Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014 -

Brittany Rules the Roost

by Carlton Kristain
Published: Jan 16, 2014
Words: 26,005
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Maturity Factor

This story is in memory of my first erotic spanking, and is set in the early 1980's.

As soon as Paul Royalton entered his cousin Miriam's apartment, he realized that his fate was sealed. Two low-backed straight chairs were set back to back in the living room, and 'over the chair backs' was Miriam's favorite position for paddling his bare behind - that the plump, pretty blonde gripped an oversized wooden spoon in her hand also indicated her intent.

"I see you made it," she remarked calmly as he set down his tennis equipment. "Before we go to the courts, I have something to discuss, Paul. So get across the chair backs, pants down, so I can get your full attention."

"Yuh-you have my attention now," Paul stammered.

Smack!! The spoon's wooden back slapped against Miriam's left palm. "No arguing," she instructed firmly. "In position - immediately!"

"Yes, ma'am." Paul quickly climbed onto the nearest chair's padded seat, then lowered his tennis shorts to his knees before bending way forward to grasp the edge of the second chair's seat. He was wearing an athletic supporter, which left his muscular buttocks temptingly exposed.

"Now to assure your full attention," Miriam smilingly positioned herself perpendicular to her cousin on his left, then she raised the solid spanking spoon. "it was going to be three dozen, but your arguing's made it four."


Alternating the wooden spoon's stinging swats to her cousin's firm bare buttcheeks, Miriam delivered her blistering wallops about four seconds apart. The effect on Paul was predictably emphatic, and his initial gasps became yelps and then wailing sobs. After forty-eight soundly-applied 'stingers,' his bare bottom was a glowing-hot crimson hue and trickling tears were forming.

"Ready to answer some questions, young man?" Miriam inquired coolly.

"Uh. Yuh-Yes, ma'am," Paul blubbered softly.

"Stay in position, so I can 'encourage' you to answer if necessary." The spoon's hard back touched his right buttock warningly.

Paul winced apprehensively. "Yuh-yes, ma'am."

"I know you're very fond of Brittany, Paul - you've been dating her this past month." Miriam raised the wooden spoon. "So why won't you let her spank you when you deserve it?"

"Why sh-should I?" he asked, then yelped as WHACK!! WHACK!! each naked buttock received a stinging spoon-spank.

"Because she's your girlfriend, and she knows what's best for you," his cousin replied, "just like I do. You let me paddle you when you deserve it..."

"Because I t-trust you, Miriam." Paul hesitated, then continued. "You care about me, and you seem ... um... older, even though you're not..."

"That's maturity, Paul, something most men lack. You're like little boys, adorable but childlike, so you need female guidance and loving discipline."

"But it's so hard to trust Brittany that way -" SMACK!! SMACK!! The punishment spoon cracked against each bright red asscheek, and he wailed.

"It isn't easy, but it's necessary!" Miriam declared sharply. "Brittany's upset that won't accept her spanking you - do you want to break up with her?"