Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday, May 09, 2014 -

Sonia's Domestic Discipline Regime

by David McKnight
Published: Apr 10, 2014
Words: 29,619
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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My name is David and I live in South Texas on a ranch near the Rio Grande River. My cattle, oil, and real estate interests paid off handsomely over the years, so I no longer have to worry about money. I love women but am disillusioned with dating and marriage. Therefore, I came up with a solution that is not politically correct, but which fulfills my needs while helping poor girls with limited prospects.

I go across the river into Mexico and find a beautiful young woman living with poverty-stricken parents. I discuss what I want, and if the girl and her parents agree, I start the process. I get a work visa for the young woman, move her into my home, and start the procedure for getting her U.S. citizenship. I pay her a good salary, enough to send money back to her parents, but also to save for her future.

There is no contract so she is free to return home at any time. When she gets her U.S. citizenship, which usually takes two or three years, I help her find an apartment and a job in whatever city in Texas she chooses. I also give her a new car and a check for $25,000. In exchange for all of this, she keeps my house clean, does my laundry, cooks, and performs secretarial duties. In addition, she obeys me in all things, satisfies my sexual needs, and submits to my discipline.

Sonia started working for me today. She's nineteen years old, about 5'1" and probably weighs less than 100 pounds. She has beautiful light brown hair which has a natural wave, and which she wears shoulder length. She has soft brown eyes, a bright smile, small perky breasts, and a nicely rounded little ass. Her complexion is very fair because her mother is Anglo. Her trim petite body has curves in all the right places.

After I bring her across the border, I take her to see Emily, a doctor who's a friend of mine. We dated at one time but are just good friends now. When a nurse calls Sonia back to the exam area, I accompany her. She checks Sonia's weight, blood pressure, and temperature then draws blood and asks for a urine sample. The lab will do all the normal tests plus screen for aids, pregnancy, and drugs.

The nurse then escorts us to a private examination room where Emily soon joins us and listens to Sonia's heart and lungs, examines her eyes, looks in her ears, and asks her numerous questions concerning her health. When Emily finishes, she nods at me. I tell Sonia, "Take your clothes off for the rest of the examination."

She just stands there as if she didn't hear me.

I say to her, "Take your clothes off so Emily can continue your examination."

Slowly and awkwardly, she takes off her shoes, jeans, and top. She stands there in her bra and panties.

"Take all your clothes off," I command.