Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013 -

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 1

by Frank Limadere
Published: Jun 28, 2013
Words: 16,840
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Amy looked around at the confused scene around her and sighed. She had rarely felt so alone in her entire life. The pretty, petite eighteen year old was at her first day of college. She had always done well at high school and at least there she knew where she was. This sunny late summer day she had no idea. She was supposed to report to her sorority house of Phi Gamma Beta to sign up as a pledge and begin her orientation, but at the moment all she could see were students rushing to and from buildings in a confused mêlée. She set her suitcases down on the pavement and consulted a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. It was meant to be a map of the campus, but at the moment it may as well have been written in Chinese for all the sense she could make of it. She was meant to be at the sorority house by ten am sharp. Her older sister and her mother, who had both been members of Phi Gamma Beta had advised her that discipline in the sisterhood was strict and any infraction of the rules, including tardiness, was punished severely. Amy looked at her watch : five minutes to ten. She felt like bursting into tears. For all she knew the house could be on the other side of the campus. She was going to be the first pledge in history that was expelled before even making it to the sorority house.

There was nothing else for it. She had to ask someone. She screwed up all her courage and walked a few paces to a tall, tanned, attractive, athletically built dark haired girl a few years her senior in conversation with a friend. "Excuse me?" Amy interrupted their conversation politely.

The girl stopped talking to her friend and looked down at the nervous freshman. "Yes?" she inquired.

"I'm looking for the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house. Is it nearby?"

"Phi Gamma Beta? Are you a new pledge?" the girl asked, a smile playing across her full lips.

"Amy. Amy Mathieson and yes, I am."

The girl's bewitching green eyes sparkled, she lifted one finely muscled golden arm and pointed languidly at a large, double storied house just across the manicured green lawn and said "That's Phi Gamma Beta, honey and if you're a new pledge you had better get a move on or they'll boot your pretty little behind right out. Registration closes at ten sharp."

"Thank you," Amy said, whirling to pick up her cases.

"You're welcome and from now on you had better call me ma'am, sweetie, because I'm one of your big sisters, that is providing you can get over there in the next three minutes."

Amy felt a blush creeping up her freckled cheeks "Yes ma'am," she snapped over her shoulder, picking up her cases and hustling as fast as they would allow her. She squealed as her new 'big sister' calmly took a step towards her and planted a firm swat on her firm, round little bottom.