Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013 -

Carolina Blues

by Carlton Kristain
Published: Jun 02, 2013
Words: 18,006
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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"She couldn't even wait for tomorrow's paper," my husband muttered as he hung up the telephone receiver.

"The new rankings are online already, sweetheart," I informed him patiently. "You knew this was coming, ever since Saturday you've been whining about it."

"It's not really fair," he protested sullenly. "Carolina's still ranked higher than Duke and the Tar Heels lost to Virginia Tech, which had already beaten the Blue Devils, but I'm somehow the one who's going to... who has to..."

I chuckled. "Bare your bouncy bubble-butt for Brittie to blister... Is that what you're trying to say, honeybun? Something like that?"

Paul's facial cheeks pinkened at my childish but accurate alliteration. "How did I end up agreeing to a bet like this one anyway?"

I struggled to stifle a grin, knowing that Brittany and I had maneuvered him into accepting that standing wager by appealing to his masculine ego and his loyalty to his alma mater's basketball team.

"However it happened, darling, it's now a done deal. Your team was knocked out of the top spot in the poll so now you have to pay off Brittie - or at least your naked fanny has to." I couldn't help smirking at his little-boy apprehension.

My spouse's normally handsome features were twisted by a discontented frown. "It was actually a ridiculous bet to make, I don't see why it should be considered-"

"Don't go there, Paul," I interrupted him sharply. "Welshing on a freely agreed-to wager, that would be considered a serious disciplinary offense - by both Brittany and myself." My voice became pedantically pointed. "Right now you're facing a playful bet payoff which will sting you most thoroughly, I'm quite certain. But trying to avoid that would result in a major-league punitive spanking session courtesy of each of us, and in my case that would mean a 'reminder' hairbrush walloping as well."

He gulped anxiously. "You know I wouldn't do anything like that, honey, I was just thinking out loud..."

I stood up and gazed intently into his pale blue eyes, facing upward due to his ten-inch height advantage over me.

"That's gratifying to hear, sweetie, because I know how much Brittany trusts and admires you, and that you'd never want to jeopardize those feelings that she has."

He nodded pensively, conceding my point. "No, of course I wouldn't."

Smiling warmly, I stepped forward and gave Paul a tight hug which he returned. "That's my good, trustworthy husband... who'll soon be sporting a sore seat that's shining brightly," I giggled while still holding him. "That will be fun to see, honeybun, even though I love you dearly."

He snorted softly as I broke our embrace. "Voyeurism! You'll enjoy it, that's for sure."

"And you won't?" I demanded breezily.

"Not entirely," he replied. "At least not at the surface level anyway."

"This isn't going to be true punishment," I reminded him. "You're at least halfway looking forward to it, I can tell that, even though Brittie will probably get plenty of tears from you before she's finished."