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Wednesday, July 03, 2013 -

Black Widow

by Janine Burrell
Published: Jun 29, 2013
Words: 24,103
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Black Widow

"So what was wrong with this one, Angela? Let me guess ... he doesn't like Chinese food? Or maybe he wears too much blue?"

Christina couldn't keep the sarcasm out of her voice when it came to discussing her older sister's dating habits. The reality was that Angela never got far enough with a potential suitor to know his food or clothing preferences. Twice widowed by age 40, Angela was having limited success in meeting Mr Right. Afraid of opening up herself to disappointment and heartbreak again, she saw everyone as Mr Wrong.

"No, Chris, nothing like that. This guy was moving too quickly for me. He wanted to ..." she paused for a breath, "... to talk on the phone. It was just too soon, I think." Actually, there were other factors involved, but Angela wasn't ready to discuss those with anyone.

Christina sighed in frustration. At the rate her overly-cautious sister was going, she was never going to find another man. Despite the online dating site Angela had hesitantly tried on her own, she was having a hard time progressing from the virtual world to the real one.

"Too soon? Too soon? And how long were you chatting online with this one? One month? Two? It's normal to want to talk on the phone if you like someone. And then, oh my God, here's a shocker - perhaps even meet them in person! It's called DATING!" the younger sister snapped.

Christina knew she sounded harsh, but it was beyond frustrating to see a desirable and beautiful woman like her sister remain alone, doing nothing to change things for the better. It was as if Angela's adventurous spirit had died along with her last husband.

"I'm going to hang up if you continue to be so nasty, Chris. You'll never understand. You've been lucky in love - you have a husband and kids. All I've ever had is bad luck," Angela sniffled in despair.

"So maybe that means you're finally due for some good luck," her sister suggested, trying her best to sound convincing. "And maybe you should stop wearing black all the time. What kind of message does that send, Angie?"

"And why shouldn't I wear black? I'm a Black Widow and always will be, Chris. No guy is ever going to want to date me, let alone marry me. Not when the results will be fatal for him," Angela said dramatically.

Christina tried to control her frustration. "No one's going to die from dating or marrying you. In fact, any guy would be lucky to have you, but you have to put yourself out there to find him, Angie. What happened to Tim was an unfortunate accident, and it's been over a year since Michael ..."

"Bad things always happen in three's," Angela reminded her.

"Oh for God's sake, that's superstitious nonsense, Angela," Christina said in exasperation. "Stop talking like that, and stop calling yourself a Black Widow. No wonder you scare off potential boyfriends!"