, in note form, for him to follow. Filled with trepidation, she hears Shaun arrive home while she waits upstairs in the spare room, dressed as a school girl, her bottom bared.

LIFE IS GOOD: Incapable of resisting her overwhelming urge, and while the house is empty, Wendy fulfills her needs with her hairbrush. Arriving unexpectedly, Jack declares that this will forever be his duty, a suggestion with which she is happy to agree!

THE MEET: Fiery Fiona driving home from riding, crashes her car into Mark's Volvo. A combination of tight fitting jodhpurs and Fiona's poor attitude earns her a sound spanking.

MISSING: Jimmy goes missing but is found a few days later. It seems he is suffering from amnesia and nothing Nicola does helps. Eventually frustration takes over but will it kill or cure their marriage?

MOVING ON: Sadly, she is having to leave the home which they had both loved. Recalling how happy she and Nate had been here, Hannah's feet follow the familiar path to 'her' corner, a crucial part of their punishment routine when she showed she deserved it. An insecure youngster, the strength of her relationship with her wonderful man had made her the confident woman she now was. Nat would be a part of her always.

MR JOLLY'S PIKE PADDLE: Mrs Jolly makes the serious mistake of thinking she can enjoy a day out on the lake while her husband fishes. For once he fails to get a bite, but a snoring wife has not been helping. Having landed a particularly nasty pike, he uses it to belabour his wife's bottom, intent on putting her off fishing for ever!

NEIGHBOURLY RELATIONS: Increasingly disturbed at night by noises from next door, Bea is convinced that their neighbour is abusing his wife. Proved entirely wrong, she is astounded when Max arrives home bearing an invitation to dinner - in the interests of neighbourly relations! A number of things change...

NIGHTSCHOOL NIGHTMARE: Roger is attending a night-school class in Spanish, but has forgotten his glasses. This leads to an unfortunate (or is that fortunate?) mix-up.

PUNISH ME: Belinda has gravely displeased her husband, James, and sits bare-bottomed at the kitchen table while she writes a letter of apology which also specifies how best he should punish her. The gravity of her sin becomes clearer as the retribution is detailed, but she so trustingly looks forward to his forgiveness.

REVENGE STINGS: Jamie was reading his Grandmother's will, which stated that his mother, Avril, could not inherit until she had undergone four sessions of correction at the town's institute. Jamie was caught reading the will after having been told not to and was slippered by his Dad. Jamie decided that he just had to see his mother punished, so he managed to sneak into the Education room and watch.

SANTA SPANKED: Jamie was reading his Grandmother's will, which stated that his mother, Avril, could not inherit until she had undergone four sessions of correction at the town's institute. Jamie was caught reading the will after having been told not to and was slippered by his Dad. Jamie decided that he just had to see his mother punished, so he managed to sneak into the Education room and watch.

SECOND CHANCE: Sarah behaves atrociously to her elderly employer Joan and gets away with it - or so it would seem! Joan's compassion shines through in the form of some quite specific wishes set out in her Will.

SEVEN YEAR SWITCH: For her 7th wedding anniversary present to her husband, Laura arranges, with some trepidation, for him to visit a local Domme. Despite his nerves, it is what he has always wanted and the experience surpasses all his hopes, strengthening their relationship.

SKY STORY: Boredom leads to a rash walk on the rocks and a fall into the sea. The visiting engineer decides a spanking is the only answer to such daft behaviour.

STABLE SPIES: Rick is finding Elaine's work in the stables less than satisfactory so when he finds her drinking coffee again he fires her. Elaine pleads not to be fired, so Rick offers her a spanking instead. Elaine agrees and is soon over Rick's knee.

THOMAS' HALLOWEEN TREAT: Resigning himself to a solitary Halloween at home, Thomas fulfils his promise to write a story for a fellow library member. The boundaries between reality and imagination become understandably blurred as the evening progresses. Next morning he is faced with a surprising development...

TO MATO: Max is carefully guiding his blindfolded girlfriend Malo towards the 'surprise' which he has purchased with their modest Lottery win. Expecting luxury, her disappointment is palpable on seeing a small boat with the letters 'TO MATO' painted roughly on the side. The brush had slipped! She makes her displeasure felt with a broken paddle which soon makes Max's bottom match the boat's name...

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Ray and Jeanette rented a lonely cabin deep in the woods. One evening Ray was in a grumpy mood and after several warnings from Jeanette he was led into the house. Naked on the bed, he finds himself on the receiving end of a belt on his bottom. A few days later, the roles are reversed with Ray doing the spanking. But it transpires that all their antics are being secretly recorded...

TRUST & TICKETS: Fiona's bad temper and lack of trust upsets her husband. This results in corner time and a spanking for Fiona. But does she learn her lesson?