Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 -

F/M Spanking Games

by Carlton Kristain
Published: Jun 19, 2013
Words: 25,417
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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The tableau I was witnessing was clearly not without a certain sense of fascination to me, my best friend Bonnie seated on her living room sofa with her boyfriend Rupert bent over her left knee while her right leg was pressing down across the backs of his thighs and her left hand was pinning his upturned right wrist to the small of his back. Equally intriguing was the fact that the stocky, black-haired young man was wearing only three clothing items, all of them white in color - a pair of thick athletic socks, a cotton t-shirt and an athletic supporter, the bands of which neatly framed his meaty, muscular and fully exposed posterior.

Bonnie, whom her close friends sometimes called 'Flip-Flop' or 'Flippy,' was known for being a good-hearted and caring young woman, and that she dearly loved Rupert was an unchallenged truth - yet in her right hand she tightly gripped the handle of a sturdy, flat-backed maple hairbrush, and in her eyes glinted an iron resolve to employ it with extreme prejudice right where it would sting her lover most effectively.

It was my time to speak, I realized. "All right, Bonnie and Rupert, you've both accepted that I will be the arbiter of this bare-bottomed spanking and its outcome, and I promise to be a fair and impartial judge. I've known your girlfriend longer and better than I've known you, Rupe, but I hope that you'll trust me not to be biased anyway."

He wasn't in much of a position to object at that point, his body partially restrained by Bonnie with his naked butt cheeks pointed at the ceiling, but he wouldn't have anyway. "Yes, Bets, I know you're trustworthy."

Before continuing, I couldn't help smirk at the childish sight he presented, like a naughty little boy about to be spanked good and soundly by his strict, no-nonsense mother. "You've been unhappy with the spankings that Flippy here has been giving you, even since she agreed to use a hairbrush rather than just her open hand, claiming that they're 'half-assed' and pretty much half-hearted, because she won't paddle your bare behind long enough or hard enough to make it hurt as much as you want it to... Is that a full and accurate summary of your complaint?"

"That's right, ma'am," he responded.

"You don't have to call me - well, never mind, I'm in judicial authority here so I suppose that 'ma'am' is acceptable." My gaze met that of my long-time girlfriend. "On the other hand, Bonnie, you never wanted to spank Rupert at all and first did so only reluctantly in order to please him. You believed that physically hurting someone you loved was wrong, even if he desired it, so you admit to not hitting his naked fanny all that hard - either with the palm of your hand or later with the hairbrush that you're holding right now."

She nodded ruefully. "It stung my hand more than it did his hiney when I tried just slapping his bare bottom. I wanted to give it up, then but Rupe said that my using this hairbrush would provide an 'equalizer' so that the butt-smacking would hurt him a lot more and me not at all."