Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013 -

Spanish Discipline

by Steve Rayer
Published: Jun 16, 2013
Words: 37,286
Category: general
Orientation: F/F, M/F
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Spanish Discipline

Hello folks: remember me, Judith of the unsmacked bottom, Judith who was always moaning on about how she couldn't get her husband to spank her? Well, I have some heart-warming news for you. Here I am, sitting in a plane on the way back to England and I don't know about my heart but my bottom sure is cooling down after yesterday's warming and believe me, I'm feeling great, on top of the world. Yippee!!!

O.K., now settle down Judith, stop squirming around in your seat and attracting the curious sidelong glances of the guy sitting next to you. It's not easy to sit still on an aching bum particularly after the attention mine received (and it certainly got the full treatment!) But now wait for it, this is the big secret I'm going to let you in on... the guy who warmed my backside was not my darling husband, no, but goodness what a whipping master I had there! Wow! Oh naughty, naughty Judith and in case you're wondering what happened afterwards and are asking yourselves 'did we'? Well yes, we did; we had wonderful, wonderful rip-roaring sex such as I haven't enjoyed in years and I'm bursting to tell someone about it.

As if this wasn't enough, three weeks before, I got to play the role of Madame (remember her?) and gave a darn good spanking, several in fact, to a young lady who was sorely in need of them and you can bet your last dollar on how much I enjoyed myself... such a sweet little bottom and so well deserved!

Anyway, to begin at the beginning. The Easter school holidays were approaching and I had arranged through Sandrine for my two teenaged children to stay with a French family outside Paris in order to improve their knowledge of the language. I badly wanted them to be as fluent as I was but progress was slow and what better than to dump them for a month in a French- and nothing-but-French-speaking situation?

Then it turned out that my husband would be away for days at a time at some conference or other during the same period and I was facing the prospect of being on my own for most of the Easter vacation when Petra phoned for one of our little chats. You remember Petra, my flatmate in Paris, she who had been horrified (justifiably so) at my tiger pants? Well, ever since I left Paris we had stayed in touch and she even acted as bridesmaid at my wedding. A year after that, she herself had got married to a doctor from Barcelona who was working in Paris (I had introduced her to Sandrine and Xavier and this guy happened to be working at the same hospital as Xavier which is how it all came together, small world!) and they had gone back to live in Barcelona. Unfortunately for Petra, the marriage didn't work out but luckily she collected a fair sum of money from the divorce and with the proceeds bought herself a flat in the coastal town of Sitges, about half an hour on the train from Barcelona.