Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday, May 01, 2014 -

When Wives Spank

by Lewis Stone
Published: Mar 28, 2014
Words: 21,233
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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The Diet Plan

Mick rolled over in bed and placed his arm around the waist of his wife sleeping beside him. As he made contact with her skin he began to think of how wonderful her body was, the smooth skin, her curves in all the right places. As he stroked her stomach, he felt no bulges or love handles on her sides. It was a pleasure to feel and a beautiful sight to see, especially when she only had her silky lingerie on.

He thought back to the previous few months. Carol, or Tinkerbell as he affectionately called her, had told him about needing motivation to stick to her diet. The pictures in their photo album, they had pulled out in view of their upcoming anniversary had shown a much thinner lady and she wanted to get back to what she was when they were first married.

They discussed many things but in the end Tinkerbell smiled and jumped on his lap while telling him she had the perfect motivation plan already in mind. The plan in itself was simple enough, she was required to lose two pounds a week, and every Friday morning her scale would show whether or not she had been successful. If she had not lost the pounds, she would be squirming and kicking over his knee while her bare bottom was warmed up by his hand that evening.

The other side of the motivation was not what he expected. If she was successful in losing the two pounds per week, then he would be over her lap that night for a spanking, given with her hand and a ping-pong paddle she constantly kept by the bed. Mick wondered why he should be spanked for her success, but with her sitting on his lap kissing his neck and looking into his eyes while pleading just a little, he agreed to the plan. After all, how many weeks would she actually succeed?

The first Friday Tinkerbell ended up over his knee for a spanking was one she did not forget all weekend. He made her squirm and kick and by the time he sat her up to cuddle her on his knee, her bottom stung for the next hour. She loved the way he held her and stroked her hair in order to stop her tears as she sat bare bottom on his lap. Kissing her cheeks and wiping away the tears made her connect with him in a strong emotional bond. It was energizing to them as individuals and to their soon to be thirty-three years of marriage.

The second Friday she was giddy all day. She had lost almost three pounds and it was his turn over her lap. Carol smiled all day as she waited for him to get back from work, because she intended turning his bottom a bright red.

"Hey Tinkerbell, what about going to a movie tonight?" he asked shortly after they had finished washing up the supper dishes and the nightly news was over.