Sunday, 30 June 2013

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The Cattle Rustlers

by Cara Lynn
Published: Jun 28, 2013
Words: 27,029
Category: romance, western
Orientation: M/F
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Emma sat on the front porch in her rocker pensively reflecting on the events of the past year, where a simple trip to the bank to pick up her passport led to her witnessing Manuel Mercado shoot innocent people. She had been whisked away into Witness Protection, but what started out to be the worst day of her life, led her to Travis, the love her life.

Travis was assigned to protect her, and that was not an easy job because she had not been very cooperative. Fleeing Mercado and his men was traumatizing, and little did she know that the experience would shape her future life in a particular direction – because now she was married to Travis and living on this fabulous ranch. Travis had even managed to bring her horse, Honey, to the ranch as a surprise.

Months had passed since Manuel Mercado was re-captured and sent to a hospital for the criminally insane. This time, everyone prayed he wouldn't be able to buy his way out. Slowly, their lives returned to normal. Emma rode Honey every day. Travis had relaxed his rule about her not riding alone and it was so exciting to ride through their property. There was a lovely lake not too far from the house and it was one of her favorite places. She loved sitting under the huge oak tree, looking out at the lake. Usually she brought a light lunch and her journal.

Her writing seemed to be so much more productive down at the lake. She would even go swimming when it was an especially hot day and she was sure Travis was working and wouldn't have time to join her. Swimming by herself was one rule that Travis didn't realize she frequently broke. Swimming alone was forbidden and if she was caught, would most certainly result in a good fanny warming

Travis had been very reluctant to put her over his knee since the 'out of control' paddling. He felt guilty for paddling her so hard, especially after he saw her bruised butt. Although she forgave him, he still carried around some guilt. That guilt, coupled with her trying really hard to be good, had meant she hadn't received a spanking in months. She considered herself a very lucky girl!

That luck abruptly ended one very hot summer day while she was having a long, relaxing swim in the lake. The water was so cool and refreshing that she stayed in longer than she had planned. She knew there was a possibility Travis would finish up early that afternoon because, after breakfast when he saw her packing up various foods and her journal, he asked if she was going to the lake and said he'd try to join her later. Time just got away from her. The water was so cool and refreshing she didn't even see Travis ride up. Suddenly, she heard him bellowing at her.

"Get out of that water immediately, Emma," he yelled.