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Over Her Lap: Book 1

by LSF Publications
Published: Feb 15, 2014
Words: 25,963
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Where There's a Will
by Patrick Kaykes

Alison grew up a lonely girl. She was sickly, with more than her share of ordinary childhood diseases, colds and infections. Her parents moved six times before she was 10 years old, and didn't settle in one place until she was 13. As a result, she was in and out of a number of schools, and never had a real opportunity to develop friendships with other children.

At age 14, Alison entered high school. She was not a pretty girl. Constantly tangled frizzy hair, a larger than average nose, sunken cheeks, and a ragged, acne scarred face overshadowed the sweetness of the person under the surface. She was short and rail thin, and had not yet developed breasts or any bottom to speak of. Though that was not uncommon among girls her age, it felt devastating when combined with her lack of traditional beauty. The kinder students in Brockington High School referred to her as homely. The less kind called her ugly. And the truly mean students called her names - to her face, and behind her back - which were far worse.

Many in high school are treated poorly by other students; teasing, hazing, pranks and a variety of remarkably creative humiliations are heaped upon an incoming freshman. For the least popular, this continues through graduation. But most students have a friend or two to help them along, to share in the misery, as well as in the less frequent celebrations. Alison never had that. Inexperienced in making friends, she was socially shy. The meaner girls chided her for her physical flaws, so she began to think of herself as repulsive. The only physical feature she liked about herself was her kind, green eyes. She usually looked toward the ground when speaking in class, but when she did look up for a few seconds those eyes twinkled, as if she had happiness inside her just dying to get out. Her eyes offered a fleeting glimpse of the person she wanted to be, though in Brockington, very few noticed or cared.

Though she may not have been physically attractive at the time, Alison was extremely intelligent. Her shyness and lack of self esteem did not extend to her studies. Even as a freshman, she always knew the answer in class, always had her assignments done, and always aced her exams. Unfortunately, this did not help her standing with the other students. If anything, it made it worse. The other, more popular girls were jealous of her intelligence, and the boys were scared off by it.

In Physical Education class one day, the students were practicing gymnastics. They would rotate through the various stations: the pommel horse, the balance beam, gymnastic rings, and the climbing rope - and when done, begin the rotation again. There were no future Olympians in the class, but some of the girls were quite athletic. Alison was not very good at gymnastics, but she was always game to try.