Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 -

French Discipline

by Steve Rayer
Published: Jun 16, 2013
Words: 50,674
Category: general
Orientation: F/F, M/F
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Judith Adulescens

Well, hello there. It's four o'clock on a Saturday morning, dark outside and I'm lying in bed listening to the snores of the great hulk beside me, the man in my life I am pleased to call my husband. He did his conjugal duty again last night; as a matter of fact he always starts to get horny by the weekend and usually manages it Friday or Saturday night. It doesn't last long and when he's delivered his pleasure he snuffles in my ear "Judith" (my name's Judith), "I love you so much," turns on his side away from me and in a few minutes he's asleep. Well I ask you! And I do try, really I try very hard for some excitement. I'm cabin girl on board this pirate ship, and I'm bent over a cannon having my bare backside whaled with a rope's end on the orders of the pirate chief who is stunningly handsome and whom I secretly adore and will do anything to attract his attention even if it means I'm stiff and sore for days. Or I'm in the great cabin of a sailing ship (funny how the sea stimulates imagination) and the dashing young captain has me across his knee, skirt up, knickers down, whilst his strong hand imparts some discipline into the poor bottom of this rebellious young lady found as a stowaway three days out on a long voyage. Of course, he and I will fall madly in love several spanking sessions later. Or I'm lying across the saddle bow of a cowboy in the Wild West and very uncomfortable it is, but nothing like as uncomfortable as when we arrive back at the ranch and he takes off his thick leather belt because naughty little me has been unfaithful to him and now I'm in for the thrashing of a lifetime... You get the drift.

"Her brain allows one half-formed thought to pass, Well now that's done and I'm glad it's over."
I had to learn these words years ago, I'll tell you why later but they always come back to me at times like this and I've long since learnt to appreciate the real feeling of sadness behind them. And you know, I shouldn't be sad. All my friends, or at least the acquaintances who double up as my friends, would be astonished if they knew I had anything to be sad about. Married to a successful husband, two lovely young children doing well at school, lovely home in a lovely area, taking a responsible part in a respectable community, parent teachers association, citizens' advice bureau, you name it, been there, done that, one perfectly predictable day after another and a husband who loves me. Oh yes he does, honestly, I know he does. It's just that I wish he wouldn't be so achingly, so bone crushingly, dull.

Take last night for example when he's working me up to an orgasm, or thinks he is.