Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday, July 07, 2013 -

Chutes and Ladders

by John Chard
Published: Jul 02, 2013
Words: 20,260
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Shelly Brooks stomped on the brake and spun the wheel to the right, whipping the black Corolla into the driveway of the quaint three bedroom town house that was her college home away from home. She glanced again at her watch. 'Damn, I'm really going to be cutting it close,' she thought.

She was supposed to drive home for a weekend with her mom and maternal grandma at her grandma's place in the country. Unfortunately, a quick question for her economics professor after class turned into a twenty minute dissertation on post cold-war financial paradigms. Now she was going to be rushed packing.

She sent her athletic five-eight frame up the steps two at a time and opened the door. 'At least my clothes will be done in the washer,' she thought.' I should just have time to dry them and get packed and still get on the road by 3:00.'

She threw her purse on the kitchen table and ducked into the adjoining utility room. Sure enough, the load she'd started just before leaving for her class was done washing. She yanked the dryer door open intent on transferring the wet load from the washer only to be confronted by a solid wall of clothing. Her jaw muscles immediately tightened. They were Cheyenne's of course. "This is it, I'm going to kill her," she said, staring daggers at the jammed dryer.

She briefly considered yanking them out and leaving them on the counter, but she knew Cheyenne should be home any minute and she wanted to confront her with the overloaded machine.

'I'll give her ten minutes before I pry them out of there myself and when she does get here, I am so going to tan her chubby little Texas butt for her. I don't care if I am late getting on the road.'

Cheyenne would not have been her first choice for a roommate. They didn't have much in common. Shelly was a tall, athletic, brunette New Englander and most of the time at least, she was a sober, responsible young woman. Cheyenne was a short and curvy, green eyed, redhead from Lubbock, Texas. She played saxophone in the marching band and, most of time, she was overly boisterous, sloppy and scatter brained.

It was Shelly's cross country team-mate, Linda LaRue who had brought them together. Linda's father rented the three bedroom townhouse for her on the understanding that she find two friends willing to share the rent.

Linda had already invited her friend Cheyenne. When she asked Shelly if she wanted to be the third she jumped at the chance to get out of the dorms.

Things went fine at first. After a week or two Shelly was aware that Cheyenne was a bit of a slob and could be a bit lazy about her household chores, but Linda was the maternal type and she routinely picked up after Cheyenne and sometimes even did her chores.

Unfortunately, after a few months, Linda shacked up with her boyfriend.