Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013 -

English Discipline

by Steve Rayer
Published: Jun 17, 2013
Words: 31,578
Category: general
Orientation: M/F, F/F
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"Erica, are you alone in the house? Is it true your friends have gone out for the evening and won't be coming back till late?"

"Yes Miss Judith."

"Very well then. You say one of your friends plays a lot of table tennis. Can you get hold of one of her bats?"

"Please, Miss Judith, is this necessary?"

"Indeed it is. Now go and do as I tell you. Got it? Good. You say you are in the kitchen? So, down with your jeans. Go on, do as I tell you, and now your knickers, and bend over the table."

"Have you told Mr. Alex about this?"


"Will you be telling him?"

"I shall if you don't stop whining and bend over the table. Erica, for heaven's sake, let's get this thing over and done with. He will be home soon and you surely don't want him to hear me giving commands like this over the phone, now do you?"

"But I'm nearly twenty one."

"So you are - but that is no excuse, on your own admission, for slacking off. We have an agreement remember, you and I between us. We always have had. You are very welcome to stay at our house, we love having you to stay but Alexander has always insisted it's a condition that you work hard and show results to match. Erica, are you still there? Erica, I don't hear you."

"Ok, I'm over the table but promise you won't tell a soul."

"I promise. Ready? Is your bottom quite bare? Good. Now give yourself one hard smack on each side. No, that doesn't sound like a hard smack to me. Try again, both sides. I know only too well what a proper smack should sound like."


"Better. Now give yourself another four. Slowly. I will count them for you. I want to hear each one a real sound. One... two... three... four... Yes, well done, I can hear you gasp."

"But Miss Judith, this thing really stings."

"Is that so? Then it is doing you good. We must persevere."

"It's the right side of my bum. It's really sore."

"You mean to say you gave each of those four smacks on the same side of your bottom? Silly girl! Well then, there is some catching up to be done. Four on the left side, go on now, slowly, I'm listening. That's only two and nowhere hard enough. Start again, good, two more to go. Yes, that's better, much better. Are you still across the table? So tell me, what is this punishment for?"

"Going out too often and letting my marks slip. I'm sorry."

"I know you are sorry. Neither of us, Alex or myself, are wanting to stop you enjoying yourself but you have to remember why you are at university. Do you want to spend all your vacations with your father in that little place in France, however nice it may be in summer? You know how distracted he can be."