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Powder Blue Panties in Singapore

by Joy Peters
Published: Apr 25, 2014
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Powder Blue Panties in Singapore

Sarah Payne was regarded as a vivacious beautiful young woman at the young and perhaps tender age of twenty four years. She was slim and stood about 5 feet six inches in stocking feet. She had shoulder-length black hair cut into a bob, with piercing blue eyes - altogether she was someone that turned heads. She exuded confidence and this showed in her bubbly personality. Although bright, she had a history of under-achieving. She attended a normal comprehensive school in Buckinghamshire but left at the minimum leaving age of sixteen without a solitary academic qualification. She hadn't shown any aptitude for academic application and her school reports reflected that this was not due to any inherent problems (she had been assessed as having average intelligence), rather that she had not shown any interest. She was good at sports though and played tennis and netball for the school.

Sarah obtained a job as a trainee hair stylist upon leaving school but gave this up within a year as she was fed up with making cups of coffee, sweeping up hair and washing customers' hair prior to the administrations of the trained stylists. She transferred her energies to learning the beauty trade and made a better fist of this. She quickly picked up the basic skills of pedicure, manicure, facial treatments and waxing and soon became proficient. The salon where she worked sent her off to college one day a week to hone her newly acquired skills and she started collecting certificates of competence in a range of beauty applications.

At the age of twenty two she noticed an advertisement for beauticians to work on cruise ships from an agency based in Singapore. Interviews, skill and aptitude tests were conducted in London. Sarah was very much the 'pick of the bunch' and she was issued an initial contract of twelve months. This saw her embark on a new chapter of her life. Although nominally based in Singapore, Sarah was soon working as a beautician on cruise ships. She loved the work and was relatively well paid. Tips were generous and she was able to accumulate savings which she wisely banked in a Singapore based bank account.

However, all good things inevitably come to an end. The agency for which she worked did not have their contract with 'Celebrity' cruises renewed. As she was technically regarded as self employed there was no obligation for the new contractor to take her on, so for the first time in her life, at the age of twenty four, she found herself redundant and out of work. She had sufficient savings to remain in Singapore, having found herself a modest apartment to rent. She decided to see a little of Singapore and Malaysia having realised that whilst she had visited many countries over the previous two years, there had been limited opportunity to go ashore to see the sights. It was during this brief period in her life that she decided that the beauty business was fairly precarious.