Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday, July 07, 2013 -

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 3

by Frank Limadere
Published: Jul 04, 2013
Words: 23,259
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F,F/M
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It appeared to be a normal Saturday morning in the Phi Gamma Beta sorority house. Girls were lounging around in their night dresses and pajamas, some were dressed in their street clothes and at least two of the girls were awaiting their turn in the bathroom. Girls sipped coffee and tea or munched on toast, some talked softly, and others were reading or studying. It looked like any ordinary Saturday morning, but it was far from normal.

Phi Gamma Beta, or PGB as it was commonly known, had a relationship with the fraternity of Phi Sigma Tau. The two organisations were fairly close and in many ways mirror images of each other. Every Friday night during school semesters all the girls of PGB were gathered together in the house's common room, and paddled by the senior sisters and the housemother; an elegant, softly spoken black lady called Stevie, the same thing happened to the boys of PSM in their common room, although the girls had been told that the boys were paddled considerably harder than their female counterparts.

Some of Phi Sigma Tau's 'big brothers' (seniors responsible for the first year students in the fraternity) such as Scott Carter regularly visited the PGB house and some of the PGB 'big sisters'; Shauna and Naomi often hung out at the PSM house. This particular year Howard, the housemaster of Phi Sigma Tau, and Stevie had decided to reactivate a long dormant tradition. It was a slight variation on the old 'hell week' concept. The first year boys from PSM would be hosted for a week at the PGB house and would have to do the girls work and be subject to regular discipline at the hands of the sisters, especially their first year counterparts. Due to the lateness of the school year there would not be time for Phi Gamma Beta's four first years to return the favour.

The four girls concerned had mixed feelings regarding the experience they were about to undergo. Amy Mathieson was a shy, petite redhead who was regarded as the sorority's resident angel and a second generation sister (both her mother and older sister had been Phi Gamma Beta sisters). She was a gentle girl who was rarely spanked, aside from the regular Friday night paddlings, and had no real desire to hand out discipline to anyone else. She knew the PSM boys and thought most of them were nice, so did not want to jeopardise any budding friendships by walloping the backside of one of them and being regarded as a 'bitch' from that point on. Because the tradition had been so long dormant, none of the current sisters knew how it worked and Stevie refused to do any more than hint at what may happen. The rumour was that each first year would be assigned a boy and they were to take on a mentoring/mistress type role with that boy. Amy sighed and tried to read her novel, but after she had attempted to read the same page fifteen times and been unable to get past the second paragraph, gave up.