Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013 -

Slave Training

by Rue Chapman
Published: Jun 17, 2013
Words: 22,345
Category: fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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Slave Training

Sharid, my dear friend,

This is the slave I told you about. She is now yours, but she knows nothing of that as yet. She thinks she is simply delivering a letter to you.

She is disobedient and lazy, she does few of her assigned tasks, and those badly. She is rude and outspoken, with none of the proper respect a slave must show. She even refuses to share my bed and give me the comforts a slave should offer freely to her master.

I'm too ill and weak to train this girl as she should be. I know your strict reputation and trust that you will deal firmly with this disgraceful creature, I hope you can teach her to obey and punish her as much as she deserves.

Many thanks for the new slave, and I'm sorry it's such an unequal trade - I know that the one you're sending me will be trained to your usual exceptional standards, and this one is so lazy, wilful and disobedient. Your methods will be sorely tested with her.

Good luck my friend,

Sharid finished reading the letter and surveyed the messenger. Instead of kneeling quietly, head bowed, while she waited, as any respectful slave delivering her owner's message would know to do, this girl was standing in the centre of the room and turning to study the tapestries and rich furnishings around her. Sharid waited until she turned back to face him. Even then she didn't drop her eyes in modest humility or even look abashed, as a decent slave should do. No, this girl met his gaze without any proper, respectful behaviour at all.

This was the large main room of the house; tapestries decorated the walls, bright rugs covered part of the patterned tile floor. At one end of the room were low couches, and piles of silk and satin cushions in rich colours. At the other end was a dining area, a large low table surrounded by seating cushions. Doors all along one side of the room opened out onto a courtyard, the sound of the waterfall there masking the street noised from outside. All of the main rooms opened onto the courtyard, there would be a section at the back of the house for the slaves. The house of a rich man, even wealthier than Masri. But not one she'd want to work for.

"Is there any reply?"

To dare to address him at all, and to do so without any of the proper terms of 'respected sir' or 'this worthless slave needs to know'... to speak to him at all, and in that way - Sharid ground his teeth as he tried to maintain self-control. Yes, this one needed some long and painful lessons in the behaviour and obedience of a well-trained slave. Masri's long illness had robbed him of the strength he needed to tame that wilful attitude. Luckily, Sharid had all the vigour Masri lacked. As this creature would soon discover.