Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 -

Lady Rising

by John Benson
Published: Jan 16, 2014
Words: 23,681
Category: fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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Lady Rising

The Sybil hummed and its garnet eyes glowed and its circuits warmed and it whirred to life. "All hail the Overlord," it said, not wanting to be rude.

"Never mind," Sardonyx snapped. "It's not pleasantries I want from you, it's news."

"A child is born," the Sibyl said, not chatty as it once was.

"Well?" Sardonyx prompted. The cave was dark, and the lumps of many strange machines revealed themselves in the glowing Sybil's eyes.

"Thy successor," the Sybil said. "A Mage of the first order."

The Overlord's fists clenched as if he might strike his own device. "What is his weakness?" he hissed.

"Hers," the Sibyl said. "It's a girl. She's a sexual submissive."

"Ha!" Sardonyx almost screamed it. "No problem then."

The Sibyl whirred and opened its beak and might have said much more, had the Overlord not reached behind its neck and turned it bloody off.


Eric found her in the inner courtyard sitting on a marble bench watching the little waterfall, hands folded in her lap. A young woman, cute but hardly beautiful, and her dress was gray with a little lace at throat and wrists. Not floozy enough to be a slave, nor decorative enough to suit a Lady. A commoner? That would be awfully odd.

"Who let you in?" asked Eric, more curious than annoyed. The moiré patterns on his tunic were modulated by his mood, so one could tell by looking.

She turned her face to him, an ivory oval a miniaturist might spend days on. "Why Lord Eric," she said sweetly. "I merely told the electronica that I'm not here, so they take no notice. I like it here, don't you? Whoever made this place understands the natural, and has made this reproduction with respect, not parody."

The little thing was teasing him. No way she could have fooled Wolf House defenses. His tunic swirled with tinges of annoyance. "Don't be pert," he scolded. "Tell me who you are, and who decided to let you in."

The corners of her mouth turned up. "Make me," she said.

An open challenge? His clothing flowed with grim resolve. "Behave this instant, girl, or I shall..." (what, rape her?) "... spank you!"

Her laughter echoed off the courtyard walls, taunting, teasing, and one simply does not threaten without following through, does one? So Eric really had no choice. He swooped down on the bench and sat beside the girl and pulled her across his lap. He expected serious resistance but there was almost none, merely a sharp intake of breath as he skinned up her dress exposing naked buttocks of alabaster white. She would bruise easily. Eric's clothing swirled with lust but the girl was face down and did not see. He raised his hand, took aim.

Whack! A little whimper rewarded him, and a blotch of pink where his hand had been. His manhood thickened, and he hoped she would not break too soon. Lord Eric was having fun.

Whack, whack!