Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday, July 07, 2013 -

No Nonsense Mother-in-Law

by P J Manners
Published: Jul 01, 2013
Words: 24,904
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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No Nonsense Mother-in-Law

The officer turned to the woman walking across the street. "I have him for an open container, Mrs. Henderson. I originally stopped him for failure to yield. I wouldn't be able to turn the other cheek if I had another deputy riding with me. I'm sure you understand."

Gail Henderson nodded. Walking behind her was her daughter, Layne. In the car was Layne's husband, Rick Travis. They had been married five months, and already Rick was starting to pick up his old bad habits. Drinking being one of them, and impromptu gambling was another. He made bets on anything and, although they lived with Layne's parents, he would lose money neither he nor Layne could afford to lose.

"As an attorney, I know you don't like having to turn the other cheek, Ed. I really appreciate the break though. I'll have Layne drive his car home. Ricky, you're going to ride with me, and I want to have a word with you alone."

Rick puffed out his cheeks as he exhaled. "All right, Mom."

He was annoyed at times that she always called him Ricky, but knew better than to start an argument. Layne would often take her side, but he understood that more than half the time she was in the right.

Gail worked as an attorney and a partner with her husband's law firm. Morgan-Gail & Associates was probably the best in three counties. Gail was shrewd and very competent in the courtroom. She made it clear with her clients from the moment she was on a case she would not tolerate lies and half-truths. She was able to get as many innocent clients acquitted as she was able to get put away.

The officer explained to Gail that if he hadn't pulled him over for failure to yield, someone else might have. At that point with another deputy, it would have been a totally different story, especially with an open container and a DUI involved. He knew the vehicle and he knew Rick, which was pretty embarrassing to both Layne and her mother. Rick stepped out of the car more embarrassed than anything. In the past month he had spent more money on betting the races and other state lotteries than shopping with Layne.

Layne stepped in front of him. "I can't believe you, Rick. You said you were through with all this crap. How are we going to make a go of our marriage if you continue doing this? When the hell are you going to grow up?"

"I'm sorry, babe. This is the last time. This time I mean it. No more drinking and no more gambling."

"I love you, Rick, but I won't put up with this too much longer. I want to have a happy marriage, and not one where either one of us has to worry whether the other is going to get home alive. Get in the car and wait for Mom. I'll follow behind. Don't argue with her either. You already know you won't win."