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The Best Little Spanking House in Texas

by Katie Bradford
Published: Jan 03, 2014
Words: 22,708
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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The Best Little Spanking House in Texas

Miss Rose ran a decent establishment. It had been in operation for the last seventy-five years and was still going strong. She had only been handling the business side of things for the past ten years, she'd simply been one of the working girls before that. However, it was very obvious that her heart and soul lay with the little spanking house and always would. So when Miss Kitty retired and moved off to Apache Junction with the love of her life, the job of running the place had fallen to Rose.

Once she became proprietor of High Ridge Hall, which was the spanking house's true name, Rose followed the traditions of all the owners before her. She hesitated to use the word 'madam' when introducing herself, as High Ridge was not a brothel but simply a place where lots of spanking took place. There was no hanky panky going on under her nose!

The men, and sometimes women, who came to the house were there for only one thing and one thing only... spanking a young lady's behind! But before they were allowed to select one of the young ladies, the customer was always checked out thoroughly. And if things became too rough or strange after the session started, the gentleman or lady was asked to leave. After all, her girls were to be treated with respect.

The girls living at High Ridge Hall were expected to follow all the rules set by Miss Rose and if they chose not to, they were dismissed. Only the best were allowed to remain, and they were treated very well. Not only were they given the run of the house when they were not working but were paid monthly checks so that one day, if they played their cards right, they could retire and live in a place of their choosing.

Over the years Rose amassed many whimsical tales about the goings-on at High Ridge, but one in particular is a firm favorite. It's the story of little Lacy Walker.

Lacy was a young girl who was found wandering the streets of Sweet Water years ago and was brought to stay with Miss Rose and the girls at High Ridge Hall. At first she simply earned her keep by doing odd jobs for Miss Rose but soon learned the trade and became one of Miss Rose's best working girls. Lacy didn't stay long but Rose still thinks of her quite often and writes to her frequently to check on her health.

This is Lacy's story.


It was early June when several of the girls were lounging lazily in the front parlor trying to stay cool. The Texas summer heat had already hit the high nineties and it wouldn't be long before they were sweltering in the temperatures of over a hundred.

As normal, sounds of spanking could be heard from several parts of High Ridge Hall, along with squeals of delight and possibly a few squeals of discomfort.