Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday, January 05, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 1

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 05, 2013
Words: 23,715
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE ALCHEMIST: What dark and mysterious secrets did Magnus the alchemist possess? Had he found the elixir of youth? Apparently so - his youthful good looks were attributed to giving regular spankings to the village girls.

A CANE FOR A GOVERNESS: Miss Brown seems well qualified and does not quail under Sir Charles' questioning, giving him hope that she might make a satisfactory governess for his daughter. He dismisses her preference for the tawse as a punishment implement, giving her a practical demonstration of his choice - with which she seems quite happy!

CARSTAIRS MANOR: Strange things happen in the twilight hours at Carstairs Manor. Elizabeth is frightened when the ghost first appears. She cannot help but notice how devilishly handsome he is, and he has such a nice smile considering he's been dead for 400 years. Elizabeth's new friend introduces her to the delights of spanking.

THE FULL MONTY: All the while blossoming but previously unfulfilled, seventeen year old Prudence dares act out of character to attend a performance of the 'Full Monty' at a local club. Carried along by the surrounding enthusiam, she finds herself being approached by a young, off-duty policeman. In his car she admits to an overwhelming need which he is happy to fulfil!

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE: About to post her £50 to a Mr John Humphrey whose ad claims he can change her life, Rosie is saved by postman Charlie who offers to change her life for free. After a nice dinner he spanks her with hand and gymshoe. She loves it, they have great sex and Charlie enjoys a quiet moment of self-satisfaction ...

INTERROGATION: A young girl, taking a perfectly innocent walk in the countryside, is caught and restrained before being stripped and beaten. Facing up to, and being interrogated by, the fearsome, scarred 'Commander Steel', she receives a note from an adjacent cell with advice as to how her captors might be appeased. The solution presents itself ...

MACDONALD FAMILY THRASHINGS: The Macdonald clanswomen gather on the eve of Kirsty's 16th birthday. Traditionally, all the girls have to endure a rite of passage at such a time, which involves a thrashing from Angus MacDonald. As custom demands, she goes the last mile alone to meet him. He spanks her, then uses a tawse, before going out for a moment to fetch logs. And in that moment, Kirsty makes a shocking discovery about Mr. Angus MacDonald.

MIND GAMES: A very rude woman arrives at Jeremy's house and makes a scene. When she later returns, Jeremy is ready to teach her a lesson with hand, paddle and tawse ... but things aren't quite what they seem!

THE MONOLITH: Since the depths of time the enormous black stone had dominated the village, draining its existence. Regular sacrifices had to be made, not least by the female side of Maya's family, over the years and generations helping it continue to thrive.

OH WHAT AN ARSE: Harold writes to Mrs Brown, from prison, to try and explain exactly why he had behaved in such an unacceptable way and ask for her forgiveness!

OUT OF THE MIST: As night falls, the swirling sea mist eddies around the watching and waiting figure. In its own good time, it detaches itself from the surrounding landscape and, entering the cottage, finds her ready and compliant. She begs, he obliges and the morning finds them reconciled.

THE ROCKING HORSE: Taking pride in his ability to assess people's wealth at a glance, Arthur Turnbull is delighted when he sees a well-dressed middle-aged couple approach his antique shop. They browse, and come upon a rocking-horse. Arthur is then astonished to see the elegant lady strip, straddle the horse and present herself to her partner and his crop. After the whipping, the couple leave as unassumingly as they came. Arthur has other pressing business to attend to...

THE SEER: The beautiful Marietta comes shyly before the wise man with a request. Due to enter into a dull marriage with the local blacksmith, she wonders if life might perhaps have more to offer her. Koreshi, seeing her need, transforms into what she wants to see and, following fulfilment of her desire, makes his offer.

SNOOTY BITCH AND THE TAXI DRIVER: Accustomed to getting her own way and being as rude as she pleases, Miss Golightly meets her match when she tangles with a taxi driver outside Harrods. The following week, Prudence is astounded to find her apartment filled with avenging people bearing weapons - and learns that the driver is her titled landlord!

THE STATUE: A couple begins renovation of a newly acquired home and discover there is much more to the back garden than they first thought. What they find changes their perception of each other in an interesting manner!

SUZIE GETS A SPANKING: Suzie finds herself at the mercy of chef Umberto's hand and wooden spoon when she over-salts the soup.

TODAY'S SPECIAL: A woman pushes herself forward for the day's special offered at the popular Tea Cosy Café. She is determined that she is the most deserving - but of what exactly?!

TWO LARGE EGGS: The local women are alternately excited and terrified by talk of the mage who preys on virgins. Travelling home from market, Belinda sells two fine eggs to a stranger who, learning she is a virgin, offers to accompany her. Losing her virginity unveils something fearful with unexpected consequences.