Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013 -

Miss Spankintosh

by Shaun Kelly
Published: Jun 09, 2013
Words: 25,514
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Miss Spankintosh

"Good morning, class. My name is Miss Macintosh... and I spank."

So started the new school year for Section A of the twelfth grade at Elmcrest High School.

Lynn Macintosh had 26 students that morning - all of whom had been hoping to get the other twelfth-grade teacher. All of them knew the reputation of the teacher called 'Miss Spankintosh' behind her back.

Fifty-two eyes were now fixed on the tall, slim 27-year-old teacher who knew she had their complete attention. She was wearing what she thought of as an "authority outfit"; she wore it that day to help set the tone she wanted. She had on a black skirt and a short-sleeve white pleated blouse that fastened at the neck. With her hair back in a bun, she was an imposing sight who could intimidate twelfth graders even if she had never uttered the word "spanking".

"We have a lot to talk about this morning," she said, "but you already have heard the most important things you have to know - who I am and what I do.

"If you don't already know it, for the last three years I have given more spankings than any other teacher in the school. It's your last year in this school. I'm sure you think spankings should be for the little kids, not twelfth graders. Well, I don't agree. I've seen too many kids of your age who think they're the big kids who can get away with anything just because they're the oldest in the school. As far as I'm concerned, I think twelfth graders need strict punishment even more than the younger students.

"Whether this class gets the most spankings again this year isn't up to me - it's completely up to you. If you all behave, there will be no spankings. But if you misbehave, there will be plenty of spankings. I will take any of you - boy or girl - to the spanking room, and you will get a bare-bottom spanking with this." (She opened her desk drawer, pulled out a small wooden paddle, and dropped it on her desk for maximum effect).

"Some of you may have parents that think you're too old to get spanked now. That may be true at your house, but that does not matter here. I decide if you're too old to get spanked in this classroom, and I've decided - you're not too old to get spanked in this class.

"And that is in effect right now. Last year, I had to spank someone on the second day of school. And if one of you gives me a reason to spank you today, I will do it.

"Now... let's talk about what we're going to learn this year, and what I expect from you."

In the room next door, 25 relieved twelfth graders were meeting their new teacher, 23-year-old Josh Waters, who was starting his first day as a teacher. Josh had mixed emotions about teaching the twelfth grade - he had received a Masters in History earlier that year, and really had aspirations to teach college-level history.