Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 -

Jeff's Discipline

by Lewis Stone
Published: Jun 09, 2013
Words: 18,671
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Susan's hand rested on Jeff's bare butt cheeks. She waited with him over her lap until he quit crying so she could begin her questions. Her hand on his butt showed Susan had control and it was not lost on Jeff. He took advantage of the respite to review how he got into this situation. He had been looking for a place to live and had run across her ad for a room and board situation. When he interviewed, Susan explained he had to obey the rules or his bare bottom would be over her knee.

Susan did not need the money, but having a male in the house would provide security in an improving but poorer neighbourhood. Moving in, he placed boxes on the stairs to speed up the moving in process as he had a date with a group of friends to see a movie. Susan asked him twice to remove the boxes as they posed a danger to her and her adult daughter, Cybil, but Jeff chose to set up the stereo in his room.

He was finishing setting up his stereo when he heard Cybil's scream and he rushed to the stairwell to find she had almost fallen down the last six stairs. Cybil's scream also brought Susan, her mother, to the stairwell. Finding Cybil was all right, Susan asked why Jeff had not removed his boxes. Jeff stated he would remove them now and had started toward the first box when he felt Susan grab his upper arm.

Susan again asked why he had not moved the boxes. Jeff admitted rather then doing as she had asked he had set up his stereo. He admitted breaking the rules by not obeying her instructions. Susan started pulling him toward the parlour where she would spank him, something that had not happened to him for nearly a decade. He dragged his feet, barely putting one in front of the other as he walked. Now that being over her knee was real, he was not sure he wanted to go through with it.

Jeff moved into the house because he needed discipline in his life, but thought he was too good to get a spanking. He thought just the idea of a spanking would make him toe the line, and now here he was, about to be spanked on his very first day, and it would be on his bare bottom by an older lady he hardly knew.

Getting tired of his dragging feet, Susan turned to face Jeff and told him he would walk properly or move his stuff out immediately. Susan was taking a chance. She had interviewed ten men and only Jeff was suitable, but he could only stay if he submitted to her discipline. She gave him ten seconds to make up his mind.

Ten seconds seem like a long time but were short to Jeff. He said nothing until Susan stated he was to pack his things and move out. He froze and said he would cooperate; he did not want to move.