Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday, January 06, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 2

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 06, 2013
Words: 23,581
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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THE BED: Steven is under pressure to sell more of the beds in the shop where he works. His wife Gwen comes in handy when she annoys him enough to spank her with his hand and a paddle right there in the shop in front of the customers. The beds go like hot cakes and Steven gets a pay rise, while Gwen...

THE CHINA TEAPOT: Dan and Laura pick up an old china teapot from a country craft fair. They later find that every time Laura gets spanked, something strange happens.

DIRECTOR'S CUT: Driving through the teeming rain, Charles hurries to the home of his father, hoping he will be in time as the old man is dying. His father imparts some surprising truths on his deathbed, and hands Charles his last will and testament. But wait - Something is not quite right here! It takes a rather special encounter between Charles and the housekeeper to put things to rights and it marks the beginning of an intense spanking relationship.

THE GARDEN OF DELIGHTS: The ultimate pleasure for Mr Taylor is being able to conduct Mrs Bishop through the winding paths of his wonderful garden. Planted with a multitude of red flowered specimens, he takes the greatest of pleasure in making her bottom reflect a similar hue - once a week!

HOW TO SELL A MERCEDES: Heidi is ambitious and, as she starts her first week as a sales person in the car showroom, a customer intimates that if she will allow him to spank her, in return, he will buy the Mercedes E-class coupe. Heidi cannot refuse such an offer, but gets much more than she bargained for.

A MOTIVATIONAL SPANKING: Lydia is encountering the very common pangs of writer's block, uncertain as to where her scene setting is leading. A coffee break is called for and, as she confesses her lack of inspiration to her helpful husband, he is the one to become inspired - with mutually rewarding results!

A JOB TO BE DONE: Only two weeks into the first term of the new school and Amanda is in trouble again. She is sent to the Head's study for punishment, and receives a dose of the strap, paddle and the cane. However, the Head is not quite who he pretends to be.

MAGDA MEETS HER MATCH: Until leaving school, the fearless teenager Magda has led a charmed life, but a new job in the city means she must lodge with Aunt Imogen. From the start, they are at odds and Magda sees no reason to obey foolish rules. However, when she decides to ignore a curfew on her first night, she begins to see what this move entails.

MRS BIGGINS' BOARDING HOUSE: Christina's parents insist that they choose her accommodation for her first year at college. Mrs Biggins is said to run a very orderly house and it doesn't take long for her new resident to deserve the consequences of disobedience and to understand why. She is not the only one, as she learns afterwards.

A PAIR OF SPECTACLES: Totally uninspired in the essay writing department, Olivia is forced to succumb to a severe tawsing during which her spectacles fall off. Threatened with the headmaster's cane, it is surprising how she becomes more motivated - and effective - although perhaps not for the same reason!

ROMANCE IN A FLAT: As night falls, the swirling sea mist eddies around the watching and waiting figure. In its own good time, it detaches itself from the surrounding landscape and, entering the cottage, finds her ready and compliant. She begs, he obliges and the morning finds them reconciled.

A PERFECT DATE: Greg is loving his first date with Amanda and pushes his luck on the way home, driving deep into the countryside. Just settled in the back seat, they are interrupted by an aggressive policeman who makes it clear that Amanda should accept his solution. All is not, however, as it seems.

THE SNAKE CHARMER: Steve has everything a man could want - nice house, car, well-paid job - but something is missing. When he encounters a mysterious snake-charmer, he is shown his heart's desire. But will he have the courage to accept it?

SPANK PUDDLE: Rosie jumps in a puddle and gets more than she bargained for - she jumps into the world of Spank Puddle. When she tries to get back for a repeat spanking, she is disappointed.

THE STONE MAIDEN: Fleeing a cruel and unjust belting from her step-father, Bryony goes to the ring of 19 granite stones nearby (the 'stone maidens') where she had spent happy days with her late mother listening to stories of local legends. At twilight, the stones shimmer and shift, becoming the 19 maidens of the legend. They dance and sing with Bryony in joy. Before the maidens leave, they each contribute a precious gift, the answer to Bryony's troubles ...

SYLVIA GETS THE SLIPPER: Sylvia's first day in a new job gets off to a painful start after she needs to borrow some clothes from lost-property. Mistaken as a pupil, she gets thoroughly slippered!

TRANSFORMATION OF A DISOBEDIENT DAUGHTER - PART 1: Robert and Gwen are due to go on holiday but are distracted by their unruly daughter Cindy who has just been expelled from school. Robert employs Miss Madigan to sort her out, which she does with the help of an ingenious spanking horse and a very heavy leather strap!

TRANSFORMATION OF A DISOBEDIENT DAUGHTER - PART 2: Cindy's woes continue. She washes up very reluctantly, spurred on by Miss Madigan's judicious use of a wooden spoon. She is then sent to bed without any supper. She later creeps out apparently unobserved for a pizza, but her attempt to purchase alcohol at a bar is frustrated by an uncooperative barman and the sudden arrival of Miss Madigan. A mouth soaping and slippering complete her unhappy evening.