Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday, January 07, 2013 -

Six of the Best: Book 3

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Jan 07, 2013
Words: 25,107
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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BEGGING FOR A SPANKING: It certainly looks as though Gina is about to get more than she bargained for, if not at least as much as she deserves. She has been taunting and interrupting the marking duties of her Professor and, when she throws herself towards him, things go further than she intended!

THE CUPBOARD OF NASTY SURPRISES: As he grew up, Freddie was used to being looked after by Granny Button next door and, as he became older, accustomed to the locked 'Cupboard of Nasty Surprises.' Finally, aged eighteen, his moment comes and he is given the key. All is revealed and he understands why he has always felt so close to this special lady.

DOES THIS DRESS MAKE ME LOOK FAT?: Threatening to spank his wife in the changing room of a clothes store leads to Godfrey having a very agreeable time indeed!

GIRLS ON HOLIDAY: Barbara Benson tells her daughter Anna and her friend Karen about how she and her husband got into spanking. She'd gone on a secret holiday with a friend and got caught leaving hotels without paying. They were spanked, paddled and belted by the irate managers, one of whom turned out to be rather special!

THE HUNGRY DOG: Suzie makes a new friend - a funny looking stray dog in the park. She brings him lunch every day, and at the end of the week takes him home. The new arrival settles down wonderfully well, and Suzie has earned herself her first ever spanking - but it certainly won't be the last.

THE INSTITUTION: Mayfield is a very special village, due largely to the Institute. George, sick of his nagging wife and spoiled daughters, arranges for them all to spend a week there. The three girls are looking forward to a week of luxury and bossing George around but when they arrive, they soon realise that this is not going to be a good holiday at all. It turns out that George has booked them in for a weeks worth of discipline!

JOHNNY WALLOP: Johnny's long-held dreams come true when new neighbour, Frances, asks him to act as disciplinarian to her badly-behaved daughter, Lucy. He gives Lucy a thorough paddling on her bare bottom and makes her stand in the corner. Frances then manufactures a reason to get a dose of her own. Johnny is an exceedingly happy man.

MAGDA'S NEW JOB: Magda loves her new job as a waitress, but in the first week she learns why it is so important to read your employment contract before signing it. It seems that, in this cafe, breakages are paid for in an unusual way and Magda has a lot of broken crockery to atone for too!

A NEIGHBOURLY SPANKING: After an argument over their dogs leads to Mrs Withers behaving insufferably to her neighbour Mr Bishop, he gives her a thoroughly good spanking with hand and fish-slice, with surprising, and happy, results for both couples!

PORTRAIT OF A CANED BOTTOM: Rosie is an insurance assessor, who has gone to Mr MacKenzie's house to assess the damage from a fire in his artist's studio. She used to deliver newspapers to him when she was younger. To her surprise she finds a painting of herself and asks if he has any more. He shows her two more paintings, the final one depicting her naked with a caned bottom. He then asks Rosie if she would like him to spank her ...

ROUGH JUSTICE: Mike Brown watches the young woman standing outside the house next door, looking lost and confused. He breaks the news that her old friend passed away since her last monthly visit, well aware thanks to his spying the reason for her regular visits. After offering himself as a substitute, a slip of the hand ensures it will be for the last time!

THE SÉANCE: At one of her regular seances, Miss Beatrice is able to tell Lavinia that she is being contacted about a promised inheritance. Three days later Lavinia's elderly piano teacher dies with her across his knees. His heir offers to share the fortune, but with strings attached.

THE SPANKING CHAIR: Rosie is happy to be a part of the O'Connor family now she is to marry Patrick, their eldest son. There is one thing he had not told her about though, the spanking chair. In fact it is not until Rosie breaks the chair that she learns about it and gets her first experience of it. The family tradition carries on though and many years later the same chair is passed on to their eldest son and they simply have to get a new one!

THE SUCCUBUS: Awakened by strange noises, and feeling something invisible on his bed and then upon his chest, Brian imagines he's being attacked by a sexy succubus. Actually it's the neighbour, Irene's, cat, and it's the third time this week! Brian takes matters, and Irene's bottom, into (and under) his own hands and spanks her hard, adding plenty with his slipper too. To his surprise, however, Irene's yelps turn to something else. As for the cat ...

TELLING THE BEES: Kathy and John's new house comes with the bees. They are warned that to keep the bees happy they must tell them everything, or else they will get angry. The couple get used to talking to the bees and they in turn seem happy, until all of a sudden their mood changes. It takes the couple a while to realise that they had been keeping a secret from the bees, but once they explain all about the spanking the bees return to their previous happy state.

THE TRAVELLING HAIRBRUSH MEETS OLIVIA: The disruptive Olivia is once again being excluded from school. At the end of her tether, her inconvenienced mother collects her in a taxi - which miraculously appears to contain the solution to her problem!

UNCLE GEORGE: Accused by her mother of not wearing any knickers, Chloe is rude and blames Uncle George - who died two years ago. Not impressed, her mother takes her slipper to her, requiring an apology. But, upstairs once more, she is over Uncle George's knee. Mother also suffers before this strange day is over.

WELCOME TO PARADISE: In the sordid and decidedly dingy surroundings of the few rooms known as 'Paradise', Joe hands over grubby notes in payment for a secret 'session' in which he acts as the strict university lecturer to a succession of nubile students. His time having run out too soon, he emerges to confront someone very close to him - and a whole new, and cheaper, future for both of them!