Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday, July 07, 2013 -

Jill's Birthday

by John Chard
Published: Jul 02, 2013
Words: 22,405
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Jill's Birthday

Susan Brooks sat on her comfortable family-room sofa, her legs curled up beneath her, enjoying the latest issue of Home and Garden. A calming cup of chamomile tea sat steaming on the end table near her elbow. Once she'd finished the first of the articles she'd earmarked earlier, she set the magazine down, stretched and sighed contentedly, basking in the quiet before taking another sip of tea. Although she still felt the occasional twinge of anxiety when contemplating her impending empty nest, she had to admit that she was enjoying the peace and tranquility facilitated by a rare evening with the house to herself.

Most of the day, it had seemed as if she were living in a lunatic asylum. Her husband, Bill Sr. was scrambling to pack for yet another business trip and, as was usually the case, he couldn't find a half dozen vital items. She'd been compelled to locate most of them for him, all the while thinking how much it was like trying to pack a small boy off to camp.

Bill Jr. was also packing for a hiking trip with several of his buddies; their last big adventure before leaving for their first year of college. And then, of course, there was her oldest child, Shelly. She and her friend, Katie, were underfoot, primping for their big night out in celebration of Jill Tucci's twenty-first birthday. Jill was the youngest member of her daughter's little triumvirate, but not by much. The girls' birthdays were roughly a month apart; Shelly's in June, Katie's in July, and Jill's in August.

She had spent much of the day mediating the usual petty disputes between Shelly and Bill and even a rare spat between Shelly and Katie concerning their wardrobe for the evening. Both girls had been tom-boys when growing up and still were at heart. Occasions where they were required to wear girl clothes and make-up seemed to always cause them considerable anxiety. It was, in fact, the more girly Jill, who usually advised them in such matters, but she was spending the day shopping with her mother and no doubt giving her mother's gold card a serious workout.

She had to smile thinking back on the girls' argument. When it became apparent that her peace making efforts were yielding little, she had coolly asked Shelly if they needed to continue the discussion down the hall in the master bedroom. The look on both girls' faces was priceless.

Shelly knew that, at her own request, she was still very much eligible for a sound spanking across her mother's lap. That unusual arrangement had come about as a result of her daughter's life long, and until recent history, secret fascination with corporal punishment and her all too overt hatred of being grounded. Susan Brooks had no such authority over Katie, of course, but her daughter's life-long chum had been treated to the experience once in recent history.